12 Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You

signs a Scorpio man is playing you picture
signs a Scorpio man is playing you picture

What are the signs a Scorpio man is playing you? Hardshell, softcore — the zodiac sign assigned to the element of water bears the name of the small exotic animal with the dangerous sting for a reason.

Scorpio men always seem a bit aloof and do not like to be looked into the cards. They are true masters of self-control, even when angry or disappointed. But you shouldn’t be fooled by their poker face, because Scorpio men are also very sensitive and so they hardly miss anything.

They are only too happy to have everything under control and skillfully pull the strings in the background. They use their mysterious unfathomability as a protective shield and therefore often appear very mysterious to their fellow human beings. And yet it is worth taking a look behind the facade.

Under the hard shell of the Scorpio men, there is an extremely devoted and emotional side as well as a lot of loyalty and loyalty. As true idealists, Scorpio men also fully stand up for their beliefs and do not allow themselves to be influenced by trends. Much more, they do everything in their power to achieve their own goals and are constantly looking for new challenges.

A man who loves you will care for you. A man who loves you will do anything for you. A man who loves you will be there for you — good times and bad. A man who loves you is honest with you. A man who loves you ensures that give and take are in balance. A man who loves you wants to be part of your life and spend his time with you. A man who loves you cares how you feel about him. A man who loves you doesn’t cheat on you. A man who really loves you doesn’t want to lose you.

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A man who just uses you will use you like a trash can and play ball for his own needs and weaken your self-worth. You don’t need to be with a man who doesn’t want to commit to you and doesn’t really care about you. A man who doesn’t really care about you doesn’t always have to be a narcissist. Still, the way he treats you is enough to send him into the desert. There’s no point in wondering what his problem is in treating you like this. Wrong time, wrong place. Whatever he doesn’t want to give you what you deserve. Crown up and move on.

12 Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You

1. He doesn’t care about your feelings.

A man who really loves you will care that you are fine. A man who just uses you will not want to spend time with you if you feel bad or try anything to ignore your emotional sensitivities. Be it that he claims that you are too sensitive, dramatizing, or not solution-oriented enough to deal with your problems on your own. He won’t answer the phone when you want to talk, nor will he give you anything encouraging when you have him on the line.

2. He comes and goes

He comes when he needs something or is bored. If you want to hang out with him, he’ll make you feel like you are needy and have no friends. He writes spontaneous messages to see you when he has nothing better to do because he knows that you are available and leaves everything behind to finally be able to spend time with him again. He will often displace you without an apology and avoid engaging in meetings with you and your family or friends.

3. He doesn’t make an effort

In the beginning, he does everything for you until he knows that he has you. After that, his efforts cool off. He becomes grumpy, moody, and less and less interested in you and hardly spends any time with you. He does not do relationship work (anymore) and lets you make it comfortable for him.

4. He doesn’t care about your life

You’ve been together for a while, and yet he keeps making up excuses for why he doesn’t have time to get to know your family or friends. The truth is that he has no interest in them and your life. Every now and then he may say yes, but then he gets an important appointment that he has to keep. Don’t think he has a social phobia or fear of your parents. Even if you were worth it for him to get to know her. If he has met friends and family, he will either not like them or still suffer from procrastination.

5. He’s not there for you

He leaves you out in the rain when you feel bad. He doesn’t care if you cry. No matter how badly you are, he makes himself scarce and doesn’t feel responsible. When you need him, he doesn’t have time. When you cry, he devalues ​​you. You always stand in for him, but he can’t do the same for you. His work, his friends, and his free time are more important to him than you. That’s how it is and no different.

He will turn everything around so that you feel like a little needy child that is begging for help and will refrain from asking him in the future. So he has achieved his goal and his calm before you. Should there be deaths or other crises in your life, he will play the same game here as well or use the opportunity to get revenge on you or to hurt you for something, that you did at some point. In the best case, he’ll leave you alone with your problems and run away.

6. He makes empty promises

He evades liabilities. He promises you to take care of this or that, to go on vacation with you, to get to know your family, to pay you back the money that you lent him, but will not be tangible in an emergency. If you’ve lent him money, you’ll have to run after him to get it back and feel really bad and stupid about it.

7. He’s exploiting your resources

He will exploit everything you have to offer him in terms of time, emotions, money, or skills and use it for his own purposes. In return, he will give you nothing in return and give you the feeling that it is a matter of course in a partnership and signal to you that you are selfish and demanding when you notice that the balance is tipping.

8. You play his therapist

Next, you found his replacement girlfriend to free him from his troubled ex. You feed him with all your understanding, compassion, and sexual energy and you do not even notice that you are not meeting at eye level. Of course, you will appear as a dream couple in public so that he can get revenge on his ex, but you assume that you have found the true love of your life.

If he is feeling bad, you are there for him at any time of the day or night and warm his bed if necessary. You only notice much later that due to all the efforts you make for him to get better again, there is no room for you and your needs.

9. He sticks up when something about you bothers him

If something about you bothers him or he wants to re-educate you indirectly, he goes into retreat, walls up, and no longer lets you touch him. Attempts to have conversations that lead to solutions fail because they either won’t answer in the first place or because they are so mad at you that they are not ready to approach you. He prefers to discuss problems with you with his best friend or buddies to get his confirmation that you are the problem.

10. He is silent

Although he has basically no problems showing feelings when it comes to the fact that you want to know what he feels for you or how he generally feels in his life with serious issues (except his psycho-ex), he will block and Don’t let you get any closer He’s a man who settles the things in life with himself and if you don’t know what he feels for you because he permanently leaves you in the fog and is opaque, that’s not his problem, but an indication that you have inferiority complexes when you want emotional affirmation or closeness from him.

11. He’s cheating

He is addicted to sex or needs one when you can’t or don’t want to and has no problem looking for his sexual adventures elsewhere. He doesn’t feel guilty or guilty about it. You are just not important enough to him to be true to you and his needs need satisfaction. When he comes to you from her, he can behave quite normally because in his eyes he has only taken care of his needs and sees nothing wrong with them. After all, you couldn’t give him what he needed and that’s enough for him to indulge in the luxury and give permission.

12. You are his beloved affair!

For years he has promised you to part with his terrible wife, but the day never seems to come because the circumstances are never suitable enough. If you put him under pressure, he will pretend he understands your situation, so that your heart will open again and you can be put off again. If he really loved you, he would break up with his wife, but he wants you both. One woman for his certainties and one for his sexual adventures. It’s great for him. The only one who’s stressed is you.

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