He Won’t Commit To a Relationship With Me — What Does He Has in Mind

he won’t commit to a relationship with me picture
he won’t commit to a relationship with me picture

Why he won’t commit to a relationship with me? You met a man who doesn’t want to commit. There is nothing strange. Indeed, it is very common, and normal.

It’s full of men who don’t want to commit.

Generally, men and women do not want to commit themselves, regardless, not only in romantic relationships.

I mean, wait, let’s explain.

People generally don’t like to commit.

Because commitment is hard work, responsibility, a mortgage, and an investment in the future.

Why, are we kidding?

In our life we already have many things to do, many of which we don’t like to do, but we have to do.

In addition, we live in a complex society and in a complex world, where it is true that everything is fluid and appears quite easy.

But it’s not that easy. In our daily life, we ​​are dominated by “things to do”, “tasks to be fulfilled”, rules — above all on the facade — to be respected, which we often feel overwhelmed.

These are small, unimportant things that, taken together, flood our mind and our day.

They are made on purpose, eh, to engulf us!

At the same time, it is not that the vast majority of humans are so enthusiastic about their life.

Many small efforts that make the days stressful and then, tighten very little satisfaction.

A lack of general satisfaction. Ugly, come on!

Then, in addition to all this, one must also commit to a relationship?

But for heaven’s sake! But for god’s sake!

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He Won’t Commit To a Relationship With Me

Beyond the strain of modern life, add the fact that committing is for people with attributes.

Stress or not, getting involved means taking responsibility, having plans, being sure of what you want.

Again, in all fields, not just relationships.

A life without commitments and responsibilities is much easier, like that of children up to six years old.

And it is quite evident that many, men and women, would like to live their entire lives as if they were six and in fact, they do.

Mamma Mia! How scary these people are!

But there is a but.

As is the dominant culture, it is still very typical that women, in relationships, are very keen to commit themselves, to pair up in an official and formal way, to do things seriously and with the hope of “forever”.

This feminine attitude, we well know, does great damage. To women. And it makes the comforts of men, even the most inconsistent.

Because in the anxiety and in the rush to find commitment, you make the wrong choices, get yourself into trouble, and engage in behaviors that make you anything but attractive.

Very well.

Indeed, not at all.

On the contrary, men, by attitude, by education, and above all by an age-old mentality, are resistant to commitment in relationships.

That is, they try to avoid it, postpone it, postpone it as much as possible.

Let’s be clear, not that men do not love life as a couple and above all, they do not like having a woman next to them that they consider their partner and whom they can trust and rely on, based on a mutual commitment.

But those who want a true and authentic life as a couple, a “serious story”, are emotionally healthy, balanced men and, it is necessary to use an obsolete and unpleasant word for most, mature people.

We quite agree that many men are not emotionally reliable, they are not balanced, they are not mature.

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When a man does not want to commit: what does he have in mind

Beyond varying levels of maturity and emotional reliability, most men have no desire to commit for most of their lives.

But why?

There are various reasons.

They love to fly from flower to flower, accumulating experiences, notches, achievements. Why stop on the first woman they meet with all the women in the world?

Note that this is often just a dream, a wish, and imagination. Many men would like to be Don Juan.

Very few are able to make all the conquests they want.

It’s not that easy. It takes courage and many other “strong” characteristics to be a great conqueror.

Although women often manage to transform even the last of the toads into Casanova’s twin brother.

Incidentally: ah, if women invested in themselves a penny of the resources they invest in men …

A man does not want to commit, very often because, unlike his partner, for him having a serious relationship is not really a priority, it is not an aspect that creates anxiety, it is not an irrepressible desire.

It is not a fundamental goal of existence.

If the average female is terrified of the idea and the possibility of being alone and sees it as real and terrifying, the average male has the certainty that when they decide, voila, a relationship and a woman finds it.

Think what a difference in perspective. Think if women changed perspective.

A man may not want to commit because he just doesn’t give a damn, he’s fine with that.

He even refuses to commit because it is better to use women than to love them. As long as they stay there and get screwed and he is able to seduce and tease them, why should he commit himself?

How boring to have a woman on your feet and always the same one, too!

Then there are those who don’t commit because they expect and expect to find something better.

There are those who do not commit themselves because they play on several tables, they keep their feet in two or more shoes.

Or a man does not commit himself because he has found a woman he likes and also a lot, but still not enough. So yes, it’s okay to be there, and how, but let’s not exaggerate. Let’s pull it long. Let’s get it stupid.

Then there is what is actually not ready, has not yet entered the order of ideas to commit.

It’s full of guys who will never be ready.

There is a type of man who does not commit himself because he is unable to look to the future, to imagine a tomorrow, to formulate a perspective or a project, for himself and for others.

His thoughts do not go beyond this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by people who are unable to have a long-term look, to consider that there is an after, that certain actions have consequences.

Human beings live in the present. Especially the not particularly bright ones.

And, alas, the majority are dull and sheep. It shines little or not at all. You know it, right?

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All right.

With the legions of men who don’t want to commit to marching the streets, let’s say one happens to you and you have a medium interest in him.

I say medium because it’s time to downsize and play down.

Let’s stop falling madly in love. Above all of all the first ones that pass.

We begin by considering men as non-essential to our life, survival, and happiness. A bit like they do with women.

Well. What are you doing in front of someone who doesn’t want to commit?

Put the “scarcity principle” into practice.

Any good becomes much more coveted if it is hardly available or if it is only available for a limited time, in a limited place.

Do you know the commercial offers by time and only for a few pieces? Here.

In summary, be less available. It’s not about being a bitch, about pulling it off, about being precious.

These are all nonsense.

Be less available. But not only towards a man who does not want to commit himself, not only towards men.

Be less available just as a lifestyle, mental attitude, attitude to the world.

In the face of a man who does not want to commit.

There is a drive called The Infatuation Instinct… And It evolved to channel all a man’s desire onto one particular woman.

According to a paper published in “Archives of Sexual Behavior” in 2014 by a team of researchers led by Dr. Helen Fischer…

“This passion is involuntary and uncontrollable” And creates an “inability to feel romantic passion for more than one person at a time”…

So not only is he irresistibly drawn to you, but he’s unable to even imagine having feelings for anyone else…

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