How to Get Your Ex Back Fast By Text Message Using Whatsapp

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Breaking up from a relationship is always a nasty experience, accompanied by a lot of chaotic and unpleasant feelings and thoughts. However, sometimes there may be something more going on. After a while, the strongest shock is over, but you still have the nagging feeling that you made a mistake. You really want nothing more than to come back to your ex.

In that case, you can be happy that you are living in a time where everyone is more connected than ever before. Where there was once a good chance that you would never see him or her again, you will now have contact with your ex in no time via Facebook, SMS, and, where we will focus today, WhatsApp.

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Content of this article

  • Tip 1: Make sure that you want your ex back
  • Tip 2: First leave your ex alone
  • Tip 3: Start with a normal, light conversation
  • Tip 4: Do not flood your ex with messages
  • Tip 5: Do not send emojis in love
  • Tip 6: Eventually agree in real life
  • Discover the psychological triggers to quickly reclaim your ex

But how exactly should you proceed if you try to win back your ex via WhatsApp?And how do you ensure that you do not lose your chance with him or her forever? I’m going to try to teach you that today with this article. I will try to give you a guide for recovering your ex via WhatsApp, and I will do this by following these tips:

  • Make sure that you want your ex back
  • First, leave your ex alone
  • Start with a normal, light conversation
  • Do not flood your ex with messages
  • Do not send enamored emojis
  • Eventually, agree in real life

Tip 1: Make sure that you want your ex back

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This may sound strange to you now since you probably want nothing more than reclaiming your ex right now. But before you really start, it is important that you know for sure that you want this. The end of a relationship brings with it a lot of emotions that make it easy to think that you want your ex back, while you shouldn’t do that.

Heartbreak is not the same as your ex really want to go back.

The most important thing to ask yourself is the following: am I missing my ex, or am I having a relationship? The transition to single life can be very drastic if you have been used to having a relationship for a long time. This makes it easy to think that you want your ex back. But you just don’t want to be single and you long for the life you were used to.

When you are going to try to get your ex back, it is important that you really care about him or her, and not just about having a relationship. If the latter is the case, your relationship will probably end soon. Moreover, you are not honest with your ex. Reclaiming your ex can be very good, but make sure you are sure.

Tip 2: First leave your ex alone

If your ex is not around, then you may have a tendency to contact your ex as soon as possible. You may want to apologize, expose your feelings about your ex, or beg him or her to take you back. I understand that tendency, but you should definitely not do this. At that moment the emotions for this are still too strong, and you will not get along with such a message.

You are probably only confusing your ex.

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It is better to leave each other alone for the first period after your break-up (at least the first two weeks, but preferably a month ). You both still suffer from intense emotions, and you both need the time to process those emotions. Therefore, give each other that time, and just wait a moment to make contact until the heartbreak is less fresh.

Only when you have the feeling that you have more control over your feelings, is it time to re-establish contact with your ex. It is best to do this only after a month so that your ex also has a better understanding of his or her feelings. If he or she is still having trouble with his or her feelings for you, then you only confuse him or her more with a message.

You only have one chance to make the first contact again, so choose the right moment for this.

Tip 3: Start with a normal, light conversation

Eventually, you have the courage to send your ex a WhatsApp message, and you know for sure that you really want him or her back. You may then be tempted to pour out your heart to him or her immediately. You probably want to let your ex know how much you missed him or her and how much you want him or her back.

I understand this, but it is about the stupidest thing you can do.

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If you immediately start talking to your ex as if you are still together, then you will most likely scare him or her away. You haven’t spoken with your ex for a while. If the first thing you say to him or her is a desperate declaration of love, then you will probably never return to your ex.

Being desperate is not exactly attractive, so it is better to start a more casual, light-hearted conversation with your ex. Talk to your ex as if he or she is a good friend you haven’t seen for a long time. Since you have not spoken to your ex for a while, you can just ask him or her how things are going and what is going on in his or her life now.

That way you keep the conversation a bit light and you also show an interest in his or her life. You should actually talk to your ex on WhatsApp as if you like him or her, but don’t know them very well, so you’re still a bit careful.

Also let it be known that you are doing well, whether that is an exaggeration or not. Despair, as I just said, isn’t exactly attractive, so you don’t have to look like you need your ex to be happy. If you act as if you’re fine, you show your ex that you can do without him or her, which may make her a bit jealous.

Tip 4: Do not flood your ex with messages

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If you start chatting with your ex on WhatsApp again, it may well be that he or she does not respond as quickly as you are used to. This may be a little irritating, but you will have to accept this.

You no longer have a relationship, so you are no longer the most important person in his or her life. Occasionally your ex will just have something better to do than respond to you.

What you should not do is spam your ex if he or she does not respond within 10 minutes. When you spam someone with lots of messages, that person will not immediately think “oh, what a nice person, I want a relationship with this again”. So you shouldn’t do this either.

You would not fall for someone who only annoys you.

If your ex does not respond to WhatsApp, keep calm and just wait until he or she does send something back. Do not send more messages in the hope of a response, then there is a good chance that your ex will completely ignore you.

Also, don’t send a message every hour, because that too can really get on your ex’s nerves. I understand that you may have been used to sending your ex a WhatsApp message every time you come across something nice or have something to say. But again: you are not in a relationship right now, so you should not pretend that you are.

Tip 5: Do not send enamored emojis

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Whether you eventually get your ex back or not, at the moment you have no relationship with your ex, and you will have to behave accordingly. I’m not just talking about the things you say with words, but also the emojis that you use. You shouldn’t send some emojis to your ex.

I am of course talking about enamored emojis. It may seem obvious that you should not send it to your ex, but it would surprise you how often people go wrong here. Sometimes this is simply out of habit: because you were used to sending certain emojis to your ex, you still do that by accident, without thinking about it. Try to pay extra attention to this.

You do not immediately send an eggplant emoji to a stranger you like.

However, what people often do is deliberately send emojis in love to their ex, as a way to flirt with them again. However, you must realize that it will take some time before that is ok again. You have a history together, so you can’t just send an emoji with heart’s eyes to your ex.

He or she will only find this confusing and not know exactly what you mean by that.

Tip 6: Eventually agree in real life

You will probably find it easier to talk to your ex via WhatsApp than in real life because it is a bit less personal and therefore more accessible. I understand that very well, but ultimately you want to reclaim your ex. For that, you will have to meet him or her in real life at a certain moment.

WhatsApp is nice to catch up with, but the spark will not pass through a screen again.

Via WhatsApp, you can propose to do something for two again in real life. Keep it a bit airy when you first meet him or her again. Do not immediately invite your ex to your home, but suggest you go and have a coffee somewhere. Do this somewhere in public without further expectations.

Many of the tips that apply to WhatsApp also apply in real life, especially the first time you speak to your ex again. Don’t be too desperate, smile a lot and show that you’re okay. Don’t talk too much about your relationship the first time; you’d better wait a while with this.

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You can talk about nice, not explicitly romantic memories that you had together, to remind your ex how nice you were.

They were, then, the 6 tips with which you can try to use WhatsApp to get your ex back. Keep in mind that WhatsApp is only a means and that you are ultimately still the one who will have to reclaim your ex. You now know how WhatsApp can help you get your ex back, and which fatal mistakes you should definitely not make.

Reclaiming your ex is never easy, but you are now well prepared with the above tips on How to Get Your Ex Back Fast By Text Message Using Whatsapp.

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