Early Stages of Dating a Cancer Man

early stages of dating a cancer man image
early stages of dating a cancer man image

What to do during the early stages of dating a cancer man? Men of cancer are complex members of the zodiac family. A man with cancer, shy and introverted, will only be attracted to you if you manage to be a part of his life.

Before approaching him, put on a flirtatious and sensual outfit, such as a dress that highlights your curves. Floral fragrances with classic essences like rose also create the perfect feminine environment around you.

Don’t try to show yourself as “one of the boys”. He leaves out obscene jokes and funny phrases speak rather softly and compassionately. Don’t act like a boy when you’re around him.

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Early Stages of Dating a Cancer Man

1. Present a feminine aura.

The majority of cancer men are drawn to feminine women in a very traditional way. At the subconscious level, he looks for a woman who fits his ideal of wife and mother.

Every aspect, from your physical appearance to your gestures, should radiate femininity.

2. Get your domestic skills out.

After you get to know him better, take the initiative, and bring out your ability to keep the house very traditionally maintained.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through the kitchen. Cook a meal or something special, and invite him to cook a complex recipe with you.

Keep in mind, however, that the Cancer man is a little more introverted and might resist your love if he thinks you are going by leaps. If you invite him over when you first meet him, he will likely turn you down. Wait until you’ve established some kind of bond with him before you invite him to your house.

3. Emphasize your love for the family.

You should talk about the love you have for your current family and your dreams of getting married and raising a family.

Usually, Cancer men dream of having children one day, so it will help you a lot if your dreams match them. When talking about your current family, focus on the maternal side. Discuss what you learned from your mother or the time you spent with her.

Cancer is the typical son of mom. So if you show love for your mother, it will be easier for you to bond with him. Discuss nice family memories and your childhood with him.

4. Connect with the people around him.

As long as the Cancer man you like has a functional family, it’s likely very close to them. The sooner you meet his family, the sooner you will win them over as a potential partner.

We repeat, the Cancer man tends to be a mother’s son. In the event you can meet and get along with his mom, he will quickly see you with better eyes.

The Cancer man who hasn’t received his real family’s love is likely to replace it with his circle of friends. In this case, it is best to have a good relationship with his friends.

5. Be positive about his family during the early stages of dating a cancer man

Ask him to talk about his own family and other topics of conversation as often as possible. Yes, always do it with a positive tone and avoid what might sound like an insult to him.

For example, if you’ve seen his mom and he looks a bit like her, tell him. You could also try to flatter the relationship he has with his brothers.

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1. Has a neat and organized physical appearance.

Cancer is orderly children. Because of this, they will generally look at those women who are organized as they are more attractive than those who are in total chaos.

Every dirty room in front of the Cancer Man should be clean. Even if you cannot achieve the same level of cleanliness, you will have to work very hard.

In other words, don’t invite him into your personal space if your desk is full of papers or if your department is full of dirty clothes.

2. Ask him to help you organize your space.

If you have a messy area, warn them before he discovers it and asks him to help you organize it.

This will have 3 benefits: He will feel like he is needed, you will attract his natural love for organization, and you will show your willingness to be less messy and more organized.

3 Avoid spontaneity.

Giving him a romantic surprise every now and then won’t hurt, but as a general rule, avoid making last-minute crazy suggestions or asking something without notice. Cancer may have organized all aspects of their lives well, both physical and immaterial such as time.

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1. Seek His Help

Cancer likes to take on the role of the traditional provider and protector. Give him an opportunity to seek help from you in some way. It does not have to be very important, but it will help you a lot if you choose a task in which your dreamed boy is very skilled because in this way he will do it completely and impressively well.

Ask for help whenever you move to an office, department, or car. However, if you don’t need to make such a dramatic change, look for smaller excuses. For example, ask for your opinion on a dilemma you have at work, even if you already solved the problem yourself.

2. Fulfills his longing for affection.

Although Cancer likes to take on his role as a traditional man, they are also very attached to their emotions. They long to love on an emotional level, so don’t be afraid to fill them with affection.

3. Make compliments.

Tell him nice things about his physical appearance, skills, or the way he makes you feel. The compliments will make a Cancer feel good and appreciate the woman who gives the kind of adrenaline that you will provoke every time you tell him how wonderful it is.

Make sure your compliments are real and subtle. If a Cancer man suspects that you are trying to flatter him, he may feel uncomfortable and start moving away from you.

4. Share Your Feelings

Because Cancer men tend to be emotional, they also tend to be attracted to women who express their feelings the same way they do, maybe more.

When you show your willingness to open up, you also show yourself how much you want or need in your life. Remember that cancer tends to be unsafe. The fastest way to create emotional security with your dreamed boy is the first emotional investment.

5. Don’t try to contradict him.

We do the wrong things sometimes and cancer is not the exception. Now that cancer is emotionally responsive, if directly contradicted or corrected in a bad way, they tend to lash.

If you need to correct it, be discreet and persuasive. Only use the reason to defend your argument and try not to be emotional. Likewise, if you get angry or upset, don’t kick it out and respond. Wait for him to calm down instead of forcing him to calm down.

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1. Take the First Step

Cancer tends to be shy, so gather your courage and approach him first. The key is not to present yourself aggressively. Introduce yourself and strengthen your existence in his mind, but never push or disturb his personal bubble, especially if it seems uncomfortable.

You have to be confident but indirect. Persistence will be important at this stage. Show him that you really care about him by constantly striving to get closer to him.

A Cancer man gets a little insecure from time to time, but when you have calmed their insecurities and you have shown that your interest is more genuine and lasting, he will feel so comfortable and in return, the attractiveness and affection that he has towards you will increase.

3. Listen to him

Cancer men are attracted to women who want to share their feelings, but you become even more attractive when you show your willingness to really hear everything they say.

Sometimes you should try to show him that you were actively listening to him. Remember his birthday or any other special day he tells you. If he tells you about something that has happened at work, ask him what happened after that event.

4. Avoid making him jealous.

You may be tempted to arouse your affection by flirting with other men, but in doing so you could hurt or destroy any attraction you already have for yourself.

Men with cancer need to feel that they have complete confidence in their partners. If you give him the slightest reason to doubt from the start, he might cast you off as a potential partner.

5. Prepare for his possessiveness.

When a Cancer is attracted to you, they are likely to become more notoriously possessive. You need to find ways to deal with its obvious invasion of your personal space.

When his possessiveness becomes dangerous or otherwise troublesome, back off and don’t come back. Even if his possession seems innocent and harmless, if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, take a step back.

6. Prepare for a lasting relationship.

If you are going to attract a Cancer man to have a short-term relationship, you surely need to keep your eyes on someone else.

His aversion to rushed and insane action and his devotion to family will make him a lousy candidate for adventure. However, if you want to win him over with the hope of a long-term relationship, you are likely to be much more successful.

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