5 Superb Ways on How to Make a Leo Man Miss You

how to make a Leo man miss you image
how to make a Leo man miss you image

Wondering how to make a Leo man miss you when he’s not with you? Perhaps you have never been separated from him and are going on vacation or he works outside the city. How can you be sure that he misses you while he’s gone? Read on for more helpful tips on how to get a Leo man to miss you!

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Ways on How to Make a Leo Man Miss You

  1. Leave your scent behind

That’s true! It’s like really marking your territory. If leave his bed, spray some of your perfume or body spray on his pillows.

Wait for him to go to the bathroom and spray. When you’re done, you can even consider storing your dirty panties under his pillow. He’ll find it later and will likely be turned on.

This will definitely draw his attention and you may call or text him. He’ll wonder why you left them and trust me, he’ll probably sniff them to smell YOU on them.

You can then tell him that you wanted to leave something of yourself just for him. He will absolutely love it! Regardless of whether it is a new relationship or one that has existed for a while, it is a turn on.

But don’t leave your toothbrush yet. You may want to hold back on this first. If you’ve been together for a while and things seem to be getting serious, you can go ahead.

2. Text him sweet messages

Leo man really cares about you, he will, of course, take care of your safety too as he is very protective. If you send him a text message when you arrive at home or when you go out, he will appreciate it.

Later you can send him something really sweet like “I’m thinking about the time when I’m in your arms” or something similar.

Don’t try to text him all the time. If you always do, he doesn’t have time to actually miss you. Hold back a little and let him wait a while to think when you will be texting him again.

Sometimes you can also wait for a little before replying to his text. Don’t wait for several hours or days or anything like that, because he’ll either freak out or think you don’t want him anymore.

The idea is to get him to predict what your answer will look like, or when you will say hello to him. Keep it interesting because if there is a little riddle he will miss you and wonder what you are up to.

3. While you’re together
While you two are still spending time together, it’s important to treat him as best you can. Because if you are not around, he will miss your presence. I guarantee that he will.

Compliment him frequently, give him a lot of affection, give him plenty of sex, and show him your worship. It will be yours for a lifetime as long as you keep going. He will miss you if you two are separated for any reason.

Whether you go to work, go home, or go on vacation — whatever you do can only work in your favor. Give him everything you can while you’re with him.

Doing this will give you important points in the heart of this man and he will always miss you when you are not around. Leo is not one of those who want some free time, like Aquarius or Virgo Man.

He may want some time here and there, but for the most part, he wants to be with the person who gives him the most attention and love. Leo can’t get this alone now, can he?

4. Appreciate and be thankful to him

I mean, if he does things for you, you have to thank him and show him how much you appreciate what he did. He’ll likely do things for you a lot, so you have to get used to saying “thank you, baby”.

If you don’t thank him, he comes up with the idea that his gestures of love may not be appreciated, and this will cause him to request the attention of someone who will appreciate him.

You can reward him with sweet kisses or promises of what you will do with him later in bed. He will definitely love it! Even if you’re separated, thank him for something he did the last time you were together.

He can even do things for you when you are not around. Let him know how wonderful you find him and how thankful you are for having him in your life. He’ll eat it up and show you more affection.

He’ll spoil you with romance as long as you show him how much you really love it. In fact, you can romanticize him too. He will be surprised and very happy to have such a wonderful woman in his life. It will also make him miss you when you are not with him.

5. Trust and honesty
Leo Man needs to know that he can trust his partner. As soon as he feels that he can, he will relax, but until then he needs to know that your safety is intact. It is important to let him know where you are, who you are with, and when you will be back.

He’ll also love it if you send him a photo of you and your friends when you go out so he knows you’re with who you said it was and you mean what you’re saying.

If he sees that you have a great time, he will miss you and want to get you out as soon as possible. Show him why he should miss you!

Learn one simple technique to weave a web of “fantasy” so he feels like he’s part of a fairy-tale and he must never let go of youREAD MORE

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