Ex Boyfriend Recovery vs. Ex Girlfriend Recovery — 8 Mistakes People Make to Recover Their Ex

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Do you want to get your ex back? This Ex Boyfriend Recovery and Ex Girlfriend Recovery article is for you. If you really want to save your relationship with your ex, you will have to stop making catastrophic mistakes today.

Because unfortunately most people always make the same mistakes with their ex. The longer you make these mistakes, the less chance you have of ever getting that one person back.

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Do you really want to do everything to win back your ex? Even if a lot of things have to change to make it work? Then you have arrived at the right article.

This article is written for anyone who wants to get his ex back. If you just broke up and want to win your ex back, then this article can be enlightening and useful for you.

Read on and discover what you have to do to be able to embrace your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend again.

Error # 1: The ‘Nice Man / Woman’ Playing Tactics

Error # 2: Logic & Bearings argument

Error # 3: Giving Your Ex All Power

Error # 4: Trying to Buy Your Ex Back

Error # 5: Not Understanding How Attraction Works

Error # 6: Calling your ex all the time and sending messages

Error # 8: Get jealous if your ex is in contact with others

2 tips to make your ex fall in love again

# 1: Give each other some time and space

# 2: Get started on your own

Discover the psychological triggers to quickly reclaim your ex

What you learn in this article includes:

What stupid mistakes you never want to make to increase your chances

Why necessarily want to be right in a relationship is not always good for you

The right tips and steps to get your ex back (even if he/she has someone else)

And much and much more …

Error # 1: The ‘Nice Man / Woman’ Playing Tactics

The first part of this article is about the most stupid mistakes people make when they want their ex back in their lives.

Most of these mistakes are the direct result of the things we do instinctively.

We instinctively want to resolve a situation in a certain way, while this has the opposite effect.

Love and feelings are irrational. No matter how hard this is to comprehend, this is very important to understand if you ever want to see your ex again.

Now let’s start with the first mistake that many people make when they want their ex back.

This is actually a mistake that many people ignore, no matter how often they are told.

Every person has a CHALLENGE, it seems as if it is almost genetic. Do you ensure tension in your relationship?

By playing the ‘nice boy/girl’, you do not create any attraction in someone so that the ‘chemistry’ between you quickly becomes boring and predictable.

Only someone feels attracted to you, they also want to spend time with you and make an effort to get to know you. The same applies to dating.

The bottom line is that ‘nice boy/girl’ is usually seen as insecure, passive, fearful, boring and predictable.

They have little fun because they are constantly worried about whether their boyfriend/girlfriend still loves him/her.

Error # 2: Logic argument

In reality, it is almost impossible to convince yourself to step back into a relationship. By the way, you can get out, but not the other way around.

You may be able to persuade someone to go out with you, but convincing her to feel or love you is simply IMPOSSIBLE.

Trying to stir feelings with logic and argument has no effect.

You may be able to control your feelings yourself with logic, but you simply cannot change your ex’s mind by giving arguments.

Talking to the logical brain of your ex is talking to only about 10% of him / her instead of triggering his / her emotions.

Deciding to get back together should also be the idea of ​​your ex, not just yours because otherwise, you will be wasting all your time.

Other there is currently an effective method to get your ex back / win. View this website: Ex Back Method

Error # 3: Giving Your Ex All Power

To give your ex all the power it is constantly ‘trying to make amends’ with him/her and to give away all control and power in the relationship.

This is expressed, for example, in statements such as: “I will do whatever you want …”. Something that people do not want at all times (especially women), even though they sometimes do not even admit it. People only start to feel guilty in the long run.

Moreover, this statement does not provide a balanced relationship. Do you really want to be the person who has minimal power in the relationship and gives everything away?

Becoming a slave to your ex will only cause that person to find you weaker, hopeless and unattractive.

These actions will only make him or her stick to her decision because she doesn’t want anyone to do everything for them. This becomes VERY boring, predictable and he/she will feel guilty if she doesn’t give you back.

No person just wants to be able to walk over her boyfriend/girlfriend because this person is so weak and small. Every woman wants a powerful and managerial man and every man also wants a challenge.

Error # 4: Trying to Buy Your Ex Back

Once heard of the sentence: “Love cannot be bought”.

This is a very bad, weak and expensive tactic to win back your ex.

You will never be able to create attraction with gifts. This is simply too short because of the bend.

This way will only work against you because you are actually communicating that you are not enough for your ex to enjoy yourself.

You need external things to show how nice you are, which basically NEVER works.

This way you are talking to the logical brain of your ex again.

Are you really that uncertain? Or are you trying to manipulate him/her? It must be one of the two or both because this is exactly what you are doing without you perhaps noticing.

Error # 5: Not Understanding How Attraction Works

Far too many people look from their own perspective for what people would find attractive.

In this way, they often come to the conclusion that people are only looking for the most handsome people.

Men and women differ greatly in what they feel attracted to with the opposite sex.

If a man sees a beautiful woman, he may already be sexually attracted to her within one second. This definitely does not apply to women!

Women are not attracted to their appearance alone. Women are much more attracted to the personality of a man.

It is therefore much more effective to work on your personality for men than just your appearance. For women, this will always work a little less effectively.

You can communicate an attractive personality by using techniques that create attraction in him/her such as playful teasing.

You can learn how to create this with someone and ensure that your ex is attracted to you again.

Every man and woman can learn to arouse this feeling in the opposite sex, it is often just an art.

Some of these techniques even work without a person being aware of it.

Error # 6: Calling your ex all the time and sending messages

This is Paul’s story:

I and my ex Sarah split up two weeks ago. Since then I have been struggling and I cannot let her go from my mind.

I can’t help calling her or sending her a message once a day. She often does not answer or reacts curtly. Sometimes it takes a few days before I get an answer back.

I love her and want to be with her, that’s why I don’t understand why she behaves that way. She said she loved me and when did she do this?

This story from Paul is not isolated. Many people who are desperately looking for their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend make this big mistake.

It is not wise to call and text your ex all the time. In fact, it’s a huge mistake! Because that’s not how it works.

Every time you contact your ex, you show that you are enormously needy and insecure. This is just unattractive behavior and only pushes your ex farther away.

But if I am not allowed to call or text, how do I get my ex back?

You have to communicate in a certain way so that your ex will feel attracted to you again. You can read how to do this in the tips later in this article.

Error # 8: Get jealous if your ex is in contact with others

The idea that your ex is with another person makes you crazy.

You would prefer to get in the car now, drive to it and confess that you want him or her back.

And if they don’t open the door, you just stay outside, until your ex opens the door.

If you still don’t realize it, it’s that instinctive panic mode that tells you to do this.

But the truth is that your ex most likely just maintains friendly contacts or is in a rebound relationship. And many rebound relationships end earlier than you think.

For many people, a rebound relationship is a way to deal with a broken relationship. So just because your ex might be flirting with someone else right now, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you.

They will soon realize that a rebound relationship cannot fill the void of heartbreak.

2 tips to make your ex fall in love again

Chances are that after the breakup of your relationship you have already made at least one of the above mistakes. What now?

The # 1 consideration for you to do right now is to understand that these particular errors won’t assist you in getting your boyfriend or girlfriend back.

Make an effort to reduce the damage which you have caused at this point through using the following.

I can guarantee that if you follow these tips, your chances of getting your ex back will increase considerably.

Read this article for more important tips to win back your ex.

# 1: Give each other some time and space

If you are looking for ways to get your ex back into your life, then there is one thing you always want to do.

I call it the ‘no contact’ rule. It is simple and very effective.

All you have to do is break ALL communication with your ex for a short period.

This means that you:

Don’t call

Not appt


No online contact is sought (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, etc.)

Don’t go out with friends (hoping to meet your ex)


I think you understand my point … But why not contact?

Your ex needs the time to miss you. Because what you want is for your ex to miss your presence. People think that if you don’t contact your ex, they will forget you.

This is nonsense of course. In reality, you give your ex the time to miss you and he/she will start wondering at some point why you are not contacting.

Nobody wants a needy person. It is unattractive. By constantly contacting your ex, he or she will never have the chance to experience what it feels like to lose you.

In addition, you also need some space and time. You want to get yourself back on the road.

Sitting at home on the couch with a handkerchief and self-pity won’t help you. Try to stay calm and also consider whether getting your ex back is really what you want.

It may be that you just miss your ex-partner because you have become accustomed to being with you.

Before you try to win back your ex it is important that you learn to enjoy your life without your ex. Prove to yourself that you can be happy without your ex.

You may still want your ex back, but there is a big difference between needing someone and wanting someone.

And what do you do if your ex contacts you? Because that is of course also possible …

If your ex calls you every day or sends a message, let him or she knows that you do not want to contact for a short while.

Do not provide further information on why you do this. Let your ex know that you now need some space and time and that’s it.

If you have children, you must, of course, keep in touch. But keep the contact as limited as possible. That means that you only talk to your ex when needed.

You only speak with your ex about your children or the topics that are important. You don’t want to talk about personal matters.

# 2: Get started on your own

No matter how confronting this may sound, there is, of course, a reason why your ex has left you.

Go and guess yourself. Be honest. What were your less attractive qualities? Were you lazy? Did you invest too little in the relationship? Or maybe you cheated on someone else?

Whatever it is, take a step back and evaluate yourself and your old relationship.

See, every relationship has its problems and disagreements. But if the two of you split up, something was very wrong in your relationship.

This is the part where most people mess it up. They refuse to change or acknowledge their mistakes.

Get started and make positive changes to your life. Eat and live healthier. Work on your personal development!

You must first get your self-esteem back before you can get your ex back.

You have to figure out what makes you happy and what it does. You have to learn to be happy without your ex. You must first get your self-esteem back before you can get your ex back.

When you meet your ex after a period of no contact, you want him or her to feel attracted to you again. And the best way to do this is to work on yourself and become a happy person again.

Appearance and mentality

You can change in a positive way in different ways. You can change the appearance and give yourself a new fresh look.

This will make you feel better. And when your ex meets you again, she will see a new person.

Simple things you can do are:

Go to the hairdresser or hairstylist: discover what fashion is today and surprise yourself with a completely new haircut.

Go to the gym: exercise is important for various reasons. Not only for fat burning, but it is also for your mental health. It will make you happy!

Buy new clothing: go shopping with knowledge who knows about clothing. Dare to wear something else. You will look more attractive.

Whatever you do, of course, don’t do it too drastically. You don’t want to make changes that you can regret for the rest of your life (think of a tattoo).

Don’t think too lightly about this. This can make the difference between making your ex fall in love again or losing the person you love so much.

But in addition to your appearance, there may be something much more important to get your ex back.

Be a happy and confident person!

You have to realize that self-confidence and a positive attitude are something you can get by working on yourself.

You can do this in different ways:

Do meditation: this is not as floating as it sounds. Be aware of yourself and know your weaknesses and strengths. Dare to be proud of yourself.

Spend time with friends: your friends and family are the people who are always there for you and are happy to spend time with you. Go out and do fun things with them.

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