How to Make an Aries Man Addicted to You?

how to make an aries man addicted to you picture
how to make an aries man addicted to you picture

Want to learn how to make an Aries man addicted to you? Almost every woman hopes, eventually, to find someone special to have and retain forever. And if this man turns out to be a Capricorn, there are tips you can use not just to ensure he’s happy, but to keep him just to yourself!

Capricorn men are notable for their loyalty and the same is expected of them. Trust is very important to them, among other things.

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How to Make an Aries Man Addicted to You?

Don’t play with your Capricorn man. Not only do they hate being played with and trying to decipher hidden signals, but they don’t like to feel like you’re anything less than loyal. Be honest with your man and let him know your intentions. Allow him to feel safe and calm with your relationship.

Show him that you are committed. Capricorn men continually seek a stable and reliable relationship. They can be a bit old-fashioned or traditional and are seen at the end of the road in a married state with a loving family.

Listen to your man. The Capricorn man can be a bit insecure or doubtful at times. Show him that you are always there for him, to listen to his problems and offer support. Make sure to let him know that you will always be there when he needs you.

Maintain your own identity. Even if you are in a committed relationship, Capricorns crave their own space. Don’t take this personally, but know that sometimes your man may just want to spend time alone or with his friends and you should grant it to him. You too can take the opportunity to maintain your relationships with your friends and with your own interests.

Many people feel insecure at times, including the people you love the most. If your partner isn’t feeling confident, it’s time for him to feel a little more confident. With a few words and kind gestures, you can do it.

Tell him that you are proud

Just letting him know that you are proud of him will make him feel more confident. For example, if you’ve been promoted at work recently, say, “I’m so proud of you for getting promoted. I’ve always known that you had the determination and skills to get ahead in the corporate world.” Doing so will let him know that you value his hard work.

Listen to him

It is important to always be there for your partner when they need to talk. If you are having problems at work or school, you will need to be listened to. Let him know that you are listening by maintaining eye contact and not interrupting him. When she speaks, take her hand or put your arm around her to show compassion.

Spend time with him

Always make time for him on your calendar. Doing this will show him that you enjoy being with him. Plan a picnic lunch on the beach, go for a walk together, or watch movies at home. If your calendar is very full, at least find time to call him and tell him that you think of him.

Tell him “I love you”

We all like to be reminded that they love us. When you go out to dinner or watch TV together, tell him that you love him. Tell him what qualities you love about him, such as his intelligence and warm personality.

Apologize when necessary

Sometimes people say or do things that they don’t feel and that can hurt their partners. While it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s not okay to blame yourself. If you have done or said something that has hurt your partner, tell him that you are sorry and that you did not want to hurt him.

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How to Make an Aries Man Addicted to You? by Theresa Alice

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