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How can I get my ex back? A very good question for you now that the relationship break is a fact.

Discover The CRUCIAL steps you MUST take when you’ve started to rebuild attraction and your ex inevitably begins to contact you again

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When a relationship is broken, it often feels like the end of the world. You feel like you will never get over it and you only think of one thing: “I want my ex back, and as soon as possible, but how?”

To be able to glue your relationship again, it is important that you really want to go for your relationship and are prepared to fight for it.

To get your ex back, it’s important to know why the relationship was broken. Perhaps you didn’t spend much time with each other or had the romance disappeared after all these years?

When you know why the relationship went wrong, you can start working on the problem. Many couples come together again after breaking up their relationship and are more crazy about each other than ever before.

Your relationship can also be saved, but you must both be prepared to work on it and fight for it.

After the end of a relationship, chances are that you will be left with a desperate feeling. You have a hard time picking up the thread of your life and believing in love again. You thought your relationship was one forever and you were on your way to building a fantastic future together. Yet things went wrong and you suddenly broke up. But there is always hope: if you want to get your ex back, these tips can help you.

Get Your Ex Back Super System Free

If you have a stable relationship, then your life depends on a kind of set routine. When you separate, all of this falls away and you suddenly find yourself alone. You can analyze how everything went like this based on your past together. Look especially at how your emotions have evolved over time and what has changed about you. Have you become cooler towards each other, or less affectionate and effective?

Even though you are emotionally stressed, do not just let the sadness scare you.

After a few days of mourning for what seems to be lost, it is time to start thinking about its causes. You can put your hand in your own bosom if you are honest and sincere.

Find out what you could have done better and where you were wrong. Ask yourself if your ex has received enough support and love from you.

But love is always a matter of two parties involved, so the position of your ex must also be thoroughly examined. Has your ex taken sufficient account of your character and characteristics?

Did your ex take enough initiative to fight for the relationship together?

Of course, in a relationship, you cannot both do your own thing alone, but you must act as a well-functioning team.

If you realize the causes of the fracture, try to think about the future again. To be able to take a new start, you must be able to leave the past behind. Leave your ego aside and forgive your ex. Be accommodating and understanding so that your ex can see that you mean it.

If you want to get your ex back, you will have to come up with solutions for past conflicts, so that you can also forgive each other.

But do not force things unnecessarily and give your ex time to get used to the idea of ​​a new restart. After all, both partners must go through a period of reflection in order to be able to opt for a continuation of the relationship. An open conversation with your ex can be a good start to get back to each other confidentially.

If you both make clear how you see the future together, then there is hope again. Good communication and a genuine attitude towards your feelings are crucial here.

At the same time, it is wise to remain socially active to have distractions. If you want to get your ex back, you don’t have to keep moping on your own at home. Your ex will then be able to see that you remain positive and that you do not lock yourself in your heartbreak.

In this way, your ex can become more interested in you and in this way an attraction in love play can gradually emerge again. If you can finish everything, reconciliation is possible and then the fire of love can ignite in you again.

How fast you will be with your ex again varies according to the situation. Sometimes your ex wants to spend more time alone or just be able to think about your relationship. When your ex needs this time, give him or her that time.

Spending time apart often makes you realize how much you miss the other person. There is a good chance that your ex realizes, after some breathing space, that your relationship is something to fight for.

Love sorrow hurts, so it is good to have a good time with friends or family. By making your heartbreak and relationship discussable, it is often easier to see things through the eyes of someone else.

Perhaps you now understand better what your ex was having. In addition, it also hugs you enormously to air your heart.

Once the most emotional phase of your heartbreak is over you will be better able to have a good conversation with your ex.

When you both have had some time to think and discuss the situation with friends or family, it is good to have a good conversation together.

Remember that although the relationship is broken, that does not mean that all feelings are gone. There is a reason why you have been together for so long. Talk to your ex about your feelings and why you should give the relationship another chance.

If you are in a nice place with your ex, then that is actually the time to have a good conversation. Listen to your ex and don’t always interrupt your ex if he or she says something that you don’t like. It is of course out of the question to start a discussion every time. If you do that, then there is a chance that your ex will be gone again within half an hour. So, avoid this!

Once your ex has finished talking, it’s your turn. Then be so polite to admit your mistakes. You achieve more with this than blaming your ex each time. No matter how wrong things have gone in a relationship, there are always two parties who are to blame.

Make sure you grow together again. You will succeed, but you must add water to the wine together. Take a deep look at each other!

If your ex is not yet open to give the relationship another chance, it is important not to have any contact. Above all, don’t play the jealous ex by constantly calling, texting, emailing or leaving your ex on social media. Allow yourself and your ex some rest.

This is very essential if you want to reclaim your ex. It ensures that your ex will miss you again. In the meantime, you have to work on yourself and make sure that you become attractive again.

After a broken relationship, it is absolutely possible to save your relationship. Many other couples preceded you and came out even better.

It is also possible that you broke up with a fight. This anger will first have to cool down. By taking a distance without panicking, there will be room for reconciliation.

So first give your ex time to think. Maybe you want your ex back but your ex doesn’t want you back, for example. You do not know. To find out, you really need to give your ex that rest! It is important to follow this because otherwise if you are going to claim and chase your ex, you push your ex even further away from you.

If you have given your ex a certain period of rest, after a little month you can ask your ex how it goes. Of course, you can also contact his / her friends to get the information. You don’t have to be ashamed to ask about this. Best friends probably know how the relationship went. Better yet, you can ask the best friends for advice on what you can do best.

If you have not known your ex long enough, they usually know what your ex wants the most. You have been warned in advance that reclaiming your ex usually costs more money and effort than the first time you conquered your ex.

If you have checked with your ex about how your ex is doing, you can possibly invite your ex for a 2nd date. Do this in a favorite place where especially your ex feels at home. You are supposed to impress your ex and you only do that if you respond to your ex ‘s wishes a lot. That is why it can sometimes be a tool if you ask your friends for advice.

They can sometimes help you on your way. The intention is that you go on 2nd date where you conquer your ex again. You can choose so many places to go but choose a place that your ex likes.

And what if you see that your ex already has another?

You may now panic because you are afraid that if you do not take action quickly your ex will run away with someone else. But that is also not a good starting point. If you are going to do hasty things and you get carried away by emotions, you will always be wrong.

There is nothing else in the world that can break out in a sweat. Certainly, if you actually see that your ex is already dating someone else.

I can also recommend this video if your ex has someone else:

You think and feel: “I have now missed the opportunity because I have waited too long”. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you see that your ex has someone else so quickly, it may also be because he or she is simply unable to be alone for a while. We are talking about a rebound relationship here.

Get your ex back: here are some important tips:

Not only the tips below are important if you want to get your ex back. So it is important that you use them from the right mindset. Here we give you 4 tips that can be important for your situation:

As discussed earlier, rest is essential. If, after a time where there has been no contact between you and your ex, (we also call this the period of radio silence ) you have not heard from your ex, first send a simple text message with a short anecdote about what you experienced the past week. Conclude with an interesting question of how your ex is doing.

Do you not receive an answer immediately? Then don’t panic. You get an answer and you notice that it is all right, then you can suggest to your ex to see each other and talk together. If your ex agrees, you must prepare everything in detail to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Choose a quiet day to meet and a favorite spot. If your ex loves the sea a lot, don’t hesitate to invite her out for a day. This way you make it cozy, you can let your ex know that you take her or his preferences into account.

Getting your ex back can be a bit delicate in this, but with the best preparations, it must certainly work. If you go out with your ex then take care of these things:

Then be a real court lord if you are a man and a hostess if you are a woman.

Open and close the doors for your ex.

Treat yourself to the tastiest drinks.

Do not exaggerate because your ex will snap at you.

Nothing is as unattractive for your ex as you do not know how to behave towards the waiter who pours you the drinks. Your ex also looks at how you behave towards others.

Women like you to make an effort and men like to hear a few words of appreciation.

It does, of course, depend on your situation, but do you immediately arrive with a huge bouquet and have you just had a big fight? Your ex may think ‘what a slimeball’, but that also depends on the character of your ex. In such a case it is better to write a letter that you take to your for your ex

Ask your ex while enjoying a glass of wine “I have put a few things on paper and I would like to read that to you”.

If that appointment went well then you could consider having a rose delivered the next day in a nice package. Add a card with some words that rose now symbolizes your relationship.

Having a nice chat with your ex is of course always important. After all, you naturally ensure that your ex has a good feeling with every contact you have with your ex. It is important that you get on at the most exciting moment. So at least you still have a stick behind the door. For example, you can say: “I think it’s great fun together but I really have to go now. Shall we continue this appointment at another time? “

If your ex has had a pleasant moment with you, then your ex will of course not refuse so quickly. Take the time to reclaim your ex. Such moments will have to occur frequently and you will have to apply the right techniques during those moments. You can find this for example in my free training that you can request below.

Once you have decided to really go for it to get your ex back, you can sometimes get the oppressed feeling that you have to give a piece of yourself away with that, and we mean your pride or dignity.

Reclaiming your ex can bother you with the double feeling: on the one hand, you want to do everything to win back your ex for you but on the other hand, you don’t want to lose your face either. You wonder what to do and what is important.

In general, most people allow themselves to be led by strongly changing emotions such as feelings of revenge, and still, others tend to beg their ex to give the relationship another chance. We see it happening too often here on So what to do now? In any case, it is always important to never lose your dignity!

“I will do everything to get my ex back”

This is often what most people tell us when they come to us. The intention is noble. And if you really have taken the time to analyze the situation, and you are indeed certain that this is a clear choice and not a desire because you feel lonely, abandoned and desperate, then we would like to congratulate you because then you have the right mindset.

In any case, let’s take a closer look at the ‘everything’ statement here. So you want to do ‘everything’ for it. Some people indeed take this literally, and yes, then it actually becomes a dangerous goal and with that, the action plan becomes very inefficient.

Because if you are constantly trying to figure out what your ex is doing, then you will not see any results. Just like the tendency to constantly confront your ex with questions as soon as you have the feeling that he or she is about to forget you.

Wanting to do everything to get your ex back mainly involves showing respect with regard to the decision that your ex made.

You cannot convince your ex to come back to you again. You are not going to beg someone to love you either. The only thing you can do is to make your ex realize that you are interesting and dynamic enough, someone who has a lot to offer and can be important to him or her. Not because of what you say, claim or promise, but because of what you do, your decision, and how flexible you are to change.

Getting your ex back without losing your face … where do you start?

As soon as we talk about the radio silence, the focus on yourself, planning important changes, and getting a different perspective on your relationship, we are not talking about applying a trick to get your ex back. It is about regaining your self-confidence. It is being able to create the necessary space to be able to find and develop yourself again.

So you have to understand that if you don’t want to lose your face and keep your pride in the process of getting your ex back, then you also need to distance yourself from your ex.

Because if you really want to have a good and fruitful conversation with your ex, you must first have had enough time to be able to form a good self-image again, that you understand and know what you have to do and what your new identity has become.

By this, we mean that you have learned enough to deal with the absence of your ex, that you have learned what to do if you suddenly get all the attention again. That you have learned to move forward in life.

Only then will your ex really feel and know that you have actually changed. In order to get your ex back without losing your dignity, you must understand that you must first give yourself sufficient attention and learn to accept the break so that you learn wise lessons. out and respect your ex.

After the relationship break you obviously only want one thing and that is to win your ex back for yourself as soon as possible. Now that it has ended between the two of you, you realize that you cannot live without him or her. However, such a thought is not a good starting point.

You will therefore never have to want to get your ex back out of despair or a shortage. The desire to get your ex back would be healthy if that feeling comes from the thought: I still have so much love to share with my ex. We are of course and now I realize more than ever what we can improve together.

So you won’t have to get your ex back in the first place for yourself, but rather to make your ex happy.

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Get Your Ex Back Super System Free by Theresa Alice

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Get Your Ex Back Super System Free

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