How to Know a Sagittarius Guy is Serious About You — 6 Clear Clues

how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about you image
how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about you image

Wondering how to know a Sagittarius guy is serious about you? Astrological readings aren’t often accurate but at times what you read just happens to be true. Zodiac signs are nearly scarily precise in terms of describing the character of the individual, based on the sign. Although not every day is 100 % accurate, it’s difficult to deny that studies about a male’s zodiac sign are often correct.

Take Sagittarius as an example. Sagittarius represents males born between November 23 and December 21. He is the adventurer, the traveler and the person seeks to discover real truth in his life. This makes him quite an interesting conversationalist and fun to be around.

Sagittarius is difficult to read simply because a Sagittarius Man can be overly frank and at times talk too much. Unsurprisingly, this approach may send mixed signs in regards to dating.

We will go through 6 ways that he’ll show you he is really interested in a serious relationship. Bear in mind, do not take his words too seriously however pay attention to his actions.

How to Know a Sagittarius Guy is Serious About You?

1. He’ll let you know directly that he wants to date you.

Sagittarius Man is quite direct. Therefore he’ll not hold anything back if he determines he is interested in you. He may be also a bit dramatic about unveiling his feelings. Most importantly, he desires to be appreciated and accepted for his honest and inquisitive nature.

2. He will give you compliments

Although he is a romantic person and also a flirty person generally, you will still know if he is seriously into you by WHAT he compliments. By complimenting your intellect is evidence of real attraction to you, because he is always searching for new understanding and knowledge.

He seeks to have meaningful and long dialogues with you because he’s turned on by your mind. He’ll have lots of questions to ask, addressing several areas of life. When you are open-minded and well-read, you’ll stimulate him to pursue you further because you have turned him on intellectually.

3. He will want to travel with you

He will ask you along for long trips, new adventures, and trying new things. He desires to see the world and that’s his huge motivation, when he really likes you, he would like you to accompany him and share your viewpoint of things. It is the journey, not only the destination.

4. He’ll take commitment seriously and slowly

Sagittarius Guy will build an emotional connection slowly. His relationships take some time to build and you need to wait for him to commit.

5. He’ll ask many personal questions

He often sends you text messages asking you questions at odd hours because he has no patience to wait. He will also be sending you interesting viral content he found online, possibly as a lead into a dialogue he’d like to have.

He’ll also be sharing or discussing his favorite books with you because books are a peek into the way his mind operates. He loves sharing his life and viewpoint of life with you and that is a definite improvement in your relationship.

6. He’ll spend time with you.

Because since he is a traveler and an impulsive adventurer, he’ll not always be available himself. However, since he’s so fond of you, he’ll take additional time to spend dating, visiting new places and taking in the sights. He makes time for the lady he really loves.

It can be a challenge to read the level of commitment of a Sagittarius man, however, his interest is always sincere. Keep in mind not to rush him into a commitment because naturally, he’s very outside the box.

He’s a romantic kind of man however his true self will come later when he unveils his most vulnerable emotional part. Be versatile, be wise, and be smart to the way he tests you.

How to Know a Sagittarius Guy is Serious About You — 6 Clear Clues by Theresa Alice

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