How to Make Him Chase You in a Relationship?

how to make him chase you in a relationship image
how to make him chase you in a relationship image

Wondering how to make him chase you in a relationship? Love is still the best thing in the world. If only it wasn’t always so damn complicated …

Fortunately, there are a few psychological tricks that we can use to really turn the chosen one’s head. Even if he didn’t want us beforehand (which we really can’t understand).

We reveal how you can use these three approaches to get any man — and how he can go crazy for you and chase you.

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How to Make Him Chase You in a Relationship?

Relationship: 3 Tricks That Will Make Him Want You

1. Say “no” and he wants you

The male ego is huge and does not accept rejection. It is not for nothing that men often drive the thickest cars and wear expensive clothes. Everything they want to do with it is to satisfy women and to make women respect them. This means that as soon as you know that a person does not receive the anticipated admiration, you begin to wonder why that is. And here’s the key: once a man starts worrying about you, you’ve won.

We don’t need to mention here that we know how difficult it is to give the object of desire the cold shoulder every now and then. But: Especially when he is sure of you, he will be all the more surprised when you say “no”. It automatically assumes that you want it. This doesn’t mean that you should just cancel all appointments, but putting him on the waiting bench every now and then can work wonders.

After all, all people want what they cannot get. Wake up the hunter in him!

2. Make use of reverse psychology

Anyone who knows a little about reverse psychology will know how effective this method is in getting what you want.

All you have to do is just tell him the exact opposite of what you actually want.

If you use this method correctly, you can make him go crazy for you.

Is he a good friend of yours but knows that you like him or have you ever been a couple before? Then say in a suitable situation: “I’m so incredibly happy that things are finally so relaxed between us and that we are just good friends.”

Or he’ll say something like: “Let’s just be friends”, then answer him: “You’re right, that’s for the best. We’re not a good match anyway. “

To top it off, you note that you will be very busy in the near future and probably have less time to keep in touch. He will first accept your request — but not for long. You will see, soon he will get back to you and see if you really mean what he said (you know, the male ego).

3. Do what you want — regardless

You are not in a relationship and you have all the freedoms in this world. Point. We don’t mean that this gives you a free pass to flirt with — that would only scare him off. Instead: Do exactly the things you feel like doing and what you feel like doing.

Because: We humans feel drawn to people who live their own lives, have fun, and don’t let anything or anyone fool us. You can also let the bitch hang out one or the other time or ignore him.

For example, if you’re sitting in a café and a friend is walking by, just turn around, wave at them and let them pass for a moment. After all, he doesn’t want you and that’s why he’s not the center of the world — and certainly not your world. Yes, that will surprise him, because normally he only knows you as a dear friend who has fallen for him unconditionally and is always on his lips. But that’s over now.

From today you take the reins in your hand — and he can chase you. And bet he will?

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How to Make Him Chase You in a Relationship? by Theresa Alice

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