How to Get My Ex Back From a Rebound Relationship?

how to get my ex back from a rebound relationship image
how to get my ex back from a rebound relationship image

Wondering how to get my ex back from a rebound relationship? Your relationship with your (current ex-) partner broke up, and you were in a bad bag for a while. You really missed having a relationship. That’s why you quickly searched and found a new partner, although he/she might not be a perfect fit for you. This is also called a ‘rebound relationship’: a relationship that you start just after a break-up, without actually falling in love.

You now realize that too: your current partner is nothing compared to your ex. Actually you shouldn’t have started a rebound relationship, but it’s too late now. Now only one question haunts you: how do I get my ex back? In this article, I give you 7 golden tips to get your ex back after a rebound relationship!

How to Get My Ex Back From a Rebound Relationship?

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Tip 1: First end your rebound relationship neatly
Tip 2: Allow yourself time to think
Tip 3: Work on yourself in your own time
Tip 4: Contact your ex again
Tip 5: Talk to your ex about your rebound
Tip 6: Admit you learned from the situation
Tip 7: Keep meeting with your ex and show your interest

Tip 1: First end your rebound relationship neatly

Before you can get back to your ex, you have to be single. You are currently in a rebound relationship, but you actually want your ex back. It is therefore important that you first end your rebound relationship in a neat way.

You don’t want to go back to your ex and have an angry new ex.

Of course, it is not wise to say that your current partner is just a rebound, and you were only together because you felt lonely. This unnecessarily hurts his or her feelings. It is better to explain in another way that this relationship is not what you imagined.

You shouldn’t have had this rebound relationship for very long. It is therefore not surprising to say that you do not like the relationship in the long term. Not all people are destined to be together for a long time. Of course, it remains very annoying to have to disappoint the other person, but then you can still do it nicely.

I advise you not to stay too close to your rebound relationship. When he or she finds out later that you are doing your best to get back to your ex, you can still hassle with it. It’s okay to keep in touch, but don’t stay best friends. This will prevent your rebound relationship from becoming jealous of your ex later.

Tip 2: Allow yourself time to think

Your time as a single person probably did not last long: chances are that you already had a rebound relationship shortly after the break-up. In other words, you have been with a partner for a long time. This can sometimes confuse your thoughts. You become so used to having a relationship that you can no longer be well alone.

This may sound strange, but being alone is basically art in itself. It is probably also the reason that you have started a rebound relationship at all. You secretly weren’t in love with the other person at all, but you just couldn’t stand the idea of ​​being alone anymore.

That is precisely why it is important to take time for yourself now.

By really planning some time for yourself now, you can get your thoughts in order. Consider the following questions:

-What did you really miss about your ex?
-Was it his or her personality, or more the feeling that you could always get your egg off someone?
-Do you really want your ex back, or could your rebound relationship just not meet your expectations?
-Isn’t it good to just be alone for a while?

By answering these kinds of questions for yourself, you will get a much better overview of what you are missing. In addition, it is also just good for you to be alone. You have to learn how to be alone with yourself anyway, to be happy with someone else too. Take about a month to do this. Do you still want your ex back afterward? Then look further!

Tip 3: Work on yourself in your own time

‘Working on yourself’ is, of course, a broad concept. This is a tip that works differently for everyone. I can’t tell you exactly what to do to work on yourself. Think about that for yourself: what would you like to improve? Is there another hobby you would like to take up? Do you want to exercise more? Or maybe you want to become a bit more confident?

Now is the right time to undertake this type of activity! First, you have more time because you are not in a relationship. So you can do whatever you want without taking anyone into account. Secondly, the knife also cuts on both sides. Not only will you be happier by working on yourself, but you will also be more attractive to your ex!

So working on yourself is also working on your future relationship.

In addition, it does not hurt to buy a new wardrobe or go to the hairdresser. As long as you ensure that you feel comfortable, you will appear much more positive to your ex. This is going to greatly increase your chance of getting him or her back. So make good use of your ‘me time’!

Tip 4: Contact your ex again

The time has come: you’ve been on your own for a while, and you’re still sure you want your ex back. You have worked on yourself and are more confident than ever. Now it is time to contact your ex again. After all, if you don’t talk to your ex, you can’t get him or her back!

This can be done very simply via WhatsApp. Maybe you still had contact with your ex via WhatsApp, maybe not. Either way, it never hurts to send a text message. For example, think of:

Hey, haven’t spoken for a long time, how are you?
Hey, are you all right? I was curious how you were doing
Hey! I recently did X ( name something you used to do to your ex ) and suddenly had to think about you, how is it?

With these innocent questions, you can start a conversation again. You do not show at all that you want your ex back, and that is exactly what you should do. Just catch up first, as friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Then you can propose to make an appointment. Talking via WhatsApp is fun and nice, but you will not get him or her back. Therefore, suggest having a drink on a terrace or have a coffee somewhere soon. Such an accessible proposal works best to get your ex with you, without it seeming too serious.

Tip 5: Talk to your ex about your rebound

You can’t avoid it on a date with your ex: someday you will have to discuss your rebound relationship. First of all, you have to make it clear to your ex that you are available again, that goes without saying. It is also important that you clear your ex explain how it was with your rebound relationship.

The Chances are high that your ex also was upset when they heard about your new relationship. It’s not nice to hear that your ex is already over the breakup while you are still in tears. You know you weren’t over the break at all, but your ex doesn’t know that yet.

Therefore, explain why you now realize that the rebound was not a good idea. Tell your ex that you really didn’t want to be alone and that’s why you started a new relationship. You liked him or her at first, but it was not enough to build a stable relationship. That is why you have now decided to put an end to it.

Finally, it is important to never talk angry or derogatory about your rebound partner. You are the one who considered it a rebound relationship; the other probably not. So don’t dismiss that person as “he/she was just a rebound”, but admit you were wrong. That makes you a lot more responsible and mature.

Tip 6: Admit you learned from the situation

It is also important to make it clear that you have learned from this. You now know that it is not smart to immediately go after someone else just after a break-up. Also, explain that it had nothing to do with your ex and that you weren’t already in love during your relationship. This is one of the thoughts your ex probably had — you have to talk it out of his / her head!

In a situation like this, you should make it clear to your ex that you have learned from it. You know it is unwise to immediately plunge into a new relationship. You may also regret how the break-up with your ex went.

By admitting things like this, you show that you have grown as a person.

The person who admits his or her mistakes is an adult. That is one of the best impressions you can make with your ex. In a break-up, there are often only losers and there are often long-term arguments and hassle. By being above the situation and admitting your mistakes or shortcomings, your ex is more likely to want to get back to you.

Consider: would you return to someone who only blames others? Or someone who dares to take his own responsibility? That first person is probably not a reliable partner for the future; the second is. The second person will no longer make the same mistakes as before.

Tip 7: Keep meeting with your ex and show your interest

On your ‘first date’ with your ex, it is not smart to make all your intentions clear. That will only scare your ex off and achieve the opposite of what you want. Therefore, keep the boat off for a while. It’s smart to be nice and interested in your ex first. This way you create a positive atmosphere between you in which it becomes easier to get him/her back.

After this first date, suggest doing something again soon. This can be a bit more ‘intimate’, such as cooking together or taking a walk somewhere. You do want to get close to your ex fairly soon. If you wait too long, the chances of getting into the friendzone are even greater.

You have to find a good balance between being hasty and being too expectant.

You can subtly express your interest by making occasional references to your previous relationship. For example, consider:

“Gosh, remember when we had taken this trip together, I thought that was so fantastic”

“Remember when we always ordered pizza and watched for hours on end while we had deep conversations?”

“I sometimes think about that time when we slept long and didn’t have to do anything together”

This way you make your ex think of you in a positive way. He or she thinks: yes, indeed, that relationship was not that bad after all. It’s psychologically smart to get your ex to think more positively about you this way.

Also, don’t be too shy to get physically intimate with your ex. You know what your ex likes, maybe a hand on her knee or an arm around his shoulder. The physical connection is at least as important to get your ex back. With these tips, you should certainly succeed!

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