Best Text to Send to an Ex

best text to send to an ex image
best text to send to an ex image

Wondering what is the best text to send to an ex? Many people ask me what to do if after a month their ex has still not contacted. Again, it is always more important that your ex contact you than you contact him or her, but if you still want to break the ice, do it like this:

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Best Text to Send to an Ex

Send a text that arouses his or her curiosity without giving him or her the idea that you are trying to change his mind and make every effort to get him or her back. Maybe you broke up after a fight and in the following month, you were able to put everything together.

You consider that it is time for the ice to be broken. You could send a text message with a phrase like “Something great happened to me.” The idea behind this is purely to grab attention and motivate your ex to ask what that amazing thing is. You also show that you are positive and that you are not moping. It can work very well if your ex still has a bad feeling about the breakup and gets stuck in a hostile atmosphere.

Humor is very important to break the tension between you, and if you have no inspiration read a good book that will make you laugh just to get into that mood. By using humor you dramatize the situation or the problem. You come across as sexy and casual.

Also, remember to speak the language that was already in your relationship. Think back to what made your ex laugh. He or she will immediately remember you are a good mood. Moreover, this also gives a promise for a brighter future and shows that you are different in the situation and that you can move on at a different level.

I want to text my ex: the 3rd excuse

The 3rd excuse to approach your ex by text message: Measuring temperature This excuse is actually very simple. You just want to know how your ex is doing and you send a simple message like ‘hey, just wanted to know how you are doing’. We often think that the messages we should send out to an ex-partner should be magical, but nothing could be further from the truth. You are both changing right now and it makes sense to know how the other is doing. There is nothing threatening in that.

Please don’t send text messages like ‘please come back because I love you’ and more hopeless messages like this because you’re destroying more than you like.

And very important: do not be afraid that you will not receive an answer right away.

Stay patient. I want to give you a few golden rules for this:

• Be patient and do not expect a response from your ex. Remember that your goal is to break the ice. Your ex may not be quite ready, but at least you already show how you are in the situation

• Make sure there is just as much time between his / her response and your answer

to that response

• Always reply with the same number of words that your ex sent you

• Rule 1: This means that one SMS per day is sufficient if you get no response from him or her.

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Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. Friends certainly belong in this category. Whether you broke up or your friend put you aside. If you ask yourself, how do I get my ex-boyfriend back via SMS or Whatsapp, then a carefully crafted text message can be a good way to get back in touch.

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Wait at least three weeks after it is out before sending a message to your ex-boyfriend. If you seek contact too quickly, you may come across as desperate. If you are actually going to send a message, your choice of words will make a world of difference. Your message should open the door slightly, ajar actually. You must remind him that you are still there and that you would like to be friends. The goal is to attract him, not to beg, to negotiate, to apologize, nor to promise anything. For example, “Now that we’ve gotten used to being no longer a couple, I’d like to let you know that I am still a friend and that I will always want the best for you.” Choose your words so that you show that you are fine without him, but that you like him.

The content of your next post will depend on his response or lack of response. If he doesn’t respond, wait at least a week and then send him a message about something you know is important to him. For example, “I remember you had an important conversation. Did it go well? I hope so.” If he still doesn’t respond, it may be too early. If he responds, answer again. Keep it light until you hear signals that he wants reunification. It’s important not to go too fast, especially if he’s the one who broke the relationship. If you go too fast, you can push it away.

SMS or Whatsapp is indeed suitable to restart the first contact. Just like Facebook, they also have a low threshold for sending messages to your ex, which can also cause you a lot of damage unintentionally. However, you will of course not be able to recover your ex via SMS or Whatsapp. For that, you will have to see your ex in real life.

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