How to Get Over Your Ex — 14 Simple Steps

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Looking for information on how to get over your ex? In this article you will learn:

  • The answer to the question of whether or not it is wise to date a new man if you have not forgotten the previous one.
  • The best way is to get the stress out of a break-up out of your body.
  • How you deal once and for all with the ex you can never forget.
  • Who are your best friends in times of heartbreak, and who is best to avoid?
  • What becoming ambitious has to do with releasing your ex.
  • Why it is not superficial to spend a lot of time looking at your appearance.
  • And much more…

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It takes some people a long time to get over their ex

I know a boy who had his last girlfriend ten years ago. That girl was, to say the least, not a very nice one.

She cheated on him and broke his heart.

And it did not stop at 1 time ….

Relationships go out

Entering into a relationship is really cool … There is only 1 disadvantage:

Sometimes a relationship goes out.

And maybe that’s the hardest part.

There are different ways to deal with it. And if I may believe my mailbox, there are many of my readers who suffer from “a typical case of choice stress.”

They don’t know how to deal with the loss of their ex. They feel bad, cannot put him out of their heads and are therefore not open to new love.

And then their question is:

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“What can I do about this?”

That is why I am going to answer that in this article.

That boy, whom I just mentioned, can also use a lesson.

It is a very smart guest. And he looks like a male model. Blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular. He is not short of attention from the opposite sex.

Only the break-up of 10 years ago made such an impression on him that he can’t do anything with that attention …

It has hurt him so much that he doesn’t dare anymore.

Until I taught him some secret tricks to get over his ex

I understand that it has hurt him a lot, just as I understand when your break-up is still fresh in your memory.

Only ten years? Come on!

Life is too good to feel bad for ten years about something you can’t change. And think of all the beautiful people you reject, purely because your heart still hurts.

Bit of a shame, right?

I like him, but the fact that his self-esteem had put such a blow on him didn’t make it any more pleasant.

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A step-by-step plan for dealing with your break-up

So then I gave him the step-by-step plan that I normally only share with the men I coach.

That is different from the step-by-step plan that you will find below. That is in fact intended for women.

A few months later I spoke to him again, and he had become a different person:

  • Positive;
  • Stronger;
  • And besides: he had a very nice woman with whom he was dating.

I’m happy about that. Because that boy has a heart of gold. And he will soon make a certain woman overjoyed in a new relationship.

That’s how I feel good about helping a friend.

Successful, loved by his friends and cheerful — unless he has to think about his ex


This boy really wasn’t a weak bite, and he actually did very well in his life.

He has just had bad luck once and that has greatly influenced him for years.

I think that’s unnecessary. He is no different than you or me. If he had known these tips before, he would have been quicker.

And if you’re dealing with a break-up right now, or have had one, but still can’t forget your ex …

… then below is the step-by-step plan with which you can deal with those nasty feelings once and for all. So that you can find happiness in love again.

Before you start the 14 steps:

Step 1: Be patient

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My knowledge, which after 10 years still suffered from its break-up, is an exception.

Most people get over it faster. Much faster.

American research shows that students usually expect not to have passed their ex three months after a break-up. But after three months the majority just feel right again.

That’s funny!

It is not smart to get excited if you haven’t forgotten him

… so if your ex isn’t out that long.

Remove a little pressure from the boiler. There is no reason to chase yourself.

But does it take much longer for you? Did it go out a while ago and have you still not been able to release it?

Then the question is what the people in the study did differently from you.

I think I will answer that in this step-by-step plan. The most important is the next step:

Step 2: Choose to do it faster

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I’m not a magician. I can’t undo what happened between you and your ex. With a sweep of my magic wand, I can’t make it disappear from your memory.

And that would be a shame:

He has, after all, been part of your life.

But he is no longer that now. And I can help you with that transition to a life without your ex.

For that, of course, I need your full commitment.

If you wait long enough, you will automatically forget it.

Do you want to do it faster and prefer to let it go today? Then it takes effort

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That means that you have to consciously choose to stand in the mud with your legs.

You have to put your shoulders under it.

See it this way:

If you have a lot of problems with it, you can still sniff on the couch for a few years with a paper tissue. Or you can decide now:

“OK, this is a bad situation, but I’m going to make the best of it. I’m going to make sure that I end up here as a happier and better person. Even though I can’t get my ex out of my mind, I’m going to work hard for it. ”

If you make that decision, you will succeed

In fact, it goes much faster than you wait until it passes.

See it this way:

If someone is going to diet he or she can get a few pounds off on pure willpower alone. But when the first enthusiasm has run out and the occasional “smuggling” to “stuffing themselves with cookies and fried Marches”

… then that fat will be back in no time.

This is also the case with your ex …

You can take a good step in the beginning so that the vulture is out of your neck for a while. But if after a month you “start to doubt” he jumps on your back again, and you start all over again.

That is why it is important that you decide now whether you want to release your ex, yes or no

Because I do something, I do it well:

I’m not a Crazy Henkie who first doesn’t eat for two weeks and then only popsicles. I make sure that I always eat healthily — at least 90% of the time. That is much better for you in the long run.

And I recommend the same to you in this step-by-step plan.

Release your ex? That is forever. You do that once, and then it’s done. So you make a decision to settle your ex’s forever.

If you want, go to the next step.

Step 3: Realize that he did not go 100% for you

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There are two options:

  1. He broke up.
  2. You broke up.

In the first case, he thought it was enough, and he was no longer interested in you. I know how loud it sounds, but I still say it so that it penetrates well.

In the second case, he did not meet your own standards when it came to what he could give you. In this case, he could not offer you what you were looking for.

What does this mean?

You don’t fit together anyway

I sincerely believe that every woman — and every man by the way — deserves a partner that fits her 100%. Someone who is there for her, someone who carries her.

If your ex dumped you, or you let him go, there was a good reason for this.

The most important? He wasn’t good enough.

Please tie that in your handkerchief. And then ask yourself the following questions:

“Do I want to be with someone who doesn’t go 100% for me?” “Do I want to be with someone who can’t give me what I need?”

I hope you have answered both questions with “no” .

Is that the case? Then you can continue with:

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Step 4: Express your emotions

We have therefore established empirically that you and your ex do not match. He wasn’t good enough. And you are ready to forget him.

But if you haven’t succeeded so far …

… and you have trouble releasing it …

… means that he has meant a lot of positive things in your life.

And that is beautiful …

If you wanted nothing to do with him for 100%, you no longer thought of him.

There is a reason why that sneaky sneak in your mind:

You have probably also had good times. Or maybe he was always a jerk, but did you open yourself up to him, and did you just feel a lot for him?

Then it may be your intention to let him go, but then it is also important to deal with this underlying reason.

A proven method is as follows

Write a letter to your ex — which you do not send — in which you entrust all your emotions to the paper. You can go as far as you want, but I advise you to throw everything on the table in one go:

  • That you miss him.
  • That you often think about him.
  • Why exactly.
  • How you have felt in his presence.

Remember that it is exercise. You don’t do this for him, but for yourself.

That letter does not go with the carrier pigeon. It is only meant so that you can investigate for yourself what the reason is that you find it difficult to let go.

You can also do it in a different creative way if that’s in you

Whether it is painting or making music. If you don’t like that, then the letter certainly works. It takes a few hours, but then you expose your underlying feelings.

Why is this so important?

Through that exercise, you become aware of the feelings that prevent you from forgetting him. By writing a fake letter to him, you bring it up so that you can look at it from a distance.

Once you have done that you will notice that those feelings have a lot less grip on you.

Because you understand them, and because you made them concrete by writing them down once and seeing them with your own eyes.

If you have done this, I recommend that you throw away the letter or drawing you made. Now that you know a bit more about your positive feelings, it’s time to look at what made the difference for the break-up:

Step 5: Write down what you think is stupid about him

You now know what the reason is that it is hard for you to forget.

Even if you do your best so hard, sometimes those feelings will pop up.

There is nothing wrong with that, but you don’t have to get carried away either. That is why I give you my secret weapon to cut off these feeling dragons:

Pack of pen and paper

Write down why it went out. What you don’t like about him. Maybe he had bad habits. A nasty mother. You write down everything about him that you didn’t like.

Can you think of only three things? Then do your best harder.

Maybe it was that he put his tongue between his teeth when he tied his shoelaces. Big things and small things, write it all down. This is about quantity, not quality.

Are you ready? Good.

This is the list that you pick up during a weak moment

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With every positive emotion, you feel towards him, you want to put something negative against it.

“Yes, we had a wonderful holiday in Greece, where the love was so strong. But he then dumped me. So he doesn’t want to go for me at all. And I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t go for me. “

This way you keep your feelings in balance, and you prevent yourself from being carried away by one of the extremes.

And talking about being carried away:

Step 6: Break all the contact

Do you know what the worst thing you can do if you want to forget your ex?

Just stay friends.

This is the stupidest thing you can do. It is counter-productive.

But also small things that remind you of him — whether it is in contact with him or things that are with you but belong to him — make it much more difficult for you.


Every time you see it, it evokes the positive feelings

If you have trouble forgetting it, it means that the positive feelings come to the fore first.

What you want to do in such a case is to remove all the “triggers” that evoke this.

This will cause the storm of your love to fall by itself.

Love is like a sailboat. He needs wind to sail

It’s not for nothing. The positive emotions are memories. They will not grow if you keep in touch with him.

Conversely, the negative feelings will increase. Especially if you have sex with him, or continue to see him intensively. You tie the cat on the bacon, and that’s never a good idea.

Stop sabotaging yourself

Do you want to forget him?

  • Throw it out of your phone.
  • Ignore him if he makes contact.
  • Give his things back, or to a wanderer, if your ex takes too long to pick them up.
  • If he creates a new profile on Facebook to stalk you, block him instead of accepting his friend request.
  • Be hard and direct.

In this way, you prevent him from subtly reminding you of positive feelings that you had but that will no longer grow.

Step 7: Go exercise

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Does your ex cause stress in your mind?

Beautiful! Time to throw it all out at the gym.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is.

Sure you will still think about him from time to time. That is normal. But if it makes you sad or restless, it means that you have energy in you that needs to get out.

The more you think of him, the more important you make him

I can heartily recommend you to do a sport — it doesn’t matter what.

With sports, you convert that stress into physical exercise.

It is a lot harder to feel bad when you are panting on a treadmill or running after a ball.

“But I’m tired and I don’t want to go outside. What now?”

Sports is one of those things that you just have to start.

I sometimes don’t feel like it either. But then I agree with myself that I will train for five minutes.

If I don’t feel like it after those five minutes, then I can go home.

But this never actually happens.

Because if I have done 1 exercise, then I get the taste and I want more.

So if you find it difficult to exercise, go five minutes. Did you not get going? Then you can really go home. But I think you’ll get a taste for it.

Due to a lack of movement, tension accumulates. But if you are tense, exercising takes a little more effort in the beginning. Fortunately, this will pass automatically. And how long that takes? About five minutes …

Step 8: Mirror, mirror on the wall …

Now that you have a way to deal with the stress and make it as easy as possible for you to forget, it’s time to look at yourself.

After a break-up your self-confidence often gets a blow:

You may get the feeling that you are unattractive, or just feel a bit less.

That makes sense. Certainly, if you have positive memories of your ex, chances are that you will blame yourself for it is over, even if it is not.

Your head goes through the bend briefly

That happens automatically, without you having much influence on it. But there is something else that you can influence:

How you treat yourself from now on.

Stand in front of the mirror

Take a look at what you look like:

  • What do you like?
  • How well do you take care of yourself?
  • Do you see room for improvement?

Beautiful. From today, pay more attention to your appearance.

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Because every time you apply that makeup or are busy with your clothes, you are busy improving yourself.

And all the time you spend in this mode interprets your head as the time you use to invest in your self-worth.

Because say for yourself: you have to feel good about yourself if you want to take good care of your appearance. Yet?

You also want to look at your inner self

  • What are you proud of and what not?
  • Do you have bad habits that you want to change?
  • What do you dislike about yourself?

Make a plan to do something about this. Changing behavior is difficult, but it makes you feel good about yourself if it works. And it distracts your ex.

I think it is better to invest energy now in changing your own behavior, for example quitting smoking than thinking about an ex that you actually don’t want to return.

And unlearning bad habits and taking good care of your appearance has an additional effect:

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It makes you more attractive for ambitious men

They want a woman who puts her best foot forward, and who, just like them, does everything to suckle for herself.

You also don’t have to be uncertain at all if you see points for improvement in that mirror.

It is not so much about how it looks, but that you do something about it. That shows your character. And with a little effort, bad behavior or something in your appearance can easily be improved.

Are you a little too heavy? Go to the gym. No reason to feel bad about that.

And if you get too angry, look at your positive sides in that mirror. Purely to remind yourself that you are worth it.

I was just talking about ambitious men. There is something else that they find extremely attractive:

Step 9: Invest in yourself

Forgetting an ex is difficult. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about him. Do you catch yourself dancing constantly through your mind?

Time to shift your attention. Every minute you spend on him now is wasted effort.

You try to forget him. And the time you throw over the hedge like that is better placed in something else.

See it this way:

What does it deliver? Thinking for an hour about an ex that you don’t want to return, or spending an hour working hard in your job or education?

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Become ambitious

Everything is better than thinking of your ex. That means you have many options. I think being ambitious in work or education is the best of all:

  • It distracts you from the break-up.
  • You can spend your energy and time on it.
  • And it delivers results.

Think about how satisfactory it will be if you get your diploma or get promoted. That is something to be proud of and to share with others.

And coincidentally, most men — especially the somewhat ambitious type — think it is wonderful if a woman takes herself and her career seriously.

That, of course, does not mean that you only have to do it for that reason. But a woman who works harder than the rest? We like that as a man.

Step 10: Stop stalking

I just mentioned that every minute you think of him is wasted effort.

Yet I see that many of my customers are unaware of him. They gossip with girlfriends about him or constantly look at his Facebook page.

It’s not even very conscious … it’s more of a reflex. It only has a side effect:

You make it harder for yourself to forget

You think of him more often than strictly necessary.

And even if a friend starts talking about it, there is no point in gossiping at all. In fact, you can’t do anything with it.

And what if you hear gossip that he’s dating again? Or that he has something new on his timeline on Facebook? That means nothing to you anymore, right?

So stop this.

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And if you can’t control yourself …

  • Block it on Facebook.
  • Don’t ask anything about him from friends.
  • And if girlfriends start gossiping on their own, don’t go into it.

Or say:

“Gosh, I’m trying to forget and let go of him. Let’s talk about something else. “

You can be quite blunt in that. After all, it’s about how you feel and that you can forget him as quickly as possible, right?

Step 11: Pay attention to your family and friends

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, chances are that he was your main social contact.

Certainly if you lived together. Then you see each other constantly. As a result, you may have lost sight of your old friends.

It just takes a lot of time, such a boyfriend. The time you, therefore, cannot put in contact with your family. Maybe you haven’t seen your grandmother in three weeks.

Now that he is out the door you have the opportunity to tighten these contacts.

This has a number of advantages

  1. It distracts you.
    If you think of him a little too often, then spending time with other people you love is the ideal counterbalance. It shifts your attention so that you will suffer less.
  2. You get love.
    By dealing with friends and family, you notice that there are other people who love you, other than the ex you want to get rid of. You can reassure this if you have had a long relationship.
  3. You get support.
    Your friend has undoubtedly supported you during the relationship if you had to process something. Now that he can no longer fulfill that task, you need someone else for that. It is best to put this to your friends. They are happy to help you. Or how about your mother?
  4. It’s cozy.
    There is nothing more fun than tightening the family ties or going out for a night out with friends, right? And doing things that you enjoy makes a person happy.

Step 12: Redevelop your taste

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In a relationship, you usually have to make concessions.

You spend a lot of time together and you can only spend it once.

You may have had to cancel things you did before because there was no time left for them — or because he didn’t like them and you did.

Now that the relationship is over, you can pick up everything you had to give up for him. Old hobbies, social contacts or certain ways in which you enjoyed doing things … Time to restore them.

Your world has probably become a little smaller since you knew him

It is great to see what else there is to do than to sit on the couch together and eat chips.

Maybe you have a new restaurant that you want to try, or have you always wanted to start a sport that you have no experience with yet. This is the time to open up to new experiences.

That makes you proactive. You take control of your own life in this way.

And if you often made decisions together in a relationship, then you have to learn that a bit. Then developing your taste again, and seeing what goes with it, is a good exercise.

Step 13: Date with others

I regularly receive messages from women who doubt whether they should start dating again.

They have met a nice man, but their ex is not completely out of their mind.

And a friend, or a women’s magazine, says it’s not smart to date him if you’re not over your ex.

The idea is that if your heart has not recovered from the blow, you will make it worse with a new love.

Well, I can reassure you:

Scientific research shows that this can do no harm

In fact:

Women who start dating again shortly after it is out are faster over their ex. They see themselves as more attractive and have more confidence. So it has no drawbacks and only benefits.

Your self-confidence is hurt by a break-up. It is best to get those out quickly. And you can do that by going to date with a new, nice man.

That does not mean that this is an audition for the true

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Or that you have to go to bed with him (although this is of course allowed).

I don’t think you need to take it that seriously. First, enjoy the attention you give you.

See how he does his best for you. Instead of watching a movie for an hour and a half, you now have a man in the same period who goes out of his way for you. Amusing, right?

And if you compare it with your ex, that’s not such a problem … But try to get it out of your head and enjoy the moment.

Don’t you really like the man in question?

Then a new one will come along with whom you can date. And so the game starts all over again.

Sooner or later someone will come that you really like, and that man will make you forget your ex. Until then you can enjoy the game, and if the true one is actually there, you can enjoy a new love.

Step 14: Celebrate your freedom

You can date other people. You can spend a lot of time on your work or in front of the mirror. Going out with friends? Especially do it.

You are single! You are free! Even though a break-up is not fun, you are the only one who decides what you do with your life now. Make it a party!

I cannot emphasize how important it is to look at it positively

Suppose you get a new friend in a year … then there is enough time for romantic stuff afterward.

Until then, you can do whatever you feel like, so you have time and energy to put in things that you like.

You have to make concessions in every relationship, and you don’t have to.

So you can be as stubborn as you want.

Do you want bonus points?

Make a list of the things that your friend didn’t like to do (or see you do) — but that you actually love.

And then finish things on the list one by one.

Did he not like it when you flirted with that one man at work? You guessed it. Give that gentleman good attention.

Would he rather sit at home on the couch with a movie than in the pub? Or the other way around? Take your chance and do whatever you want.

Before you know it, you come across an even nicer guy, leaving you less room to do those things. Then you’d better have seized the opportunity and fully enjoyed it.

What is great about this

During those activities, you will also encounter men. Men who like the same as you. So you have to make fewer concessions if you possibly have a relationship with it because you have the same taste.

So if you celebrate your freedom and feel like a rebound, that’s the ideal combination.

Like this. My 14 steps to get over your ex, all at a glance.

I wish you lots of luck.

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

Watch Video Here

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