Aquarius Man in Love Positive and Negative Characteristics

Aquarius Man in Love Positive / Negative Characteristics image
Aquarius Man in Love Positive / Negative Characteristics image

Are you falling in love with an Aquarius man and would like to know more about the positive and negative characteristics of him in love? You can check this article out!

They are creative, quirky, free-spirited and oh yes, did we mention that they are creative, quirky and free-spirited? And here are just a few things you would like to know if you love an Aquarius (I guess a tip of the veil: it won’t be boring soon)

If I could show you a way on How To Catch And Keep An Aquarius Man…, Even If You’re Not ‘Perfectly’ Compatible, would you follow my advice?

We do not invent this ourselves but have plunged into the wonderful world of astrology. Because constellations and horoscopes: it is always nice to keep your eyes busy. If only to filter out all the good news about your birth sign, and simply ignore the rest completely.

And now you can say: but is a constellation still a subject of psychology? Whereupon we say: no. But it is nice, variety is that too and thinking about it is also a form of psychology, and voila: the ball is round again. And yes, this piece was invented by an Aquarius, and you immediately have an idea of ​​what Aquarius think about. Because we are just fearless badasses: autonomous, creative, far ahead of our time and completely allergic to everything that has to do with ‘how it should be done’. And who doesn’t want to love that, people? That’s what we mean, so there we go:

The Aquarius

  • Element: air (so no, not water. And this is the reason that they are mentally very agile and light, and love facts. A fresh breeze actually)
  • Quality: clear, rational and autonomous
  • Color: blue, blue-gray, gray, black
  • Day: Saturday and Sunday (yes, hello they are not crazy)

And also always useful as general information: the Aquarius likes to color outside the lines, is an independent person, insightful, objective, likes to go his own way, is inventive and decisive, unique, special, well-mannered, motivated, humane and progressive. An Aquarius is very good at situations that require a progressive mental attitude or intellectual skill.

And tsk, we thought so too and of course, it is total nonsense, but okay then: the Aquarius can be fickle, unpredictable, dogmatic, aloof, elitist, gloomy, domestic, over-tolerant, and at times focused on himself.

Okay, and now the Aquarius in love:

1. They NEVER have deep feelings

Even though you wouldn’t say that right away because Aquarius can seem rather cool. But everything is bubbling and bubbling on the inside. Aquarius may not have a tendency to be very openly emotional, but with words, they can express anything. Because their love is serious and emotional, and if you ask them, they will tell you very, very precisely what they think of you and feel for you. And then they may be a bit short, but very powerful. And there is nothing cool about that, it is more a question of still waters (no, this is not a pun) and deep, sensitive grounds.

2. They are good lovers

As loved ones and/or lovers, Aquarius are rather idealistic. They have high standards so if they have chosen you it means that you meet them. Lucky you! Aquarius are picky lovers who know exactly what they are looking for in a perfect partner. And then they also pull everything out of the closet, an Aquarius will not easily get rid of it (so also not in bed) and thus also think of you.

3. They have a distinct style

Don’t think that an Aquarius is interested in the crowd. No, they prefer to be the only person on earth who has that obscure new thing from Japan and love it when others also recognize and appreciate that uniqueness. And that is not because they want to be special for others, but because they are naturally drawn to special things.

Even if others (say: most people) have no idea what the novelty is. And that goes for just about everything: from clothing to websites, from a hobby to study choice.

4. They want freedom and commitment

And I don’t think an Aquarius can be summarized better than in these two words. Because they want to be free and involved. The rascals. And that freedom does not mean just living a little without monogamy (though I say everyone’s thing of course) because they can tie themselves well once they have found someone else. But Aquarius just don’t like being tied up (figuratively, people) or controlled. In short: if it applies to one constellation that you have to release them to bind them to you, it is for this one. Just like a little bird that does stay in its cage when the door is open, but only wants to leave with the greatest force when that door is closed. You just have to know.

5. They want to learn and talk

Aquarius is very eager to learn and are not deterred by types who prefer not to use their brains. Their mind — or intellect — is even more serious than anything else. The way to win them for you is through their heads, for example by sending them a letter long e-mail or poem, and not being too scared in bed for an ‘occasional’ conversation in the form of dirty talk. Win the mind of an Aquarius, and you have already won half the war. And they just think brains are sexy, so take advantage of that.

6. They hate grind and superficiality

And now you could say: yes hello who is not, but then we still say here: the Aquarius is really allergic to this. They like challenges and not routine, so surprise them (even if they say they don’t like surprises). Yes, that also applies in bed: it is not very likely that an Aquarius will stay very long if it always goes the same between the sheets. But we say nothing else.

7. They express their emotions moderately.

Emotions are just a bit tricky for Aquarius, they would prefer that you can just read their thoughts and give them a hug from themselves if they need it. Yet this is useful to know if you like an Aquarius because loneliness is lurking here. Aquarius know so precisely what they do when they give their heart away to a loved one or friendship, that they can sometimes feel misunderstood if the other person does not feel their emotional needs properly. Because they do, no matter how hard they try to argue against that.

8. They like mystery

So it’s useful to know that you will never own them completely, and they don’t expect that from you either. To keep the attention of an Aquarius as a lover, you do not always have to be available. That stands and falls with confidence, of course, but if there is a bit of aloofness and mystery it will not be able to get rid of him a little bit, eh, we will say. So feel free to disappear one evening a week to do your own thing, and don’t let go of everything about what that evening was like. Without having to hang in someone else’s curtains right now, it will keep the Aquarius busy. Because what could possibly be more interesting to do than to be with him? That’s what we mean.

Understanding How His Mind Work

You need to learn about how an Aquarius man’s logical brain works in order to use the correct way to seduce, attract and keep him.

If I could show you a way on How To Catch And Keep An Aquarius Man…, Even If You’re Not ‘Perfectly’ Compatible, would you follow my advice?

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