How to Deal With an Aquarius Man That is Distancing?

how to deal with an Aquarius man that is distancing image
how to deal with an Aquarius man that is distancing image

Wondering how to deal with an Aquarius man that is distancing? Possibly things were going fine in the beginning, however, right now he is cold and withdrawn concerning you. No matter the reason, continue reading for a few important guidelines which can help you handle a distant Aquarius guy.

Learn How to get an Aquarius man to stop ignoring you when you demand his attention? What to do with his “war of words” that could make or break your chances…

How to Deal With an Aquarius Man That is Distancing?

Sometimes it is because he has something going on in his life which has absolutely nothing to do with you. At times when he is not ready to discuss his personal thing, he’ll withdraw, he’ll hold back information and will appear as if he is keeping secrets.

It isn’t that he really wants to hurt you, but he is not yet close enough to you to open up and talk about it, he’ll have a tendency to withdraw for some time, therefore, he can deal with his problems.

Usually, when this occurs, he will come back around and say sorry to you about his lack of attention, and he will explain it to you. Aquarius guy is quite independent and thus he wants to take care of his problems.

An Aquarius man will respond badly to a girl who’s pressuring him to spend more time with her, to commit or more…He will feel that he has no more personal freedom because he loves personal freedom more than anything else.

Sometimes an Aquarius man wants to do his own thing, in his timing, and in his way. Therefore, he will want to have time without you or anyone else. If he feels that he doesn’t have the freedom he needs, he’ll pull a disappearing act by not calling, texting, and will appear as if he is not returning. When he cares, he’ll be back again.

In case you are spending a lot of time together, then you can have some time apart for the advantage of your healthy developing relationship.

He will be thankful, and he will use that time productively therefore not feeling as if he needs to pull away and drop contact with you.

You might have done something that or said something you aren’t even conscious of. This makes him withdraw and then try to think things over. He might not want any kind of contact with you when he does this, therefore you will cope with a distant Aquarius guy.

But then, he may, at this stage, determine that he is done and withdraw completely. Sooner or later, he will let you know why but sadly, he isn’t going to provide that information immediately.

He’ll want to provide himself some time to be sure of his choice and determine what he needs to do from that point. During this period, you’ll likely make an effort to text him or call him up, and you discover him to be unresponsive.

He understands that he can’t speak to you when his thoughts is not right. In case he determines you aren’t right for him, he’ll assess the relationship. As a result, you will either hear from him and informing you what’s happening or perhaps he will disappear forever without any word.

If you have tried out for months to contact him, it should be time to let him go since if he goes that long, he isn’t prepared to return back.

Make an effort to text him 2 or 3 times weekly and then leave it alone. In the event you still get no reply after a couple of months, you may move on.

If he responds, however, is short in what he says, he most likely still cares about you but is still attempting to figure things out. Provide him with a little more time. If after several months you still have no solution, you will need to face him and ask him.

Overall, those are the most usual factors that an Aquarius man goes away and distances himself in a relationship. Try to learn to understand his unusual ways of expressing his needs, desires, and feelings so you speak his language and talk directly to his heart.

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