5 Signs That an Aquarius Man is Not into You

signs that an aquarius man is not into you image
signs that an aquarius man is not into you image

Are you looking for signs that an Aquarius man is not into you? It’s frustrating to be interested in somebody who is difficult to read or sends mixed messages constantly. Understanding an Aquarian man is even harder compared to most men due to his nature.

He may claim you are important to him one moment and after that behave like you aren’t even on his priority list the next. Additionally, he has a lot of friends and treats his lovers like friends in most cases, which increases the confusion.

Learn to understand his unusual ways of expressing his needs, desires, and feelings so you speak his language and talk directly to his heart.

Signs That an Aquarius Man is Not into You

1. He does not engage in-depth conversation

If an Aquarius man does not like you he’ll not ask anything concerning your life. And when you attempt to bring up deeper topics, he’ll pay no attention to them.

Aquarian guys like to analyze in conversation, in small talk. Therefore if he isn’t doing that, something is wrong. This implies a lack of interest.

He’ll probably be closed off physically, as well. Check if he closes his arms tightly, directs his body away from you, or takes on some other position that appears physically uninviting.

2. He does not make changes to adapt

The Aquarian guy is quite unpredictable with his attention and time. He hardly ever concentrates for long on any one unless he truly likes them.

Perhaps even when he cares for somebody, it’s difficult for him to compromise making changes to adjust to them. If he does not like you he won’t intend to make changes to work with you.

Observe how he behaves when around you. Will he adjust his timetable for you? Does he do everything on his terms?

3. He changes plans on you frequently

He might say he is busy at all times. Or that something emerged suddenly.

He might not talk or react to you for days after breaking plans. Then when he does speak to you, he will be noncommittal and distant.

This unpredictable, aloof communication is a trademark of an Aquarian man not interested.

4. He excludes you from his social orbit

Social clout is really important to him. Therefore if he does not like you, he’ll exclude you from his social orbit. If you do show up at social events together, he does not introduce you to his friends and will not spend time on you.

If you have been seeing him for a while and his close friends still have no idea who you are, this is a signal that he isn’t talking about you with anybody.

5. He does not respond

Initially, he stays clear of making any concrete plans with you. Then he ignores your texts and stops returning calls.

The Aquarian man isn’t capable of pretending. You can see his signs obviously when he isn’t into or whom he has lost interest in.

How to proceed if an Aquarian man does not like you

You’ve got 2 paths to take:
You decide he isn’t worthwhile. Therefore you drop him and get over it.
You choose to capture his attention and build his attraction for you.

To Summarize

If you are still uncertain about his feelings for you, simply ask him. He will most likely let you know if he would like something to happen between you or not provided that you bring it up in the right way

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