8 Signs a Cancer Man is Playing You

signs a cancer man is playing you image
signs a cancer man is playing you image

What are the signs a cancer man is playing you? Cancer is ruled by the element of water, the element that is representative of emotions, and if emotions are what one is looking for then these are the ideal men for YOU.

However, the fact that they are usually emotionally present and unprotected doesn’t mean that a Cancer can’t or won’t play you. You could try putting a specific front to let you trust that the status of your relationship is differentiating because it really is, however there are a few distinctive warning signs that cancer is stealthy. If you want to know if your Cancer man is playing you, check out those signs to know for sure.

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Signs a Cancer Man is Playing You

1. They don’t share their feelings.

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, so while your emotional experiences may often ebb and flow, your Cancer man shares them with you once and for all, and it is a sign of trouble if he isn’t.

For the sake of relating, feelings mean more to Cancer in all of its various relationships than the entirety of others, whether it is family, companionship, or love. If your Cancer man doesn’t even have the drudgery of keeping you up to date on how he’s feeling on a regular basis, then it’s a pretty sure-fire sign that he’s not invested in the relationship and that you are in the technical terminus of being played.

2. He expresses negative thoughts about the relationship

If your guy is expressing a lot of negative thoughts and feelings about your relationship, then it must have a reason. He may not be quite ready to cut the cord completely, but a possible finale of your relationship is in his head, he is already starting to check out emotionally and has probably already started his mental countdown clock until the finale came.

3. He begins to act in an uninvolved and distant way

If your Cancer man begins to act in an uninvolved and distant way then it is quite sure that something is happening that you are not aware of.

Cancers love to share their feelings in most circumstances, even when the feelings are negative because self-expression is a catharsis for the best of them. After all, if cancer suddenly breaks down when it comes to sharing time, it is because there’s something they are holding back.

4. He suddenly seems emotionless

Emotions are really REALLY important to Cancer. Generally, that crazy emotion is a fairly easy sign to take note, therefore if they out of the blue appear emotionless to you it could possibly imply one of two things, none of which are good signs.

The first possibility is that they are no longer emotionally invested, which essentially means that the relationship is over (unless you can get that emotion back). The second is that they are specifically trying to keep something away from you, which is a painful sign that you are being played.

5. They ignore your feelings.

To be honest, sometimes the ups and downs of those emotions of these men can be difficult to process, especially if you are not a particularly emotional person yourself. After all, with every disadvantage, there is an advantage associated with it, and what is so beautiful about cancer is that while they expect you to deal with their intense emotional baggage, fortunately, they also are concerned with your state of emotion.

Cancers would like you to feel satisfied emotionally, therefore, if they cease to care about how you feel, something is wrong.

6. He holds back the affection

In any relationship, it is a big thing to feel loved and to make others feel loved. And one of Cancer more positive attributes when it comes to strong emotions is that they are not in the position to fake them.

If a Cancer shares his feelings with you, then you can feel safe knowing that he is true, but because he is such terrible counterfeiters when it comes to love, then they will pull themselves back completely.

7. He constantly moving from happy to “crabby”

If you are hanging out with your cancer man and he seems to be constantly moving from happy to “crabby”, and if those negativity appears to be redirected to you for reasons you don’t understand or know, then it’s simply because something questionable is happening behind the curtain.

8. He reacts negatively to every little thing you do

A Cancer who feels unbalanced will skip those bad feelings whenever he sees an opportunity, so if he seems to have an overly negative reaction to every single thing you do, it is because he does keeping something from you.

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8 Signs a Cancer Man is Playing You by Theresa Alice

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