Do I Still Love My Ex Quiz

Do I Still Love My Ex Quiz image
Do I Still Love My Ex Quiz image

Do you occasionally feel a glimmer of hope when you see your ex? Complete this “Do I Still Love My Ex Quiz” and you are sure: Do you still have heartbreak or not?

Give an honest answer 😉

Do I Still Love My Ex Quiz

1. Do you have pictures of your ex in your house?
a. Yes, I have dedicated an altar to our lost love.
b. Yes, there is a photo with a very valuable memory.
c. No, I burned all the photos.
d. No, that time is over.

2. You are at a party and unexpectedly your ex comes in, you:
a. Is a bit shocked, luckily you have a girlfriend with you who can support you?
b. Scared you into an accident, you don’t know how fast to get out of there.
c. Enjoy, you look good and you have a nice evening.
d. Immediately goes to your goal, you try to decorate it.

3. There are some things from your ex at your house, you:
a. Put them in a box and wait until he contacts you to pick them up.
b. Makes a nice pile in the garden and sets everything on fire.
c. Leave everything as it was.
d. Stops everything in a box and sends it to its new address.

4. You walk on the street and you see your ex walking with a new love, you:
a. Walks around the block, you really don’t feel like this.
b. Finds his car and scratches ‘everything on me is mini’ on the hood.
c. Say goodbye, but then quickly move on.
d. Say goodbye and accept the invitation to have a cup of coffee.

5. Is there room for a new love in your life?
a. Yes, I look forward to life and love with confidence.
b. Yes, no better remedy for heartbreak than new love.
c. No, a new love? I no longer believe in love.
d. No, I want to be single for a while, then I will see further.

6. Do you ever text/call/email / Whatsapp your ex?
a. No, never.
b. Multiple times a day.
c. Only if I need something from him.
d. Only if I drink too much.

Add the points of your answers together:

  • 1: a = 3, b = 1, c = 2, d = 0
  • 2: a = 1, b = 2, c = 0, d = 3
  • 3: a = 1, b = 3, c = 2, d = 0
  • 4: a = 2, b = 3, c = 1, d = 0
  • 5: a = 0,, b = 2, c = 3, d = 1
  • 6: a = 0, b = 3, c = 1, d = 2

0 to 4 points: You are só about him. Sometimes you would almost think that your love never existed. You are absolutely open to a new love that has been, has been.

5 to 9 points: You are over your heartbreak, but sometimes you still feel a stab in your heart. That is quite normal, you have had a good time and saying goodbye hurts. New love is possible, but be careful not to drag old emotions into your new relationship.

10 to 14 points: Your ex still does you a lot. The pain of your broken relationship is still very fresh and should wear off. A new love would probably only comfort the loss of the old one. Allow yourself time to heal.

15 to 18 points: You are far from over your heartbreak, unfortunately. The anger and powerlessness you feel about the failure of the relationship are eating you and you cannot think clearly about your ex. The emotions rush to your throat. Take time for yourself and don’t look up your ex too much, this will only make the recovery process longer.

It sounds rather melodramatic, but it is as it is: “I don’t feel complete without him”. Every day I think about all those pleasant things we did together. We were just happy, shared love, and suffering as it is so beautifully called. Over the years we grew closer together.

And it now appears that my partner has started to think differently. He says he still cares about me, but no longer loves me. I am left empty-handed and full of questions, painful questions. How could this happen? Why does he do this to me when he knows how much I love him? What did I do wrong? Why doesn’t he help me turn back the clock and find our love again?

is lonely love. You love someone who is very different in the relationship. Then you come to a point where you realize that you alone cannot maintain a relationship. But breaking, letting go? You see every day that it runs fine without him. And that makes it all even more difficult. Because you still think of him. Much and often. Especially at night you feel lonely, no longer understood, an abandoned woman. Your old buddy no longer exists.

Still, you love him. Despite all the sadness, anger, and frustration. Only, deep down you know: this is not good. You realize that love doesn’t work on one side. But you should not think about a final break. The big question is: how do you get out of this? A good start might be to consider why letting go is so terrifying to you. Is it a fear of loneliness? Is it your love for him that’s holding you back? Do you think you might be even more unhappy without him? Or is it the fear of an uncertain future?

With or without him, your life will continue. You will have to make choices. If you choose breakup, you show that you can continue to live without him. Then your antenna is more oriented towards the outside world and you are open to someone who could love you.

On the other hand, if you choose a second chance with your current partner, never beg for it. That does not prove that you love him. On the contrary, it shows just how dependent you are on him. Just convince him that you are a strong, independent woman, who does not depend on him at all. That opens up perspectives for a much more balanced relationship.

If you choose a second chance, you can only do it one way: just tell him how you feel about him, how much you love him. Be clear, be honest. In any case, make sure he gets him thinking. Who knows…

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Do I Still Love My Ex Quiz by Theresa Alice

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