How to Attract an Aquarius Man — Step By Step

how to attract an aquarius man image
how to attract an aquarius man image

Want to know how to attract an Aquarius man? You found a man whose zodiac sign is Aquarius (Aquarius)? He is probably super creative, dynamic and comfortable. No wonder you like him! Would you like to control his challenging personality and determine if you’re able to sail for the wind with him? Then here is a detailed listing of the characteristics of someone born between 20 January and 18 February — Aquarius, the water bearer.

If I could show you a way on How To Catch And Keep An Aquarius Man…, Even If You’re Not ‘Perfectly’ Compatible, would you follow my advice?

Step By Step On How to Attract an Aquarius Man


Take the first steps

  1. Try to become friends first. Aquarius is not interested in an empty-headed doll who is clearly out to start a relationship. They want something more interesting. Something that is more dynamic. Going for it all at once is not enough. Take it easy, show him you’re worth his time and try to befriend each other first.
  2. Your goal is to be a friend who stands out. Aquarians want something special. Something that fascinates them. They know better than to judge a book by its cover, so they want to read you first. Immerse them in your story.
  3. Appreciate his spirit. The Aquarius is someone overflowing with creativity. Whether with a camera or a brush, it is packed with vision and drive. His entire life has moved off the beaten path and he is usually on a different wavelength compared to others. When you let him know that you understand it and appreciate it, then you are miles ahead of the others who just smile and nod yes. He will love it.
  4. Ask him questions! Get curious about what he’s doing. Does he write a number? Does he turn his basement into a real spyhole? Does he make paintings on the wall on the side of the school? Show interest! And if you can add something to that with your own skills, so much the better.
  5. Show your intellect. This is by far the strongest aphrodisiac for an Aquarius. Nothing beats a lively conversation about culture and future opportunities to get this sign excited. He knows he’s smart, and he’d love to talk to someone who’s got it all right up there too!
  6. Aquarians are interested in just about everything. So don’t worry about what you can say to impress him. Whatever your passion, it will fascinate him. He will love to see your zest for life.
  7. Call on his eccentric side. Because he feels a bit different from everyone else, he can occasionally feel a bit abnormal. Show him that you love his eccentric side — and it’s something you bond with! Be unusual. Original. Do your own thing. How can you better stand out?
  8. When it comes to you, do your own thing. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Listen to your promptings. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate, be too demure or too different. Who wants to be mediocre now?
  9. Don’t sit on top of it. Aquarians crave freedom and independence. If you push yourself too strongly, it will disappear before you know it. He does not like emotions and is sticky/desperate/intense, he does not find it attractive. That is why it is so important to be friendly with each other first!
  10. Let him know that you are relaxed and casual. Show that you are separate from everything. You don’t think it’s such a big deal. That lack of stress and drama is something Aquarians are definitely drawn to. That way he knows that you don’t overreact if he asks you out.
  11. Imagine a nice, not serious relationship first. In general, it is quite difficult to curb an Aquarius, at least in the beginning. They don’t like to talk about labels or to be cornered. If you take it slowly and don’t put pressure on the relationship, it will last much, much longer.
  12. Your relationship, especially in the early stages, will mainly be about enjoying each other’s company and having fun. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to run straight to church after 5 dates to get married, take a step back. There will be enough time for that later.


Building a relationship

  1. Keep it surprising. Curious about everything, Aquarius loves surprises. He loves to learn, the love experience, loves to do things — he loves to enjoy life to the fullest. A lively, satisfying relationship is one that makes his brain work, curious about what’s around the corner. So surprise him!
  2. Don’t be afraid of the shock factor. It’s almost not possible to surprise him, therefore convert it into an individual challenge to accomplish it! Suggest doing crazy things — anyone fancies a chocolate-covered locust?
  3. Talk about everything. Aquarians are generally an open book. They have no reluctance to talk about even the most controversial topics. Talk about politics, the news, morals, and ethics — whatever it is, they’ll pick it up and run with it. The more things you can talk about together, the better!
  4. Don’t worry about breaking down their principles. They love to hear the opinions of others, even if they disagree. As long as you have an opinion and a reason to support it, they will respect what you have to say. As far as this sign is concerned, they are among the best, most diplomatic debaters and interlocutors.
  5. Do creative things together. Remember when we talked about Aquarius' creativity? Do this together! Although you both absolutely need your own hobbies, it is good to join forces for part of your free time. Whether it’s pottery, designing a website or planning a trip, your relationship will grow much stronger if you have projects to work on.
  6. One of the benefits of dating an Aquarius? They can teach you something. If you don’t know anything about photography, playing the piano or whatever it is that your Aquarius is good at, let him teach you about it. Eventually you will be able to stand on your own two feet, but meanwhile you let him put his arms around you when you press the buttons together or sit behind the piano.
  7. Use reason and logic, not emotions. Aquarius is a sign that resonates most strongly in the brain. His heart is not something he often speaks — at least not on his own. If you want to bond with him, use reasoning and logic. Don’t start with tears, accusations or other emotional blackmail to get your way. It does not work. But perhaps a solid argument!
  8. If you are arguing, explain in the most reasonable way how you feel. Take some distance from yourself and adopt a more objective attitude. Instead of saying, “Oh damn !! Why did you use the last toilet paper without telling me it’s gone ?!” you say, “It was very inconvenient to run out of toilet paper and it wouldn’t have happened if you told me.” He will respond more directly to this.
  9. Know that he can display avoidant behavior. This is how things are with Aquarians: because they don’t like emotions very much, they can react quite upset if they do. So if your husband is a bit avoidant or nervous, this could be an indication that his feelings are getting too strong for him. When this happens, think about this fact again — or else the relationship will soon break up.
  10. All you can really do is talk about it. Don’t jump to conclusions and be as tactful as possible. A simple, “Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve been doing differently lately” may be enough for him to vent his heart. And make sure you don’t overreact!

Part 3


  1. Know that he is an Air sign. It doesn’t take higher math to figure out what that means: An Aquarius is like the wind — he flows freely, then here, then there. Sometimes ferocious, sometimes calm, but always busy with his own thing. To match this water carrier, you will have to grant it its independence.
  2. This in no way means that he will not be loyal or loyal. That has nothing to do with it. It simply means that he must have the feeling of being himself and free to do what he wants. Trust that the “what he wants” part is a friend’s behavior as it should be!
  3. Be yourself. Sometimes you would almost swear that your Aquarius alter ego is Holden Caulfield — he absolutely can’t stand people pretending. He will look right through you if you hide something from yourself or try to keep an image high, so don’t do it. Relax. Know that he is only interested in you.
  4. Always be honest. Honesty and sincerity are essential for anyone who wants to have a steady relationship with this dynamic personality. When it comes to love, the most suitable people are those who are not deterred by the directness and honesty of the Aquarius. Open, communicative, creative, and willing to take risks are all qualities that go well with the way this sign views life.
  5. Do not get too charged on an emotional level. He really does not like drama. The point is not that he doesn’t care about you, but that he doesn’t like a theatrical way of doing things.
  6. Likewise, he probably won’t respond very emotionally to anything, both positive and negative. So if you think he’s going to be very excited about something, know that he is deep down, but just doesn’t show it.4
  7. Be open-minded. Your husband is completely open to everything that life has to offer, all opinions and all philosophies of life. He dares to have an opinion and tries not to keep others close, he looks at everything. It could come in handy to be open-minded yourself! At least for those moments when he is sitting at the table with a rampant man and he does not budge.
  8. You will also need to be open to all its eccentric properties. Where most people might find him strange, your open outlook will make him sympathetic. You realize that there is nothing ordinary about it, but something unique and original — two amazing features!5
  9. Go with the flow. A relationship with an Aquarius can be very interesting, absolutely. Since you’re not putting too much pressure on him, it’s important to just hold on tight and see where it leads you. Let yourself be carried away by the wind, wherever it may blow. If he wants to be serious, you know it. And you can also decide if you want to be serious.
  10. Some people find it difficult to give this degree of control to others. Don’t think about it! You just enjoy yourself. You both have fun. Why should that stop? Don’t worry about the long run. He doesn’t do that either! After all, you only have today. So enjoy and have fun, and have fun together with your dynamic, fascinating and intriguing water carrier.


  • Aquarians are good at observing and reasoning. You will not easily find them dreaming, living in a fantasy world when it comes to love.
  • An Aquarius best suits the communicative Gemini, the extroverted Libra or any other Aquarius.

If I could show you a way on How To Catch And Keep An Aquarius Man…, Even If You’re Not ‘Perfectly’ Compatible, would you follow my advice?

How to Attract an Aquarius Man by Theresa Alice

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