How Capricorn Man Express His Love?

how capricorn man express his love picture
how capricorn man express his love picture

Want to know how Capricorn man express his love? Capricorn lives feelings with seriousness and a sense of responsibility but under a calm appearance of self-control and self-control, hides a particular susceptibility due to excessive sensitivity.

It seems incredible but for this sign expressing emotion is equivalent to taking an exam: indeed, if it could, it would choose the latter! Due to the typical pessimism of the sign, Capricorn is afraid of loving not because they do not believe in feelings, but because they are aware that love stories can end.

This attitude stems from the fear of not being reciprocated, of being disappointed and abandoned: Saturn, the dominant planet of the sign, can represent the emotional loneliness that Capricorn could consciously choose to live in order to protect themselves from disappointments.

So, he spends his time convincing himself that he would live more peacefully without this strange disease called “love”: but just when he is discouraged and inevitably closed in on himself, those who force him to open the door of his heart arrive! In approaching a new love story, he acts with extreme caution and does not lose his balance unless he is more than sure of the seriousness and feelings of his partner.

In love, there are two typical Capricorn behaviors: he is able to live a feeling in silence without the interested party noticing it, or he is able to persist for years behind a troubled or impossible love and then, come out at the right moment. : because no sign knows how to wait as patiently as a Capricorn!

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How Capricorn Man Express His Love?

By nature distrustful and solitary, the couple’s relationship he prefers to establish is a closed type, sanctioned first by a rather long engagement period and then by marriage: cohabitation can only be accepted as a temporary condition. For Capricorn, the fundamental premise of love is fidelity.

In some cases, however, he can live a relationship out of ambition and economic interest, sharing the work of the partner. In situations of compromise, he prefers solitude but in contrast to this, he can have exceptional resistance to perpetuate a difficult story even in the awareness that it causes him suffering.

He is not interested in the modern couple: he prefers a traditionalist relationship. Fortunately, the more time passes, the more our Capricorn gains confidence and frees himself from the obsession with making mistakes, becoming more and more tender, affectionate, and in love. Considering that there are those in the Zodiac who take the opposite path, it is a point in their favor!

He is a loyal and passionate lover even if he struggles to show his affection. With the seriousness that characterizes him, he takes on all the responsibilities of the couple and never fails to keep his promises. He is a solid and reliable partner, certainly worthy of trust: it is difficult to go looking for the company of other women because he believes in fidelity and exclusive love for his partner.

Sometimes he can worry excessively about the economic aspect in which the couple navigates. On the negative, he is subject to authoritarianism and to impose his will in your choices: he can even go so far as to give you the impression that you cannot do anything without his invaluable help!

Capricorn’s jealousy stems from his need for respect. It is a zodiacal subject who gives confidence to the partner and in return demands absolute loyalty! For this sign, it is not tolerable that once an emotional relationship has been undertaken, a parallel love story can be experienced.

For this reason, jealousy is not the consequence of possessiveness but becomes the means to keep the partner’s love away from temptation. Capricorn is willing to keep the promise given if he receives the same treatment in return: it is not allowed to deviate from the path taken together if there has not been an effective separation in the couple due to compatibility problems.

Even after an eventual separation, it will be a long time before Capricorn can accept that the partner starts a new relationship!

There is a phrase that describes the sexual behavior of Capricorn well: man or woman, he has “the fire under the pack ice”. The apparently cold and detached behavior becomes more evident the greater the physical attraction towards the partner.

When, however, he gains confidence and becomes emotionally calm, there he explodes like a firework! However, sexuality is never disconnected from love: on the contrary, generally, the stronger the feeling of affection, the greater the involvement.

After the initial period of the relationship, Capricorn manages to get in tune with the partner, overcomes the limits of rationality, and abandons itself to passion. Eroticism and sensuality are very strong sexual attitudes in this sign.

So, it can surprise the partner with intense and bullying behaviors that he had not demonstrated in the first part of the acquaintance. The reason for this attitude lies in the fact that you can trust your partner more as the relationship strengthens: the more time passes the more, with regard to sex, your inhibitions and fears drop!

Although he has early sexual instincts, he tends to control his reactions until he really feels confident about his partner. Of a rather suspicious nature, he prefers not to get involved on an emotional and sexual level until he has rationally analyzed the situation: since sex is hardly satisfying as an end in itself, only when he is truly in love can he let himself go without creating problems. Let’s say it is a good guarantee for those who are seriously interested in our Capricorn! For one-night stand stories, better let it go!

The weak points of Capricorn are the knees and skin. Regarding the latter, home to one of the most important of the five senses, touch, it makes us understand how important prolonged caresses are: they help him to trust and let himself go! While the knees arouse in the native of the sign a curious fact: it would seem that he takes pleasure in seeing his partner kneeling …!

. You are tired of seeing men as so many flags in the wind: now you only want stability

. The sense of irony that goes on “heavy” doesn’t scare you.

. You want to marry him but above all his career!

But avoid it like the plague if … you want a man who doesn’t work overtime!

There are several valid tactics to win over a representative of the sign. What is certain is that you will not have to get discouraged if the conquest does not turn out to be immediate and easy: with a Capricorn, it takes a lot of patience and a pinch of joy that does not clash in the midst of such seriousness! That said, practice the behaviors that best suit your character and … good luck!

. Never be seen as too confident. The man of the sign is a shy man who would prefer to see you blush for a mistake, for a gaffe, or stammering because he would see his reflection! He would feel you closer to him by the character: trusting you, he would communicate his thoughts with greater tranquility.

. If you have a friend who knows him, you could ask him to make the necessary introductions, perhaps by clearly insisting on the presumed affinity of your characters: he would trust more, and you will certainly be able to communicate better!

. You can talk about work (Capricorn’s favorite topic) and how you intend to “make a career”: by demonstrating his own determination, he would gain respect for you! And then … he doesn’t like women who are not financially self-sufficient!

. More simply: try to ask him how his last holiday in the mountains went … as long as he is not too absorbed in his career commitments, he will have made one recently and you will tell him “who is wise prefers a quiet holiday, away from prying eyes that allow him to meditate on himself … I really appreciate those who choose less crowded places to relax “… because for a Capricorn it is comforting to find someone who finally understands and shares his search for solitude with” hermit-like “disappearances!

. If you like the sea, ask him to take you to a desert island! … It’s the only way to convince him!

. Show yourselves sincere. No comedies and constructed speeches: just be who you really are! If he realizes you are lying, he won’t trust you … and there won’t be a second time!

. With a lost and dreamy air, you declare to him that you have never been able to find a serious man who could give you the security you are looking for. It always works!

Never like in any other sign of the zodiac, marriage is experienced as an “investment”: to make such an important decision it must have logical reasons in which feeling has nothing to do with it! It’s not that you don’t love your partner: he just needs to see the usefulness of this “step” which will have to last for the rest of his life!

Convince him by comparing marriage to an annuity: show him that you will divide the costs, that you can buy a more spacious house, that you will combine your salaries in unison! … seeing the practical benefits, he will not be able to refuse!

Don’t expect to marry a Capricorn man after a few months of relationship! Unless he has a fiery Ascendant, it will take a few years before he abruptly declares you are standing at the altar the next day!

Exhausted by years of waiting, you will not believe your ears and you will say yes by wearing the gray suit you have in your closet and informing your closest friends at the last minute! Once married, he is ready to honor his commitments seriously.

He feels invested with an important office, that of the head of the family: he knows he has committed himself with a “life-long” perspective, and for this reason, he behaves with a great sense of responsibility.

He knows he has many obligations and duties: with regard to rights, he reserves the role of commander! Rather authoritarian, it is virtually impossible to make him change his mind: on the other hand, he knows how to give his wife and children economic security. As for emotional impulses, adaptation efforts, and changes … it is better to let it go!

Seriousness, rationality, and honesty are the cornerstones of his character. If he understands that you esteem and appreciate him for how he is, not for how he should be (for his particular character, the Capricorn man often finds those who would like to change him!) He will be deeply grateful, as well as trusting more and finally believing that he can build a solid couple with you, determined to last over time! Here are some tips to “hold”

. Show patience and persistence. Never change programs suddenly or make you see indecisive even in the choice of a simple item of clothing: you would make his blood boil … although he can wait for you with a “patient” air outside the shop!

. You need to be sure of your feelings. Never put a flea in his ear with phrases like: “I’m not sure I love you enough. Who knows if tomorrow …” Terrified, he might even run away!

. Use “work” as an excuse to spend more time with him: whether you talk about his projects or ask him for advice for yours … in short, it is the only way to be a little more together during the weekdays without considering it a waste of time.

. Travel should preferably be business too! Unleash your imagination: find more or less evident links between that place you intend to visit and his profession (or yours, because for professional purposes, he will be happy to accompany you!)

. Rather than words, favor passionate and “enchanted” gazes, as if you were looking at a Greek statue!

. If he offends you (it will often happen because he is gruff) avoid arguing and arguing! Without saying anything, leave the battlefield as a retreating army would do: once left alone, he will feel guilty and he will apologize in a slightly awkward but sincere way!

. Be honest: it will have many defects, but it has a very important quality which is the honesty of mind! (Better to specify, because about business and politics ….)

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