Getting Your Ex Back With Voodoo / White Magic, Is That Possible?

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If you read this, you are probably going through a difficult period in your life. Your relationship has just ended and you are looking for a way to win back your ex. That is all very understandable. There are hundreds of ways to get your ex back on the internet, but some work better than others and some don’t even work at all.

If you plan to be in the arms of your ex again soon, this is exactly the right item for you. In this article, I will explain what voodoo is and what exactly white magic is. These things are often presented as savers of relationships. I have serious doubts about this and you should do the same. Why? You can read that below.

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What is voodoo?

Most people think of voodoo dolls when they hear the word voodoo. Those are those little dolls that people regularly put in needles in movies to hurt someone at a distance. I would, however, make the voodoo phenomenon far too short to describe it that way. Voodoo is much more than voodoo dolls; it is a religion.

Voodoo is a religion that originated in West Africa. Due to the spread of slavery, this religion has also found its way into other parts of the world. Voodoo supporters believe in a strong bond with nature, their ancestors and a creator who has all kinds of different gods on his side.

You could say that voodoo has a strong belief in the so-called butterfly effect.

This means that everything that happens has to do with each other.

They think that everything that happens should be seen as a result of something else. The term voodoo is therefore derived from the French term vous deux (look at yourself).

Finally, it is assumed in voodoo that there is a very strong bond with the ancestors. That is why ancestors are often worshiped to remedy all kinds of ailments that people encounter in the world. All this is done in colorful ceremonies with lots of dance, music and the sacrifice of various animals.

Save a relationship with voodoo?

Now, of course, the question is: can you also save your relationship with the help of voodoo. To find out, I will now explain a little further how a voodoo ceremony works. So at voodoo, there are different gods. There are literally hundreds of them. These gods are referred to by the term Loas. At a ceremony, these gods can take possession of the body of the believer.

If this happens, according to the voodoo religion the believer will become a Loa for a short time and all kinds of advice and warnings will be launched into the world. Another way in which supporters of voodoo draw strength from their religion are the regular sessions with a priest (es). These provide believers with advice and help with problems, often with the help of herbs.

These priests will often invoke the gods through all kinds of different spells. In voodoo it is believed that gods can be invoked for the following:





The rising of the happiness level

Success in love

Success on the material level

Good health

Although voodoo provides support to a lot of people, I don’t believe it works. That a lot of people believe it has to do with two things. Firstly, the naivety of man; if you are very hard looking for a solution to your problems you will use everything that could help. And secondly the will to explain inexplicable things (just like other religions do).

What is white magic?

As already stated above, voodoo, therefore, uses the calling of gods through spells. This is the reason why voodoo is often referred to as “ white magic .” But what exactly is that, white magic? White magic is magic that is used to accomplish good things.

Why getting your ex back with voodoo and white magic doesn’t work

When you clicked on this article, you were probably interested in the story behind voodoo, but you also did not believe that this could help you get your ex back. But as I have stated before, people in difficult situations, situations in which they are emotional, are willing to believe anything to achieve that one goal: to get their ex back.

That is also the power of the entire setup behind voodoo. At voodoo, you are told that everything that happens has to do with each other. Everything you do, therefore, would ultimately have ensured that what is happening now actually happens. Why so many people still believe in it is easy to illustrate on the basis of two examples.

Example # 1: You started with voodoo

In the first example, we assume that you started with voodoo. You regularly go to a priest (es), call on your forefathers and have all kinds of spells fired at you, supposedly to get your love life back on track. After a month your ex suddenly comes back to you and you become a couple again. That is, of course, fantastic, it seems that voodoo has worked.

It seems true. But of course, it is absolute nonsense.

There is no magic and there are no gods who take possession of people to give advice afterward. But it is the combination of despair and the reasoning method (everything that happens can be traced back to your efforts for voodoo) that nevertheless persuades many people.

The reasoning is child’s play, but at the same time very effective. All the good that happens can be traced back to your efforts and your faith. All the bad things that happen can also be traced back to your (in default) efforts and your faith. If things don’t happen, this can be traced back to your poor commitment.

Or of course, the fact that you have not communicated enough with your deceased grandparents in a spiritual way. If I write it down that sounds very strange of course. Because what the hell do your grandparents (how much you appreciate them) have to do with your love life and whether you and your ex will get back together? Exactly! Nothing at all!

Example # 2: You didn’t start with voodoo

In the second example, we assume that you have not started using voodoo. Someone who does believe in voodoo will try to convince you that everything that happened because you didn’t get started with voodoo. But didn’t your life go so far (until your ex left you)? And then you didn’t use voodoo either.

It may be clear, the power of voodoo is just like with other religions: one pretends to have one big answer to all questions of life. And once you have occupied yourself sufficiently with this religion, you will naturally get swallowed up and start to believe in it.

That this works very well with emotionally vulnerable is therefore not very surprising.

It may be clear: I am convinced that white magic is definitely not going to help you get your ex back. However, that does not mean that you cannot do anything at all to get your ex back. There are even many different ways that do work to get your ex back. You can read about the best way to get your ex back in the following paragraph below.

How you can get your ex back — 7 tips

Tip # 1: Be honest about your problems

The first tip I want to give you when it comes to restoring your relationship with your ex is that you both have to be very honest about the problems that lie. Only if you actually identify the problem can you work together on a solution. Too often, couples try to ignore the inevitable for too long, but if you keep doing this it will be harmful to your relationship.

Therefore, be honest about where you perceive the pain points in your relationship. If you treat each other with respect, it will be a conversation that may be difficult to hold. However, it is essential to take steps forward in your mutual relationship.

Tip # 2: Give each other space

Having a relationship with someone can sometimes be very oppressive. If you just broke up, it’s good to ask yourself if you’ve given your ex enough space. Couples tend to do everything together.

A little space for yourself in its time, however, is also essential for a healthy relationship.

Giving each other space is not as hard as it may sound now. Just meet separately with your good friends or pick up a different hobby. By not seeing each other all the time, you also learn to enjoy the moments that you do see each other.

Tip # 3: Dare to be vulnerable

If there is one thing that often gets in the way of people repairing broken relationships, it is a misplaced sense of pride. Too often both ex-partners are extremely stiff and do not want to admit they are wrong. Sometimes they don’t even want to add water to the wine. If both stubbornly stick to their story, the chance of a recovery in the relationship is nil.

That is why it is very important that you dare to make yourself vulnerable. Be open to criticism from the other and simply state from yourself where you think you have dropped. With that, you also show your ex that you want and can change in the future.

Tip # 4: Set your relationship (or saving it) to 1

These days everyone is very busy with anything and everything. But if you are in the pit because your relationship has just ended, then it is important to get out of that pit as quickly as possible. You can only achieve this by giving top priority to restoring your relationship!

Tip # 5: Learn to appreciate yourself

Many people begin to doubt themselves enormously after a break with their partner. But little is as unattractive as someone who doubts himself. So convince yourself that you can really be there and that you are potentially just a very nice partner.

Tip # 6: Get closer to your ex

If you want reconciliation with your ex, you can’t just keep doing it remotely. Eventually, you will also have to get closer to your ex. Do this in a controlled way, because your ex is probably also going through a period that is emotionally very turbulent. But if you do not contact your ex, you know for sure that you will not succeed in your setup.

Tip # 7: Do not repeat

Last but not least one more tip: do not repeat. The cause of many breakups is routine. If you already know each other a little better, a kind of routine can creep into your relationship, which will immediately make your relationship less exciting. To prevent this, you should try new things. Start right away as soon as you have the first one with your ex.

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