He Broke Up With Me- 10 ThingsYou Can Do Now

he broke up with me image
he broke up with me image

He broke up with me, what can I do to get him back? Are you filled with emotions, and they have you under control instead of the other way around?

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He Broke Up With Me

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There are undoubtedly a lot of people around you. Who are kind to you. And tell you that everything will be alright.

Because when your lover broke up, it arouses sympathy for most people.

And luckily. Of course, you now have no need for mustaches.

But what I want to do in this article is to give you insight into what you absolutely must do if your friend broke up. There are quite a few pitfalls you can fall into.

Certainly, if you want your friend back, it is important to be aware of the mistakes you can make. But even if you have peace with it, this prevents you from unnecessarily getting yourself into trouble.

So hold on, we’ll start with the ten tips if your friend broke up with you.

Here it comes:


Until 100 years ago there was a very different way of thinking about heartache than today.

Now it’s very romantic about it. It is something that proves how beautiful love is, and you have to listen to your emotions.

But until 100 years ago, heartbreak was seen as a mental disorder.

This is because it disrupts your ratio, and you can no longer think clearly. Instead, you are filled with emotions, and they have you under control instead of the other way around.

Realize that what you feel is not the truth

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All thoughts and emotions that go through you are a trick of your head.

Because if your relationship goes out, there will be disturbances in your hormone levels and neurotransmitters.

Scientific researchers have compared this with the effects of cocaine addiction.

If you are in love and it is mutual, you are on a terrible “high”. But if your sweetheart leaves you, you lose it. And in such a case you have to withdraw.

At that moment, everything can handle you. Such as:

  • I will never find someone like him again.
  • I am the ugliest woman on earth.
  • He is probably in bed with my best friend now.
  • This was my last chance for true love.
  • The reason he broke up was that I was too kind to him.

And so I can go on and on.

What your brain is doing now

Your brain is trying to find an explanation for the unpleasant situation you are currently in.

But I have bad news: you will have to give this time. Less than you think, but longer than your head. As time goes by, it automatically decreases.

Do you want to know why?

And if you really have a hard time …

… remember that you cannot think clearly.

That will come back naturally if you give it a little time.

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You may think that if he broke up with me, you’ll never find love again.

And that if it doesn’t work out, no man will be willing to love you.

But of course, this is not true at all.

You are a very nice, strong and independent woman. Of course, there are enough men who will go for you.

And suppose I am wrong (which is impossible, but good) and you are very unkind …
… then there are millions of men around you.

If your friend breaks up, your self-confidence will get a blow

You no longer feel well because you think it is up to you.

Even though you are aware that there may be very different reasons, for example, that he has another …

… your brain will always look for an explanation for what happened to you.

Combined with the intense emotions of heartbreak this is a recipe for misery.

Instead, it is good to keep in mind that there will always be someone to love. Relationships go out on a daily basis, and all those people automatically find a new person.

So don’t worry: it will be all right. Provided you keep your head and don’t let yourself be driven by the intense emotions that you are feeling now.

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I have nothing against you wanting your ex. And that you secretly hope that it will turn out well.

There are also ways to get that done.

But before you take action …

… I want to make you aware that you should not do this if you have a lot of heartaches.

There is enough space to get your ex back. If you are patient and put the ball with him after he has finished it.

And there is also a way to zero the chance that you will get your ex back. That is by shooting in the “ex back” mode. And:

  • Call him crying ten times a day.
  • Standing in front of his door and banging on his door.
  • Get angry with him.
  • Set his friends against him.
  • Create emotional posts on Facebook.
  • Send him 15 photos with other boys via WhatsApp.

If you are desperate and sad, it is difficult to distinguish between what is smart and what is inspired by emotion.

So it’s better to wait until you of the shock. Only when you have gone through the nasty emotions can you carefully consider how you can get him back.

But do you realize this:

These are exactly the things that you will have to deal with when you have a heartache. So try to restrain yourself so that you don’t ruin it.

And wait before taking action until you are calm.


There is a simple fact that you should not overlook.

Most relationships go through a phase in which things are not going well for a while.
Most relationships even turn off and on again several times .

And you can forget this if you have heartache.

You think in absolute terms. As “It will never be alright.” and “He never wants to see me again.”

You have put his puppy on the market place, you have set fire to the duvet cover with his photo on it and you call your mother to tell you that you are moving to India to be as far away as possible from him.


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But if your ex broke up, it doesn’t mean that it stays that way statistically.

In fact: statistically, the chance is quite good that the weather will be fine.

That is why it is so important not to act impulsively. Because if you throw in all the stops and do everything to get it back, there is a good chance that you will do something wrong.

That in all your heartbreak you make a desperate impression. And this is anything but attractive for a man.

So be patient.

At the moment emotions run through your body.

They can vary from a general feeling of malaise …

… to deep depression and anger.

This is awful. Maybe you tend to sit on the couch all day and watch bad cartoons. And the only body activity that you get is a short walk to the fridge.

I don’t blame you. Love sorrows cut in quite a bit, and I am not immune to it either.But what I do know is that there is a simple method to transform these emotions into something that benefits you.


How you get positive emotions, develop a better body and keep your brain sharp

If they compare the results of antidepressants with exercise every day, then the exercise wins.

And this has a lot of other benefits besides the uplifting properties:

  • Exercise improves health . Especially running (not too much) and strength training.
  • You have something to distract you. The first ten minutes are annoying because you have to make your way to the gym. But once you are busy, you will see that it is better than expected.
  • It is impossible to feel bad (sad or angry) when you are completely focused on your favorite sport.
  • If you do it outdoors, it has many positive effects on your sleep and wake rhythm. Scientific research shows that this is disturbed in people who have heartache.
  • You get a more beautiful and stronger body. Men want a sporty and healthy woman. What men call “beautiful” is often no longer a collection of signals of what a woman who regularly sports looks like.

Your choice

You can choose:

  1. Or you stay on the couch and feel bad
  2. Or you go to the gym (or a class) and you are on the move.

I’m sure you will feel much better after that last option.

And that you can deal with the grief that you are currently dealing with much better.

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Yes, it’s hard.

And yes, I understand that there is great temptation to do one of the following:

  • Staring mindlessly in front of you with a bottle of wine on the couch.
  • Heartbreaking crying while your girlfriend says “It’s bad, it’s bad” on the phone.
  • Staying in bed while having “1,000 miles” on repeat.
  • Try to drink as much as possible, but find that you can’t go further than five glasses without falling asleep.

Escape from emotions

In all cases, you want to get rid of your emotions as quickly as possible. Or they are so intense that you can’t even think about escaping.

And you won’t hear me about that for the first few days to a week. That is part of the break-up.

So do what you have to do. Whether you want to empty Ben & Jerry’s bins, or one of your girlfriends spray her favorite sweaters with snot because you cry so hard.

But after that period, it’s time for a campaign.

You make an agreement with yourself that sadness comes to an end. And when the time is up, you choose to do something that distracts you or makes your life better. (And preferably both)

How to keep the emotions under control

Exercise is a good example of this, but you can’t do that all day. That is why I am giving even more ideas.

However, you will find that this does not always bring your emotions under control so that there is still a lot of pressure on the boiler.

If you find yourself in need of a Netflix marathon, or a cry of tears, you pick up your stopwatch again. Give yourself an hour, maybe one and a half, but no more.

And after that time you start doing things that are fun or useful.

This way you prevent yourself from getting stuck in your grief and your life stands still.

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If you get into a relationship with someone, chances are that this person will become the center of your universe.

Because you are very in love, you constantly want to spend time with the other person.

With the natural consequence that your other social contacts are somewhat neglected.

This is, of course, a huge waste.

Love is beautiful, but it is a shame if you have skipped your grandmother for a while on your visit. This also applies to other friends and acquaintances, who you started to see less because of your relationship.

And do you know what luck in an accident is when it is over?

That you can give all these people more time.

And scientific research shows that a strong family bond and social network ensure that people live longer and happier.

Time to quote this.

  • Go and visit people with whom you were close, but who were lost in your relationship.
  • Do not hesitate to meet new people, men too. Don’t be afraid of a man asks you to go on a first date with him, or have a one night stand with him. It’s over with your friends, and you can do whatever you want.
  • Take the initiative. Invite friends to a party at your home.
  • Talk to people in your area who you see a lot but don’t know well. Consider, for example, that nice colleague, or a separate fellow student.
  • When your relationship goes out, it can seem as if your social network is lost in one fell swoop. Because most people spend a lot of time with their partner, and that’s it.

The strongest need

When you are single again, it is important to immediately fill this time with other people. This way you prevent yourself from feeling very alone, and from there make the heartache stronger.

It is very good to satisfy your own needs before you even think about taking your friend back.

The social need is so strong that this is one of the first things you need to address. This is to prevent you from becoming confused.

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I mentioned it at the previous point …

… but you are free.

You no longer have a man waiting for you at home. And that offers unprecedented possibilities.

If you want to go out for a night with your friends, you will never get jealous text messages.

You don’t have to worry about a man behind you.

You decide how to celebrate your freedom

Even better: you can decide for yourself what to do with your life.

And what helps more when your husband broke up than celebrating that you don’t need him?

  • Take a nice massage. A need for touch is one of those things that arise when a relationship is over. Fortunately, there are professionals who can give you a better massage than your friend.
  • Go out for a nice walk with friends and drink a little too much sweet white wine.
  • Take that city trip or outing that you have always wanted to take, to the place where your friend did not want to go.
  • Be as entrepreneurial as possible. Do you have a goal at work or study that you couldn’t achieve before because you didn’t have the time? Don’t be afraid to start right away, and so distract yourself from what’s going on in your head.
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I know, I know.

Many women tend to keep a close eye on their ex via Facebook.

They want to see clues to check if he is cheating or if he has several girlfriends. Or they hope to see a photo of him sitting on the couch, crying, with a hug on his lap.

But they forget two things:

Thing 1: Every minute you spend on Facebook is a wasted minute.

Whether your friend posts or not, there are much nicer things to do in life than sitting at your computer and staring at his Facebook.

Thing 2: Facebook is not the truth.

Men don’t take it so closely with the truth, and certainly not on social media.

He will undoubtedly do or have done something that will make you angry if you search long enough. But it’s out right now, and keeping an eye on it is not something that will make your life better.

Do you really want more pressure on your emotional life?

If you find yourself unable to handle it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other media?

Then throw it off. Make sure you don’t think about him anymore, and that it disappears from your consciousness. That makes it much easier to focus on positive things.

If it’s just out, you probably don’t want to think about this.

It’s like when your guinea pig died before, and your mother said, “ We can go find a new one. A new Flappy. “

Whereupon you burst into tears and roared “But it’s not the real Flappiehiehie! I want him back! ”

  • But if mama had bought a new guinea pig …
  • … and the creature roamed uncomfortably across the kitchen table, just like guinea pigs do …
  • … and he pooped in your brother’s hands, making you laugh uncontrollably …
  • … then you suddenly no longer thought of Flappie 1, which at that time was nothing more than worm food.

Even though you shouldn’t think about it: dating another man can help.

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No, you don’t have to go to bed with him. Although there is nobody who forbids you.

But a few first dates can help you to feel attractive and wanted again.

Because your self-confidence has gotten a blow after the break-up. With a few fond words and men who want to work for you, you feel a lot better.

And if you are very lucky, there is a man among you who fits you better than you ever thought. Then why would you not see it again?

Everything is better than sitting in your living room and doing nothing.

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

Watch Video Here


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He Broke Up With Me- 10 Things You Can Do Now? by Theresa Alice

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