How to Get Your Girl Back?

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Wondering how to get your girl back? Follow This Proven Strategy!

Would you like to win back your ex-girlfriend? Then read this article thoroughly because you are about to discover how to do this.

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Your relationship has just ended and you want nothing more than your ex back. But she doesn’t want anything to do with you right now and she is probably the one who broke the relationship. What do you do then?

Waiting for it to come back someday or take action right away to convince her that you belong together?

It can happen that the relationship got stuck after a stupid fight or after a big fight.

You decided to separate and now you are doubting whether it still makes sense to go back to your ex-girlfriend.

One side says yes and the other side wants a break. Whatever happens, you should know that you have to give the other party everything to catch your breath.

It makes no sense to bother your ex girlfriend because it only works counterproductively. It would be a shame if you had permanently lost your ex girlfriend through intrusiveness.

How to Get Your Girl Back?

If you have no idea, you cannot improve it and it will never work. Think carefully before you take steps.

However, it is possible that you do not want to immediately think about this, because you are still too sad. You can’t live without her and you don’t want that at all. Do you have to settle for it to be over? Or will you go all the way and win her back?

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Recovering Your Ex-Girlfriend Begins By Understanding The Cause

They really only focus on the last period of their relationship and constantly wonder how things could have gone wrong.

However, they forget that that is not the point at all and that their ex-girlfriend has been running the idea for quite some time because of a number of reasons that you had no idea at all.

But going back to the true reasons is also going back to the pain that you felt and now feel again. If you refuse the confrontation with your pain, you will never learn to understand how it happened and you will never be able to correct your mistakes.

Possible reasons why it went wrong between you and your ex-girlfriend

Anyway, we assume that you know fairly well what happened. We only give you a few hints of possible causes:

  • she fell in love with another (read this article: my ex-girlfriend has another )
  • her feelings have disappeared for reason XYZ
  • An important or major event has occurred (eg the death of a family member, a birth, the loss of a job or a change of job)
  • she could no longer cope with certain habits that you had (eg, computer, gaming, the fact that you didn’t tidy up your things, that you paid too much attention to your friends
  • you’ve cheated on you
  • you have changed in a negative sense (eg you have become fatter you let go you have become more unattractive)
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It is very important that you list all the reasons first and be honest with yourself. For women, more than for men, words and gestures are of enormous importance.

For example, if your ex girl told you that you no longer smell good, it may not have been the reason for the break, but it may be that she magnified this small detail because of other frustrations she already had.

If she says she can no longer air or see you, then one or more parts of you will undoubtedly have become unpleasant for your ex-partner, but you have not wanted to see it all this time.

Reclaim your Ex Girl? Keep believing that everything will be fine!

You should be able to behave as relaxed as possible, especially when you see your ex again. Do not go through life in a very gloomy way because you no longer have a relationship with her, but go through life in a positive way. Your ex girlfriend would rather see you when you smile than when you cry.

Getting your ex girlfriend back will not work if you worry too much

It may be that in the middle of the day you suddenly think of certain arguments that you had, for example.

This way you can write down what this was about so that you ultimately have a clear picture on paper of what needs to be improved and what was good in your relationship. A break does not mean that there were only bad things. Apparently things were not going well enough at the time, but that can always change. Most women love romance and want to be pampered

There is not a single woman who likes to be treated like a normal girlfriend, instead of his lover.

So it is really the intention that you let her feel that she is special to you, and you can do that in several ways.

First, you can say this to her, but don’t do this too quickly. E

it is important to keep your distance.

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You will notice for yourself when it is time to contact her again. So you can say that you like talking to her again, without you desperate.

If the conversation goes well, you can suggest taking her out for dinner. Of course you make sure you look great and treat her like a true gentleman.

Get nice memories. This may even be enough to ensure that a pleasant atmosphere is created between the two of you.

Get your ex back if you cheated

For example, if she broke your relationship because you were strange, you will have to do your very best to regain her trust.

And unfortunately, trust is gone faster than it is being rebuilt.

So that will take its time and it is best not to force anything. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back after adultery, make sure that you only pay attention to her and that she has no reason to distrust you.

Even if you have a purely platonic contact with another woman, it is wise to put this on a very low level.

It is even better to break the contact completely. In any case, you will have to completely break the contact with the woman with whom you have cheated. In this way your ex will feel and notice that you really make an effort for her and only want to go for her.

Conquering your ex girlfriend again if you get caught in a rut

Then, of course, a completely different approach is needed. Somewhere in your relationship, you have lost each other and especially the passion for each other. So you will have to try to find a way to rekindle the passion and spark for you.

Make sure she will look at you again through the eyes with which she fell for you in the past. That she realizes that the passion between you is still there, but that it has faded into the background.

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She didn’t think you were serious enough?

Then, of course, it is important to make her feel that you love her and want to do everything to make it right again. That you are willing to change and want to make time for her and your relationship. And most importantly, want to keep making.

A relationship is something you have to keep working on. They sometimes say that love is a verb.

These days, unfortunately, more and more couples are separating. The divorce rate is increasing over the years and will be around 40 in 2014.

The average age of men at which they decide to divorce was 456 years in 2010 and for women that were 424. We see that divorces always occur in families with children between 0 and 18 years.

Many men visit our website in the hope of being able to seize the opportunities for restoring their relationship. This is of course not just because winning back an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife is accompanied by a lot of patience courage and willpower.

Reclaiming your ex girlfriend: The best tips!

Tip 1: Accept the situation

If your ex girlfriend or ex-wife has recently left, you will undoubtedly still be in a choc state, despite seeing it coming.

You will undoubtedly experience feelings of guilt, but despite all these feelings that are often mixed, you cannot put your ex girlfriend or ex-wife out of your mind.

You still love your ex and you would like her back so that everything can start again.

However, it is important to first accept the will of your ex girlfriend or ex-wife.

The acceptance process is accelerated if you first learn to really relax. It is good that you first clear your head so that you can oversee everything well and put it in a row.

It is also much easier to regain your confidence that way.

Tip 2: Back to basics!

This is really one of the most important things. She once fell in love with you.

Go back to the reasons why she once fell in love with you. It is important that you take the time to make your analysis.

Don’t forget to ask your friends for help, but keep an objective eye on the situation if you want to win back your ex girlfriend or wife!

Tip 3: Pick up the thread again!

Women love men who want to move forward in life. Women find men who value personal growth much more attractive than those who simply live from day to day.

You now have all the time in the world, use this moment to improve your downsides. Growth as a man & is therefore not only more attractive for your ex, but also for many other women.

Your ex will undoubtedly notice that you are “a new” person, and the chance that she will come to repentance becomes considerably greater.

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Tip 4: Make sure you have your emotions under control!

You will not win back your ex girlfriend at all if you are still a wreck emotionally. If you are not firmly in your shoes emotionally, you will also make the biggest blunders to win her back.

You risk stalking her or texting excessively. On the other hand, if you can show that you can handle the new situation well, some emotions will come to her and she will be attracted to you again.

Women also love men who can live independently. So go to the gym, go to the movies with your friends, start a new adventure .. If she notices that you are having a good time, she wants to be part of your life again.

Tip 5: Beware of jealousy!

• Jealousy is the enemy. Jealousy won’t get you anywhere. Jealousy is immediately associated with fear & insecurity, 2 very unattractive human traits. And non-verbally you express that you simply want to check her.

Nobody likes to be checked. So learn to put that jealousy aside and make sure that you come across as non-threatening.

Tip 6: Use humor!

Don’t underestimate the power of humor!

Women love men who are humorous and can tease a woman in a fun, playful way. These qualities attract a woman enormously because it indirectly tells you that you know how to deal with women in a non-aggressive way.

Learn to have fun and above all, learn to tease her in an attractive way. In my free video training, I explain some techniques that you can use to tease her in a fun, attractive way.

Tip 7: Leave her alone as much as possible!

Simply put, but not easy to implement. Of course, it is difficult not to have contact with the person with whom you want it so badly. I know it is extremely difficult for you, but I promise you will benefit from this. Your ex girlfriend will really like this and it is good for you to have a rest.

Tip 8: Relax yourself: treat yourself!

Take a nice massage and go to the hairdresser. You will really relax and all the stress will leave your body. You can, of course, do this together with a friend. Moreover, you will look better and that is attractive again for your ex!

Also, try meditation. Just before you meet her you do such a session. You will probably find some good ones on youtube!

Tip 9: Hold on because reclaiming your ex girlfriend requires a lot from you!

Maybe your ex girlfriend doesn’t feel like having contact with you right away. You will then have to take a little more time, but don’t give up! The no can still change to a yes. Apparently your ex just needs some time and it is important that you give your ex the time as well

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Tip 10: You are not pathetic, so act accordingly!

Women don’t like pathetic men. It’s okay if you cry and stay in bed right after the break, but you don’t get along with it. Your environment can become irritated. You also do not help your environment with it. It is best to focus on other things than on yourself! In any case, you will not be attractive if you try to arouse pity with your ex-girlfriend.

Tip 11: Have fun!

Ask your best friends to go out for a weekend and to take good care of it. For example, consider a survival trip. When you are active with your head and hands you will think less about her.

If you come back fully charged from your weekend, you will also be much stronger mentally, which increases your chances of being able to communicate better with your ex.

Tip 12: Don’t grieve if your ex girlfriend has someone else

What a noose! Now you have another problem because your ex girl already has another. But don’t panic because it doesn’t mean anything. If your ex soon has someone else, it usually indicates a rebound relationship.

She doesn’t know that yet but you do ;-). Don’t be seduced by talking badly about her new love. So don’t tell her that you think the other person is a drug and doesn’t fit her at all. If you do that, you risk pushing her further away from you.

Tip 13: Stay active on a social level!

If you have had a relationship with your ex girl for more than a year, you probably have the same circle of friends.

Because your ex is now out, that does not mean that you suddenly no longer have time and no eyes for your ex girlfriend’s friends.

Because if your ex has to hear that you are ignoring her friends, she can get quite irritated.

It is important to know that your friends are always behind you no matter what happens. Do not make the wrong step and do not completely ignore your ex girlfriend’s friends because they cannot help it.

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

Watch Video Here

How to Get Your Girl Back? by Theresa Alice


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How to Get Your Girl Back? by Theresa Alice

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