How to Make a Guy Chase You By Text? 10 Tips

how to make a guy chase you by text image
how to make a guy chase you by text image

Want to learn how to make a guy chase you by text? How to win over a man by message?

We all know, by now communication via WhatsApp, chat, email, SMS abounds, and overflows.

Even board: there are legions of losers who try to approach women in chat with the technique of trawling, otherwise known as the copy-paste.

Always the same sentences with all, without variations or variations, without creativity.

In short, we reiterate that knowing, seducing, and being seduced from a distance is never a good idea, and you also risk running into sentimental scams.

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Having said that, chats, SMS and messages are part of our life and we make extensive use of them for work and for fun, with friends and relatives.

With boyfriends, partners, and husbands.

With suitors and aspirants such.

Chats, text messages, emails are communication tools, as are smiles, hugs, gifts, the voice, a dedication, a letter, words spoken live.

They shouldn’t be the only communication tool between people, ever.

They can be one of the many components of communication between people and cannot replace a real hug or embrace (as many men would expect) or a live exchange of views or become a tool to claim attention or communicate irritation or create interruptions.

In short, they are a side dish, not the main dish.

How to Make a Guy Chase You By Text

How to text a man. 10 valuable tips

1. Message must be short and written in correct English.

Yes, I am sorry to give this indication which many find very complicated to respect, yet one must strive to write correctly.

Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, words written in full, and not with abbreviations.

Do you know why?

Because in every communication misunderstanding is around the corner and reading lopsided messages, that is, containing at least 3 errors of form, is tiring, requires concentration, makes us question the meaning of the sentences, and makes us lose connection and emotions.

Eventually, the incomprehensible messages become a nuisance.

2. Use lightness and a sense of humor.

Messages to a man we like or are with, are used for “service” communications ( “I’m 10 minutes late, sorry, see you soon, I can’t wait to see you” ) or to exchange small signs of caution.

The more witty and cheerful you are in your messages, the more seductive you are because you are safe and not at all needy.

3. The spoken words are lost in the wind, the written ones remain.

Especially in a chat.

What you said verbally can be forgotten or you can correct it, rectify it.

Even denying having said it.

Messages sent in chat remain there, even for months or years.

They can also be taken to court.

Imagine that one day, while he is alone, picks up his smartphone, on a train trip or on a relaxing evening, and retraces your chats by rereading unpleasant, whiny, or offensive phrases. Brrr …

4. Do you want to be sure you are not wrong?

Wait for him to be the first to write to you, answer him briefly, and always with a light and playful tone.

If he writes something that leaves you “stunned” and speechless, simply don’t answer him …

5. Use greetings and courtesy phrases. “Hello”, “Please”, “Thank you”, “Please”, “Could you”, “Excuse me”.

It is etiquette, good manners, not submission.

Attention, it must not be submitted, but good education.

If he doesn’t do the same to you, leave him.

I am asked a thousand thousand times a day: “How can I recognize a man of worth?”

Here, dear, a clue, if he is a peasant he is not a man of worth.

Drop it now, because it will get worse over time …

How to win over a man by message. Watch out for slips!

6. Forbidden phrases: “I love you” — “I miss you” — “When are you coming back?” — “I want to see you” — “What happened to you?” — “When are you calling me?” — “Why do not you call me?” — “Why do not you answer?” — “You love Me?” etc.

They arouse boredom, they exude childishness, they smell of manipulation ten kilometers away.

They can be the result of a gigantic misunderstanding: that is, you think that you can expect something from him, while he has no intention of meeting your expectations and therefore feels taken more seriously than he wants to be taken.

If he is in doubt, he runs away.

In other cases, remember that these messages have an eros quotient below zero.

7. Things not to do: contact him first, we have already said that; we reiterate: contact him first if it is more than 24 hours that he does not show up.

Make do.

8. Use common sense. To think. Reflect.

Communication always requires a minimum of identification and empathy, understanding of the other, and his psychology.

9. Consider that if you don’t feel like joking with him and being light-hearted, or you think you can’t empathize with him and put yourself in his shoes, this is a sign that things aren’t working and can’t work.

10. Be creative.

Get out of your usual patterns, out of your comfort zone, and invent something that is unexpected, just like certain advertisements do, with striking and surprising phrases.

What to do with chat idiots

Chats, keyboards, and screens have great merit, for the many cowards who surround us, of allowing us to act without putting our face or voice into it.

That is to act undercover, in protection, perhaps even in lies.

Many idiots use messages to “play” with women, without getting involved.

Beyond the extreme cases we mentioned above, namely those of sentimental scams, there is a large group of male types with a column full of numbers of women who have met here and there in their varied and adventurous existence.

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