How to Attract a Leo Man — 5 Powerful Tips

how to attract a leo man image
how to attract a leo man image

Do you want to know how to attract a Leo man? Leo is very confident and strong and loves to be the center of attention. This is exactly why Leos have lots of friends. They possess a truly good and healthy humorousness; they do not like to offend and humiliate people.

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At times due to too much self-confidence, he may appear arrogant and inaccessible. But he’ll respect you should you deserve his respect by your actions.

Leos requires somebody strong, yet still, sensitive enough individual to settle him down. He’’ radiates’’ with positive energy and for that reason, he is popular among his family and friends. Because of this, Leo is predestined to become a leader.

Attracting a Leo man

A Leo man is very desirable and a lot of ladies find him very attractive. You have to be very special to attract him because the competition is quite big. A Leo man is very passionate and he does not like to hide his feelings.

Despite the fact that a Leo guy at times can be quite egoistic, he does not want to be alone. He requires a trustworthy and strong companion, who’ll commit to him. A Leo man really wants to see the results of his hard work to attract you and you should show it to him that you are happy in every way.

Advice to attract a Leo man

Because a Leo man carries a very strong personality, he desires somebody much like him by his side. You need to show decisiveness before this guy and be prepared to defend your attitude. He loves attractive females with a strong character, not some crying baby. For anyone who is emotional and cries for every little thing, she should better forget about him. He simply will not be into you.

However, if you’re emotional, yet still have a strong personality, you could possibly be the right match for a Leo guy. When Leo man is in love, he can transform from a lion to a kitten before you know it. This is when he wishes you to show him your feelings. A Leo guy loves to be in charge, however that does not imply he wants an inferior companion. If you wish to attract a Leo man and want him to be committed to you, you’ve got to be equal or otherwise, nearly equal to him.

How to Attract a Leo Man

1. He’s the most wonderful man in the world
If you can make him feel that, in our eyes, he’s the most wonderful man in the world, then Attracting a Leo man can be quite easy.

You can be as clear and obvious as you desire. Just continue giving him praise and compliments. He’ll lap it all up with pleasure and keep coming back for more.

2. Be prepared to let him take the lead
You have to permit him to play the conventionally dominant masculine role because the Leo man is an alpha male of the first order. In order to attract him, be prepared to let him take the lead. He desires to be the person to do the asking out, arranges things, and be in charge of the relationship in general. So, do not tell him what to do.

By accepting his ideas, going along with his suggestions, you’ll win Leo’s affection with less effort. Obviously, this all indicates you will unavoidably need to take a bit of a backseat in the relationship.

3. Look like you are having a good time
For the reason that Leo man loves to party, you need to make him feel you’re good fun to hang out with. This will improve your chances of capturing his heart. Getting playful, laugh a lot, and constantly appear as if you are having a good time can make him want you as a companion.

Behaving too serious, frequently complaining, will make him lose interest.

On the other hand, do not make the mistake of competing with him for attention. He will adore you a lot more when you give him the opportunity to show off a bit.

4. Show him he is the # 1 consideration
The attraction rating with a Leo guy is directly relative to the amount of affection and devotion you are willing to offer him. He will love you should you be the one that is always there to console him when the world has been giving him a difficult time.

Make it apparent he is the # 1 consideration in your life by providing him your undeniable loyalty, and you will have a much better opportunity of winning his love

5. Making him a bit jealous
A Leo man is seeking a one-man woman and is turned off if he feels you are the unfaithful kind. However that said, he will be more drawn to you should you drop a few hints there might be a few other competitors for your affection.

The very thought of a little bit of competition will assist to inflame his passion making him fight all the way to win your love. Do not take it too far though, making him very jealous, or you will release a flood of anger which is difficult to contain.

How to Attract a Leo Man — 5 Powerful Tips by Theresa Alice

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