95 Love Messages for Her and Him From the Heart

love messages for her from the heart image
love messages for her from the heart image

Looking for love messages for her and Him from the heart? Here are 95 romantic love messages that you can use…

“I love you.” These four magic words have the power to connect two people. But if you say the words too often, such as several times a day, it is no longer as special as when you first said it. That is why it is important to take a different approach with a unique love message.

Love Messages

We have compiled a list of messages that are sweet and romantic, but above all bring out what you cannot express yourself in words. After all, there are more ways than saying “I love you” to show that you appreciate your partner.

Do you need a romantic love message to impress your girlfriend, fiancé or wife? Or do you want to let him know what you feel for him? There is nothing more beautiful than expressing your love to your partner, especially if you are not asked to. Use these love messages in a chat app or on the flower card:

Love Messages for Him From the Heart

  1. You taught me what love really means.
  2. I am proud that you are my husband.
  3. Thank you for everything you do for me.
  4. You know me better than anyone.
  5. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made.
  6. Sometimes I look at you and wonder what I did to earn someone as great as you.
  7. If I could do our relationship all over again, I would do that in an instant.
  8. You always know exactly what to say to make me feel better.
  9. You are my best friend.
  10. I am happiest when you are with me.
  11. The most important person in my life is you.
  12. My heart only beats for you.
  13. Life isn’t always easy, but it’s a lot easier with you by my side.
  14. You will never be able to escape from my heart.
  15. You put your arms around me and I’m home.
  16. Something tells me we will be together forever.
  17. You are my only real one.
  18. You are the most handsome man in the whole world.
  19. I don’t want anyone else to be the father of my children.
  20. My favorite place is in your arms.
  21. I always knew you were the one for me.
  22. Our love may not have always been a fairy tale, but it is still my favorite love story.
  23. I look at you and see the rest of my life before my eyes.
  24. You gave me the greatest gift in the world, making me a wife and a mother.
  25. I still get excited when you get home from work.
  26. Today, tomorrow and forever, my heart is yours.
  27. I’ll be your Bonnie if you’re my Clyde.
  28. I would not want to experience this adventure with anyone else.
  29. I love you now, and I will love you even more tomorrow.
  30. Even if I wasn’t your first love, I know I’ll be your last.
  31. I love you more than words could ever describe.
  32. You are the best that has ever been mine.
  33. I am so happy to share this life with you.
  34. I want you to know that I will never stop loving you.
  35. I need you, and I will always do that.
  36. Grow old with me, because the best is yet to come.
  37. Seeing you is the quickest way to make me smile.
  38. I love how you can always make me smile.
  39. When I see you, I still get butterflies in my stomach
  40. I’m starting to miss you before you leave.
  41. I love you.
  42. I’ll always be waiting for you.
  43. You are my Everything.
  44. It is impossible not to love you.
  45. All you are is all I will ever need.
  46. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  47. I love you to infinity and beyond.
  48. I’m pretty selfish because I want you all for myself.
  49. You are my first thought when I wake up and my last thought before I fall asleep.
  50. You are my definition of perfect.
  51. I want to be your princess if you are my prince on the white horse.
  52. You can make even my worst days better.
  53. I love you; every second, every minute, every hour and every day.
  54. You make my heart beat faster.
  55. I’m jealous of people who see you every day.
  56. Everything from me loves everything from you.

Love Messages for Her From the Heart

  1. I will never stop falling in love with you.
  2. I wish I could turn the clock back so I could find you faster and love you longer.
  3. I fell in love with you because of the millions of things you never knew you did.
  4. Having you in my life has made me a better person.
  5. You make our house a home.
  6. Watching you lie next to me is the best way to start the day.
  7. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
  8. With you by my side, I will always be a rich man.
  9. I would have nothing if I didn’t have you.
  10. Not only do I like you, but I also love you.
  11. I don’t know where I would be without you in my life.
  12. You have given my life meaning.
  13. Every day I discover more things that I like about you.
  14. Even after all these years, you are still the only one I want.
  15. You make me feel the love that I didn’t know existed.
  16. I cherish you more than anyone.
  17. I’ll always be there for you.
  18. I am the proudest man in the world to say that you are my girlfriend.
  19. I want to grow old with you.
  20. You are my future.
  21. I’m lucky I can call you my girlfriend.
  22. My love for you is growing day by day.
  23. I want you to know how important you are to me.
  24. You drive Me crazy!
  25. Nice, intelligent and funny; you are everything I could hope for.
  26. When you walked into my life, I entered a dream.
  27. I don’t care where I am, as long as you are with me.
  28. You are my sunshine, even on the most cloudy days.
  29. The best thing about me is you.
  30. You make my heart sing.
  31. No woman can ever make me feel like you do.
  32. I am addicted to you.
  33. I love who you are.
  34. One smile cannot change the world, but your smile conjures up mine.
  35. I will never stop trying to win your heart.
  36. Before I met you, I never knew what I was missing. Now that I know you, I would never want to miss you.
  37. The only thing I want in this world is “we.”
  38. You have stolen my heart, but I will let you keep it.
  39. I want to be the person who makes you believe in true love.

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95 Love Messages for Her and Him From the Heart by Theresa Alice

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