Best Match for Taurus Man and Woman

Best Match for Taurus Man and Woman image
Best Match for Taurus Man and Woman image

What is the best match for Taurus man and woman? From a romantic perspective, the Taurus sensitive and caring, despite the fact that it is oftentimes not easy to show this. In love, the Taurus thus requires a spouse who feels this feeling well.

Why not being “perfectly compatible” can actually work in your favor and help you forge a profoundly deep and lasting relationship.



Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. The bull is patient, loyal and has perseverance.

But the bull doesn’t like changes, is stubborn and can be overly materialistic.


Best Match for Taurus Man and Woman

Which zodiac signs are best for Taurus?

(Born between April 21 and May 20)

From a romantic point of view, the Taurus is a sensitive and caring type, although it is sometimes difficult to show this. In love, the Taurus, therefore, needs a partner who feels this feeling well. The Taurus doesn’t like to be challenged and can be quite stubborn. Perseverance can work in Taurus’ favor, as long as they are not too tenacious and possessive, because it backfires.

Best match

The best match for the Taurus is:

Less good match

Less good choices are:

Is it not right?

Here only the sun signs are compared. For the complete picture, you have to look at the whole horoscope and compare it.

Does the Taurus go together with …….?


In the beginning you can hold out until you run out of patience. If you turn into a mad Taurus and pounding Aries then it’s time to break up.


Two faithful souls, sensitive and steadfast. As long as your stubbornness doesn’t get in the way, this can be a great match.

Taurus Gemini

Quickly forget those Gemini. He is too shallow and likes to talk too much for the Taurus. Nice as a party at a party, but otherwise it is difficult to have a conversation with him without the Gemini being distracted by anything and everything


Sensitive squared. This is a perfect choice. Cancer is at least as sensitive. You both have the patience to give each other a lot of attention.

Taurus- Leo

Not really the right choice for the Taurus. Lions love to be the center of admirers, friends and acquaintances. Taurus needs security. With a Leo you would never know where you stand. And jealousy will certainly pop up. Leo can be emotional support for the Taurus.

Taurus- Virgo

It can hardly get better. He likes to spend a lot of time with you, plan trips and dates and he also pays a lot of attention to choosing the right gifts. Which Taurus doesn’t want that? You have a special kind of humor and you stimulate each other creatively.

Taurus- Libra

There is an agreement: you both like beautiful things. But it doesn’t stop there. At best good for a short whim but no love for life.

Taurus- Scorpio

Better suited as friends than lovers. Unless the rest of the horoscope shows that the sharp edges are somewhat softened in both. In some cases, it may work.

Taurus- Sagittarius

Just as the Taurus thinks she’s caught the Sagittarius, he’s gone again. The Sagittarius loves his freedom above all else. Nothing for the Taurus who likes security.


Both value luxury, comfort and ……. Money. Even though the Capricorn will like the Taurus, he will not show it quickly. And whether the Taurus feels it is the question. If one of them dares to take the first step, it could be something.


Aquarius is not sensitive enough to the Taurus. The idealistic, independent Aquarius has other priorities, and giving attention to Taurus is at the bottom of his list. In addition, the conservative Taurus does not like the eccentric behavior of Aquarius. The Aquarius can help the Taurus further my / her career.

Taurus- Pisces

This relationship can be one for life. Pisces is so sweet, sensitive and spiritual. The terrestrial Taurus brings out the best in the Pisces.

You may be wondering… Can the stars really help me capture my Taurus man? Is it really possible to get a Taurus man to chase you, even if your signs don’t seem really compatible?

The Truth Might Shock You…

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