Attracting a Taurus Man

Attracting a Taurus Man image
Attracting a Taurus Man image

Attracting a Taurus man isn't hard if you follow the advice here. The Taurus man likes to cook, therefore a well-prepared and enjoyable meal often results in a great impression. Also, he loves routines, therefore be ready to travel someplace he is comfortable with, a place he feels at ease.

Should you be eating out, be sure you don’t arrange too much for that night, because the Taurus guy dislikes rushing. He prefers a long, pleasant mealtime, rather than rushing to go for a movie.

Taurus man is drawn to femininity, so you can wear a dress that indistinctly showcases all the right curves. Perfume is essential. The Taurus guy really loves a fine perfume: anything natural and fresh.

The exact personality traits you can “amp up” and cultivate so he totally falls for you (and the things you better down-play unless you want to see him go cold and never call you again).


Attracting a Taurus Man

The Taurus man can be somewhat slow in the dating game. Should you be considering giving him hints and suggestive to hope that he can receive the message and date you out, reconsider. In general, you’ll, sure enough, have to ask him out yourself! The Taurus man will also be a bit untrusting, therefore in case you simply ask him on a date without warning, he might be shocked and can even feel you’re joking with him.

To put it differently, tell him you’re interested prior to asking him out.

The Taurus guy is reliable and very trustworthy. He hates artificiality of any sort, so if complimenting him, it is advisable to limit your comments to real claims of truth, instead of exploring the top. When you are flirting with him, it is best to show sincere love and warmth toward him! He can even be embarrassed easily, therefore starting strong may really jeopardize.

The Taurus man is usually the type who is strong and silent, masculine, however, not aggressively. And he’s quite drawn to femininity in a lover.

The Taurus man is commonly a bad judge of character. It indicates it’s very likely he has been hurt previously as a primary consequence of his selection of a spouse. For that reason, he may be a tough nut to crack.

Expect you’ll spend some time earning his trust. By showing your trust in him, he’ll also trust you. Nevertheless, the Taurus man doesn’t react well to weak points in other people. Weakness irks him. Therefore the personal matter shouldn’t be a thing that displays your own weakness.

The Taurus man is usually an individual of few words, thus there is a risk that you feel you’re not making it through to him. You’ll simply have to rely on your instincts about this one. So long as you’ve factored in the suggestions above, you will be capable of making your move with full confidence.

In the field of love, the Taurus strives to possess and keep what it has. Marrying is the highest good for him. He likes to commit and wants a clearly defined marriage contract. The most important thing is loyalty to one partner and he expects the same from his partner. If this doesn’t happen, his world will collapse completely.

When in love, the Taurus is loyal, but at the same time extremely possessive. He can make whole scenes if he is jealous because he is hurt in his feelings. The Taurus is satisfied with simple things in a relationship. If you get into a love affair with a Taurus, you certainly don’t have to make up romantic activities.

If you give him enough love, food, and a cozy home, he will be happy to be home and enjoy your company. He will remain faithful to you all his life and there will never be a problem.

Still, in a love relationship, the Taurus can sometimes make the mistake of wanting to control his partner too much, which can hurt both sides. The reason for this is quite simple: Taurus considers their partner as their private property, as it were, and will try to change it in such a way that it improves their own well-being and safety.

You may be wondering… Can the stars really help me capture my Taurus man? Is it really possible to get a Taurus man to chase you, even if your signs don’t seem really compatible?

The Truth Might Shock You…

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