He Needs Space Will He Come Back?

he needs space will he come back picture
he needs space will he come back picture

Are you asking:” he needs space will he come back?” One of the main difficulties after a break-up is being dependent on the goodwill of your ex. You wait for him to make a decision to make yours.

You give him space, you show your understanding so as not to rush him. However, it has been several weeks, even months, that things have not changed. Whenever you ask questions the only answer you have is “I don’t know” or “give me some time”.

There are usually two behaviors that appear at this time. You can be addicted and give him all the time without saying anything and just wait for him to make up his decision, or you can ask too much and harass him. Obviously, as a love coach, I cannot let you choose between these two paths because they have no way out and will lead you to make mistakes. In fact, you need strong techniques if you want to move forward. You have to act and have convictions to overcome your ex’s doubts.

When we say to ourselves “My ex needs time”, we must not refrain from agreeing to it in turn or from doing nothing while waiting for his choice. Even if you don’t realize it now, you may also need some distance during this breakup. How long to give your ex? How to convince him to come back? What should be done during this period? It is to all these questions that I will answer in this article!

He Needs Space Will He Come Back?

My ex needs time should I give it to him?

This is the question that all of you are asking yourself while reading this article and the answer is simple: YES!

If your ex tells you or if he asks you for time, you should not refuse it. You are probably wondering why, quite simply because it is necessary not to create additional conflicts or to push him to cut off all contact. Although it is a difficult decision to accept, you cannot be too abrupt and not respond positively to his request to distance.

In most cases you want to keep your ex close to you for the wrong reasons, the fear of celibacy or love addiction is part of it, you do not try to solve the problems but to act as if they no longer exist or in any case to minimize them.

Contrary to what you may think, you too can take advantage of this distance, this distance to rebuild yourself and especially to put in place an essential job during the reconquest of love: understanding the breakup. If you follow my philosophy, if you watch my video you know that this is a crucial moment but that you cannot properly realize if you spend your time chasing your ex. This is the reason why you must give him time, not only because he needs it but also because it will necessarily be profitable for you too. You’ve broken up, so you don’t want to be too clingy and behave like you’re still a couple.

Why does your ex need to distance himself?

You love him, you had plans, you have a family where your respective families knew each other and yet the one who shared your life a few days/weeks ago asks to take a step back. This is usually an unexpected decision, which makes it even more difficult to accept. When you ask yourself “Why does my ex need time ?” There are different elements to consider in order to answer this.

First of all, a past that is too conflictual, can push him to want to breathe and therefore not to be with you on a daily basis or not to make a decision too quickly. If for months or years you ruined each other’s lives, cheated on them, or disrespected them, your ex is going to need to take a step back. As I explained to you, the distance can be beneficial for thinking and not rush!

You also have to accept the fact that your ex acts in this way precisely to avoid too many questions. Your ex has lived with you for a while, he knows you almost by heart. If you tend to ask a lot of questions, if you are too impulsive, he will tell himself that distance is the right solution to avoid harassment.

One can also find a more “positive” point in his sudden need for solitude after the breakup. Not wanting to hurt yourself. If the one you love decides to break up but spends all of their time with you it is going to break your heart for sure. In order not to be “too mean” or to give you false hopes, he preferred to be more radical.

How long to give my ex to think

To determine the exact length of time to give it, you must take into consideration the length of your relationship. You can imagine that if your relationship lasted 6 months, the time for reflection or the questions to ask yourself are much less important than if you have spent 15 years together and have several children together, because inevitably even if love is also strong, the consequences are not the same.

There are still some excesses, if your ex has been telling you for 3 or 4 months, “ I don’t know what to do ” you must act and this requires the establishment of an individualized action plan that we can establish during private and individualized coaching! It is important not to come back too early or too late because in winning back an ex every day is precious and can make a difference.

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He Needs Space Will He Come Back? by Theresa Alice

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