How to Know if a Guy Likes You Secretly?

how to know if a guy likes you secretly image
how to know if a guy likes you secretly image

Do you want to find out how to know if a guy likes you secretly? A man in love behaves very differently from a man who doesn’t care. That’s because his whole psyche changes when he interacts with a woman he loves. He cannot help it. It is a hundred percent unconscious.

It is the secret male obsession for the right answer to a man’s heart. When you discover all the techniques, you will be able to make the guy of your liking feel the strong desire for you which is truly powerful. You’ll end up being an important part of your man’s life. Continue to read here

How to Know if a Guy Likes You Secretly?

Only men with a lot of experience can do some things to hide these signals a bit. But most men cannot.

Below I give you thirty signals that he likes you completely.

But pay attention: You always want to assess behavior using clusters. The more signals it shows, the more reliable your conclusion is …

  • If you see that he shows one or two things, and twenty-eight things don’t…. then he probably doesn’t like you very much.
  • Is it the other way around and does it show the majority of behaviors? Then you are on the right track.

No man will show all thirty signals if he is in love. So as a rule of thumb, keep for yourself that twelve to fifteen signals are good.

Sit back and watch the signals carefully. And find out if the man of your dreams has real feelings for you.

Thing 1: He does his best for his appearance

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  • As a woman, you have an eye for detail. Especially when it comes to someone’s appearance.
  • A man is not blessed with this awareness on this subject.

But if he takes a very attractive … he tries anyway.

Most men will not go far into this.

It is already a lot if he does not mess up standard hygiene. So that he trims his nose hair, splits his eyebrows in two and puts on a shirt that has just come out of the wax.

Others will go a little further by trying to dress extra neatly. Think of trousers, ironed shirts, etc.

Especially the young men of today you will not often see in very nice clothes unless it is on a date with a woman he likes.

Bonus tip: This signal is extra reliable if you know him from outside your date setting, and you notice that he suddenly wears different clothes than usual.

Thing 2: He always tries to make a good impression on you

The main way a man tries to adorn a woman is to show her how great he is.

If he loves one specific woman — you for example — he will try to convince you that he is the best.

In what area?

On every level.

  • When it comes to food, he wants to show that he can cook and has a good taste.
  • When it comes to music, the stories about his secret piano talent suddenly surface.

This is often the bragging behavior you see on dates.

Thing 3: He asks you a lot of questions

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When a man likes you, he will often have trouble having nice conversations.

But he does realize one thing: showing interest is usually appreciated.

He does this by asking questions about every aspect imaginable to you and listening carefully when you answer.

The more he likes you, the more clumsy he becomes. He goes into overdrive and constantly fires questions that make you think, “Why the hell do you want to know this?”

Well .. because he might like you so.

Thing 4: He constantly smiles at you

He laughs so often that it almost gets creepy. A man you like cannot help it. Every time he sees you or hears you talking, he has to smile.

Don’t blame him.

It is an instinctive response from him to show you that he means well.

Thing 5: He’s flirting with you

In its own clumsy way.

I can write a whole blog about the signals by which you can recognize that a man is flirting with you.

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Thing 6: He gives you lots and lots of compliments

To the slimy.

That’s because most men have little imagination.

And then they repeat classics like “you have beautiful eyes”, “you are really nice/funny/spontaneous “ or “ you look fantastic” .

It is far from subtle, but it does not matter to him. He just wants to let you know that he likes you and this is his way.

Disclaimer: You may have hit a man who is shy and is afraid to approach. So such a man will not often compliment you or try to make a move. He likes you but is afraid of a rejection that will ruin all his chances.

In such a case, I would advise you to give him a hand by communicating that it’s okay if he flirts with you.

Thing 7: He finds everything you say really interesting

Even if you read him your shopping list from yesterday.

He hangs on your lips as if you were ahead of state communicating the outcome of peace talks after years of civil war.

No matter what you are talking about, you will never lose interest.

No matter how hard you try. He finds you interesting and wants to know everything about you.

Thing 8: He remembers the things you say

In the previous tip, you read that man who like you will be super interested in everything you say. Unfortunately, there are occasionally some smart guys who use this ‘genuine interest’ as a trick to make you believe they like you. And then get what they want (read: sex).

A handy way to distinguish the fake ones from the genuinely interested men is to simply see if he remembered what you told him one or two dates later.

Men who don’t really like you regularly suffer from amnesia. They ask the same questions again or you catch them not remembering what you said.

Men who like you remember the vast majority of what you say.

Just keep in mind that one man is more forgetful than another. You can’t blame him for not knowing when his mother’s birthday is a month later.

Just in between …

By the way, do you see why it is so important to assess behavior in clusters? If you only look at this one signal, you might think that every man who appears interested actually takes you seriously. While it is very easy for men to fake some of these signals.

Thing 9: He likes to do things that you enjoy, even if he hates it himself

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Think of shopping, horse riding or playing a board game.

This is a good test.

Ask him about something you know he thinks is stupid but he also knows you love.

Does he agree with this? Then he probably likes you above average.

Thing 10: He stays even though you don’t want to have sex with him right away

A good way to test how much he likes you is to wait before having sex.

What does he do when you tell him you want to wait until you are sure he likes you?

Does he calmly wait for the date and then let him hear nothing? Then you know he never took you seriously.

If he reacts a little irritated but keeps trying his best for you, that’s a good sign. I consciously say “annoyed” because this is also what many men experience at the time. He just has the urge to share the bed with you, so it is not surprising that he does not react enthusiastically to your plan.

He may even try a few more times to find out how serious you were. But as long as he keeps dating you, you can say with more certainty that he doesn’t do it before sex.

(And between you and me: A guy who doesn’t seem to mind at all isn’t what you won't either. He may be able to hide his emotions well… but if he genuinely doesn’t need sex with you, then is that something you want to think about before you continue dating).

But what if you’ve already had sex with him…

Then you might consider taking a temporary break.

I get it, the idea is far from sexy, but if you are not sure about his intentions, it wouldn’t hurt to plan another activity for the next 5 times.

Disclaimer: Communicate clearly to him what you want from this break. Tell him it’s just for your own feeling and you just want to check how serious the feeling is between the two of you. This prevents him from feeling rejected because you suddenly don’t want to have sex with him.

Thing 11: He often texts you

Men hate texting or texting.

It is simply not in our biology to send an endless stream of socially intended messages, as women do.

But when a man is in love, that button flips. Suddenly he sends whole essays to the woman of his dreams.

He can’t help it. His brain has hijacked his behavior and he lets himself go completely. Without that he can change anything.

Thing 12: He takes the initiative to do nice things with you

man in love takes the initiative to do fun things together.

He would like to have you with him when he does something. Whether it is a city trip or visiting a restaurant.

A man you like will try to read your mind and think about what you think you like.

Whether he succeeds in this is the question. Because men are not good mind readers and are not really able to put themselves in the head of their women. Even though she is his girlfriend and they love her very much.

Thing 13: He introduces you to his family

A man in love will introduce you to his family.

Not after the first date. Not even after the second. In some men, not even after a few months. That happens sometimes. If it has not happened after a few months and not even after six months, that is not a problem. One man comes with this faster than the other.

But… if you still haven’t spent time with his parents or friends after a year… then chances are this will come.

A man who sees a future in you will be proud to parade you for his social circle. If he does not do this, it is, unfortunately, a very bad sign.

Thing 14: He’s proud to take you to his friends

I have already touched this topic above.

A man you really like wants to show you.

Because he assumes everyone loves you as much as he does. In addition, he has an irritating tendency to try to impress his friends.

And when he combines those two things together, he comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​taking you when he meets up with his friends.

He loves to show his friends that he managed to decorate such a beautiful woman.

Thing 15: He is willing to watch female movies with you

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Men hate women’s movies.

They are simply not made for us. Titanic and The Notebook are wonderful spectacles for you. For the man, it is boring for two hours.

But if he knows you love this, he’ll be happy to watch. After all, he knows you enjoy it. And he grants you that.

So he sits out that movie. And he tries as well and as evil as possible to please you.

Thing 16: He shows affection in public

A player you use for sex will not be so inclined to show in public that he likes you.

Whatever he says to you when you are alone, it means nothing if he does not say the same thing and does it in public.

This also applies to show affection. From holding hands to occasionally kissing, the average man wants it all the time. At least if he really likes you.

Thing 17: He hugs you often and long

Talk about cuddling. The average man needs it much less than the average woman. Even if he really likes you.

Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t hug you as often as you would like. It’s only suspicious if he never hugs you at all. Or even worse: go to sleep immediately after sex or take a shower.

Thing 18: He says he likes you

This makes a lot of sense. The chance that a man who says he likes you actually likes you is quite high.

Pay attention to whether his behavior supports what he says to you.

Thing 19: He sometimes cancels things for you

If he knows something is important to you, he is willing to pass up something important to him.

That’s because he really likes you and wants to make you happy.

Now, this does not always apply. If you tell him that you find something important, it does not mean that he immediately cancels everything. What it does mean is that if he can tell you that you think something is really important, he will consider it.

That’s good too. It is not the intention of one of the partners to let everything go for the other.

Thing 20: At a party, he only has eyes for you

And especially to keep in mind that you are not “harassed “ by strange men.

No, he is especially interested in you.

Even if the President of the United States is standing next to him, he would rather talk to you.

Thing 21: He doesn’t talk about other women

Here’s a funny thing men do once they’ve decided they like a woman:

They suddenly become very aware of the things they say to you, in the hope that they don’t make a mistake that you turn off.

And one of those things is that they’re not going to tell you about their exes or free-range they have.

Thing 22: He cooks for you

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Most men don’t like to think of themselves as kitchen princes. That probably also applies to him.

But if he finds a woman very attractive, he will happily go out of his way. And for your cooking is a great opportunity to show you how great it is.

You must forgive him that his stew tastes rather rancid.

He is a man so his taste is less refined than yours. But it comes from a good heart.

Thing 23: He’s jealous when you talk to other men

A little jealousy is good.

If he feels uncomfortable when you pay attention to another man, it often means that he likes you.

But when he gets angry, starts throwing stuff, challenges that man to a duel or uses a hammer to work his car…. then you have to watch out.

Aggressive men may seem attractive at first, but it can be dramatic if you don’t pay close attention.

Thing 24: He likes to pay for things for you

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Many women find it uncomfortable for a man to pay for them. But you don’t have to.

No man expects you to go to bed with him or give anything back in return. He just likes to pay for you.

Spoiler alert: Let him pay nicely and struggle a bit.

Thing 25: He offers you a coat

When it’s cold outside. And you don’t have a coat. Then he will gladly pull out his own.

He thinks it is more important that you are not cold than that he is warm.

It’s a built-in evolutionary system of men to take care of a woman we like. So he doesn’t mind lending his jacket to you if he knows it makes you feel better.

Thing 26: He’s struggling to make you feel comfortable in the bedroom

Whether he actually succeeds is another story. Most men are not master lovers. They just do something, in the hope of blessing. They can usually use some help.

But that he tries….

That is quite something. It does not have to be so extensive for us men and stuff. You must agree with me when I say that men are ready faster than you.

So if you come across a man who goes to great lengths to think about your pleasure, that is a sign that he likes you and wants to leave the best possible impression.

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Thing 27: He’s chatting with you after sex

When a man cums, his brain says, “Go to sleep. Now.”

He cannot help it.

If he suppresses that tendency and keeps talking to you for another hour until he drifts to sleep, you know it’s all right.

Thing 28: He takes your opinion seriously

A man you like asks for your opinion. And also listens to it.

This does not mean that he does what you say. He can fine chart his own course.

But that he occasionally asks you to keep your compass with it means a lot. A man you don’t like or don’t trust will never do this.

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Thing 29: He’s always ready to help you

Whether it is a flat tire or a family problem.

Whether he can arrange something for you or just hold on to relieve the pain.

A man who loves you does it immediately.

Thing 30: He genuinely cares about your feelings

He will make mistakes and occasionally hurt you severely. Because he’s a man.

And men simply don’t know much about feelings.

But when that happens, he apologizes and does his best to ease your pain.

And you will see that he sincerely means it and that he is not only doing it to restore peace.

How to use these signals to test that he likes you

Now comes the trickiest part, now that you know he likes you, you want to find a way to tie him to you.

And to get you started as best I can, I have a simple way for you to make him obsessed with you.

Do you want to know what this way is?

It is the secret male obsession for the right answer to a man’s heart. When you discover all the techniques, you will be able to make the guy of your liking feel the strong desire for you which is truly powerful. You’ll end up being an important part of your man’s life. Continue to read here


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How to Know if a Guy Likes You Secretly? by Theresa Alice

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