Cut Him Off He Will Miss You

cut him off he will miss you image
cut him off he will miss you image

Heard of cut him off he will miss you? Let him miss you so he wants you back soon … How can you do that?

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Cut Him Off He Will Miss You

You secretly check his Facebook and his Instagram.

Scrolls through his photos from a few months ago.

Read a sweet post that he put online.

In the meantime, listen to the ‘ Broken-heart ‘ playlist on Spotify.

You look again at your phone, still no new notification.

You miss him and you want to be with him.

However, the problem is … he clearly does NOT miss you.

Otherwise, he would have sent a WhatsApp, or made a call.

Let him miss you … How can you do that?

  • How to make him jealous through social media
  • The importance of being scarce
  • Have the right lifestyle so he will miss you
  • How he will not be able to resist your new I

If you are still at home after your break-up, or you are disappointed that the dating ended in nothing, while you enjoyed it so much …

Then after this article, you know exactly how you will make sure that he will miss you and that you will come back with the tail between your legs!

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You really want to be with him. Doing nice things with him. Laugh together and have fun.

To that one nice lunch spot, or to the new wine bar in the neighborhood.

The reality is, he doesn’t want to do those nice things with you. That is painful, but it is the truth. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article now.

In the meantime, there are other people who DO love to do fun things with you and want to experience adventures.

Therefore, rather spend time with people who really want to be with you.

Like all your friends. It may have been a while since you recently had a Netflix & Chill night with him instead of one of your BFFs.

So consider calling that girlfriend you haven’t talked to for a long time. Or FINALLY, plan that exciting getaway with your girlfriend’s club.

This is very healthy for you.

You will also see that you can also spend your time with others in a fun way. Instead of just with him. You will find that this will do you good and that you will be less concerned with him.

After all, he is not busy with you either.

And do you know what is best?

It also increases the chance that he will miss you.

He sees how you are all doing fun things … See what you enjoy most while having fun with others …

And slowly he will remember what it was like when you did all those things together.

And realize how much he really wanted to be with you in Barcelona now, instead of your group of friends.

You can ensure that he does not miss this by:

  • Change your Facebook profile photo or WhatsApp photo, BIG chance that he will come across this soon should he check his Facebook or scroll through his Whatsapp contacts
  • Send him the new cool photo by accident. Then say: “Oh shit, that happened by accident. It had to go to girlfriend X (your girlfriend’s name) “.

Subtle, but it often has a more powerful effect than you might think!

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Do you ever wonder why men, even when they are walking with a date, keep staring at other women?

Have you ever got angry because at a party he stared a little too long at that girlfriend with that new dress?

Chances are that the answer to this is ‘ yes’.

This is due to the following:

men are simply visual creatures.

The saying ‘it’s about the inside, not the outside’ It’s just not that easy for us.

Men love to see when a woman is cared for and especially looks fit.

Now, of course, you think I’m going to tell you to look good, but something much deeper happens when you take care of yourself...

Being in shape naturally works well for attraction with that weird male gender.

But that is not what this tip is about in the first instance. What is especially important is taking care of your own body.

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The body and your mind are in connection with each other. Research shows that doing sports works wonders for your mind.

When you decide to go to the gym or decide to go running. Whatever it is, it will make your mood change.

You will be less inclined to negative thoughts about him, or to the “broken-heart” playlist on Spotify.

And not only that. Because you first take care of yourself through exercise, healthy eating and getting in shape. This will greatly increase the chance that he will miss you.

He will simply no longer be able to resist if he sees that fit body on Facebook!

He will realize that he is all going wrong now …

Chances are he will send you a message and want to do something nice again.

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We just talked about taking good care of yourself and spending time with your girlfriends.
This means that you fill out your life and lead the way YOU want. With fun and exciting things.

When he feels that you continue with your life, he will certainly start thinking about you. This will eventually cause him to MISS you. And of course, you want back!

I recently received an obvious but good question from someone. It came down to the following:

If he no longer calls or updates me, how can I ensure that he finds out that I do fun things and do sports?

Tens of years ago, this had been a difficult problem. Then you had to write a leaflet, have it printed at the local print shop, and stand on the street corner to hand out, hoping that one would come to him.

In the 21 e century, you can, however, what to do here. LIVE technology!

You can use the power of social media for this.

Suppose you are on Facebook and you see that your girlfriend has posted a new photo with the new beautiful shoes of that great brand!

You hadn’t thought about those shoes for a while, but now that you see this, you think about them again. You want them, and you envy your girlfriend!

This does not only work with shoes like this. But also with people and relationships.

Research has shown that jealousy via social media can have a positive effect on relationships. People become jealous of what they see from someone else on Facebook.

You can, therefore, make him jealous with your new booty after all that squatting in the gym, or those pictures from the weekend in Barcelona. But even better: through interaction with others.

Interaction with others

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In addition to photos of doing sports and fun things, there is another very powerful way to make sure he gets jealous and will miss you.

The aforementioned research shows that people also become jealous when they see a romantic partner interacting with others on Facebook.

Imagine you are together with an unknown handsome man at the same party as a common friend.

Even better: the one man he knows you liked.

Do not hesitate to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram.

You can also send that nice man a message on his Facebook. Chances are this will appear on the timeline of your ex.

Men are jealous quite quickly. When he sees that you are having a good time with others, he quickly desires the same thing.

All that social media suddenly becomes a very useful tool 😉

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The following tip will sound contradictory and go against your natural actions.

But when you will use it. You will notice that it works.

Consider why all your gold jewelry is so expensive …

This is not because gold can be found everywhere in everyone’s garden.

In other words: it is a scarce commodity.
There is not much of it. And that is why it becomes valuable.

Just think of a pair of exclusive shoes in the store.

When there are 20 pairs of the same shoes, they won’t be that interesting.

But when there is only one exclusive pair, everyone suddenly wants this pair.

This amounts to the following principle:

Scarcity creates value

We are going to miss someone when he/she says less, we see less or hear less about it. Not when we try to force things.

A lot of apps, etc. does not work.

We often miss someone when we don’t see them. In other words, that person is becoming scarce.

If someone uses less, we start to think: hey, what would the situation be like?

If you keep contacting a man, he will start thinking: Ah, she wants me anyway. And suddenly you are no longer interesting.

Often something is interesting when it is scarce or we cannot have it. That’s how humanity works.

Your first feeling often says: if I show hard enough to the man that I want him and am in love with him, he will want me too.

This is not right! The opposite is true.

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If you stop using him, let him know less and call less, he will miss you faster.

He will realize how valuable it is to be in contact with you. You become as it were like gold or exclusive shoes: a scarce commodity. That’s how he starts to see your value.

A smart way to get more out of this is to let him know for a moment that you are still here.

This way he will taste the scarce good that you have become.

So you can “accidentally” contact him, for example, “accidentally” call with the idea that he was at the top of your contact list. After not hearing from you for a while, he will be happy to see your call.

If it subsequently appears that this was “by accident”. He will find this a pity and realize how valuable you actually are … And then you will miss more!

You seemed accessible for a while, but suddenly you turned out not to be.

Another practical tip is to ask a friend of him if you happen to speak to him, how he is doing. Men will certainly play this through, and it will make him think….

It is as if you were just giving him a finger, and then not making any more noise.

We bet he’ll want your whole hand?

With the above tips, you already have a lot to make him miss you. However, the question is still, is it enough?

This brings us to the most important tip.

It is not really a trick, but rather a lifestyle ….

Do you know that song, from the singer Ne-Yo, “Miss Independent”? He sings about how he would like to spend time with that independent woman. He loves her because she has her own thing.

This is just like with the man you want back. You led your own life until you met him. And he fell for you.

It is therefore important to start living your own life again and to become the person you were before. Or even more fun and positive people!

Of course, you do not know if he will eventually want you back, even if he misses you …

And you can sit and wait …

But let’s be honest: Life is too short to pay so much attention to someone who doesn’t pay attention to US.

The time that you spend missing him and hoping that he will come back, you could also spend with other handsome men. Because there are enough?

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In other words: continue your life.

You show that you are independent. Men just think this is sexy. A Miss Independent.

It can also be very nice to date other men and to have fun. This helps in the processing process and ensures that you miss it less.

When he sees that you continue your life and will not wait for him. Will this make him think: “Wait a minute, is this what I want?”

And in the end, you will also be happiest.

Focus on new, exciting things

You are still in a bubble that you absolutely love, but if you give yourself the chance to meet other men, it suddenly becomes much easier to let go.

By focusing on other men you make sure YOU miss HIM less.

Continuing with your life is, therefore, a WIN-WIN situation. It will always work out in the end!

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

Watch Video Here


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