How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love With You Again Psychology Tricks — 10 Tricks

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How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love With You Again Psychology Tricks picture

If you want to learn How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love With You Again Psychology Tricks, then this article is for you. You will learn:

  • Why you ruined it with your girlfriend.
  • How to get her back, and how to make her fall in love with you again.
  • Why you can never sit quietly on the couch when you have a girlfriend.
  • How you constantly give her new experiences, and how this makes her addicted to you.
  • What is my best tip is to make a woman fall in love with you so much that she will never let you go again.
  • … and much more.

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It will undoubtedly have happened to you. Like every man that happened. You have a relationship. Everything is going well …

… at least, you think so.

And suddenly Mrs. comes to the conclusion that she is no longer in love. That’s a big deal. Whatever the case may be: it is irritating.

I mean, if you know she’s been feeling less for a while, you should know what to do. If you have no idea I can assure you it will not automatically get better.

What am I saying?

Even if you have been together for twenty years.

But the chance is greatest if you are somewhere in your 40s. Funnily enough, the divorce rate is also 40%.

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And as you can see at the bottom of the graph, as you get older you are quite the shack.

If you have been married for 14 years, it is suddenly “ time for something else.”

The problems?

They start earlier than you think. But because you are too busy to pay attention, they do not stand out.

And what if you have a shorter relationship?

Women are a bit like chickens. They never know which way they want to go.

In every relationship, there are several moments when it is about to end. Those are points where she no longer shows interest.

If you panic at such a moment, chances are that you will lose her.

So it’s better to stay calm. And learn how to handle such situations.

In addition, I will explain to you how love works. And what this has implications for having a relationship.

Because at a certain moment falling in love is no longer enough. And you face a considerable challenge when the butterflies have stopped fluttering.

It’s time to explain what you can do if you’re in a relationship and your girlfriend is no longer in love with you.

I do that on the basis of 10 tips.

Are you ready for it?

Tip 1: Understand how falling in love works


  • Play in the first team of Barcelona while you have never touched a football.
  • Earn two million within two months if you had a benefit so far.
  • Go to bed with three women in one day if you normally need a year for that.
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Being a good football player, businessman or decorator is not that complicated at all.

If you know what you have to do, you have the right coaching and you know how to manage yourself, it can all be achieved.

The same goes for making women fall in love with you.

It is easy to do.

That is if you have the knowledge and experience for it.

Experience is what grows over the years.

The road to becoming a player is paved with broken hearts, I always say. And if you enter into many relationships, it is undoubtedly yours.

But if your wife is no longer romantically interested in you, you are stuck with the baked pears.

Do you actually know how falling in love works?

In the first period that you get a relationship, there will be a crush.

This is a phase in which a woman binds to you. And this lasts for about 6 months to a year.

Because evolutionally speaking, a woman was very vulnerable at the birth of a child.

She couldn’t go anywhere with such a small sprout on her arm.

In prehistoric times, there were often enough situations where danger was imminent, so she needed someone to protect her and her baby.

If you fall in love with each other after you have had sex, chances are that you would stay together in the primeval times. And with that, the chances of survival of your baby became a lot bigger.

Falling in love is therefore easy to explain from evolutionary psychology. But also from physiology, there is 1 and other things you need to know.

Because of the crush, she feels for you:

  • You can do a lot less wrong in her eyes.
  • She becomes a lot less critical
  • She gets stressed the moment there is a chance that she will lose you.
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Conversely, something similar happens to you.

You literally get addicted to her.

All sorts of substances are pumped through your head and body that make it hard to think of someone else.

This makes you less critical, and you get completely absorbed in the relationship.

  • Because she is less critical during the fall in love state, she will be less likely to correct you if there are situations in which you do something she finds off.
  • When you are in love, you become obsessed with her and want to do everything to make her happy.
  • The result is that you will do too much. That you become too attached to her and behave in ways that are not at all rational.
  • This allows you to build patterns. You interact with each other in a way that is driven by your hormone balance that has run wild.
  • When the love runs out, both of you shoot out of a trance, and the question suddenly arises: “ What next? “You have both changed in that phase, and because patterns have been built up, it is very difficult to become the person you were when they met you.

This is in most cases after the first 6 to 12 months. Something must have replaced that crush after this period.

If not?

Then there is simply no reason for her (and for you) to stay with her.

You could already see this in the divorce figures.

There are too many reasons to list. But there are a number of factors that make people stay together for too long or divorce after a long time:

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1. A scarcity mentality.

Most people are ridiculously insecure.

Instead of having ice-cold self-confidence, they are constantly afraid that the other will abandon them.

It is no secret that women approaching the 30 have had their best time on the dating market.

And thereby telling themselves that they have to settle for less.

The problems with this strategy arise when they have been married for a long time to someone who does not suit them. At a certain moment, it is enough and they no longer pull it.

And then the relationship ends.

2. Relationships are closed.

People are simply subject to the Coolidge effect.

As we meet new attractive partners, our sexual interest increases. Always being interested in the same partner is an illusion.

Of course, relationships sooner or later break up when people are naturally constantly interested in new sex partners.

When this is a breaking point for maintaining the relationship, it is not strange that this means that most relationships will end sooner or later.

It is not for nothing that a strange number of people cheat.

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3. Choose “ for yourself “.

In particular, there is a current trend in which people are encouraged to “ choose for themselves ” at all costs.

This means that you have to do two things when a situation is too much against you:

  • You have to stop thinking about other people
  • You have to make a completely selfish decision.

The problem with this logic is that when you ask a friend or friend for advice, that person only knows 1 side of the story.

If you tell someone what is wrong with your relationship, it is incredibly easy for that person to say, “ Oh girl, just choose yourself .”

While if there is a problem and you seek professional help — there are often small things that make the difference between a happy relationship and an unhappy one.

But thinking about it at all requires a self-reflection that most people cannot and will not do. They have to get over their ego for that.

How do you do that, and how do you ensure that your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend falls in love with you again?

You can read that below.

Tip 2: Find out why it went (almost) with your ex

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Your wife is no longer in love with you.

How did that happen?

Have you ever thought about why it went out?

I can’t read my mind, homie. And you neither.

A vague feminine description such as “ I am no longer in love ” will not help you.

People assume that “ falling in love ” is a kind of all-embracing feeling. It’s a bit like the flu. You get it, you sick it and then it’s gone.

But in reality, being in love is nothing but a physical and mental intensity that you experience in the first 6–12 months of your relationship. After that, it will indeed disappear, as I taught you.

That doesn’t mean that this necessarily means the end of you and that woman.

If you haven’t messed it up too much, the woman will have other reasons to stay with you.

“I am no longer in love with you ” is, therefore, nothing less than something that is undoubtedly true when she says it after the first year of your relationship.

But what she also means is: “ And otherwise you don’t give me what I need or there are better alternatives available.”

A comment like “ I’m not in love anymore ” can be understood in two ways.

You can say: “ Oh, what a pity. But it can happen. “Or you can be a real man, thinking:” What is missing from her in the relationship that she wants to stop now?

The best thing you can do is from the beginning of every relationship that you start applying.

Make sure your girlfriend gets what she needs. So that she falls so in love that she sooner or later has doubts.

If you apply those tips from the start, the chances are that you will last longer. That she gets more satisfaction out of the relationship than that you lean back and wait until “ her feeling has disappeared .”

But OK. You didn’t do that, and now you’re in the mash.

What now?

Tip 3: Get a life

I will tell you more about how your girl makes sure that you do everything she wants. But first I want to talk about what you give up for your girlfriend.

Popularly this is also called “being under the slab.

You always used to work out on Tuesday evening. But now your girlfriend wants you to stay at home and watch TV with her. She whines. She’ll be sad if you don’t.

And so you admit it.

You are losing sight of your friends with whom you went out. Her group of friends is increasingly becoming yours. All your contacts outside of her start to fade.

The problem with this is that your world is increasingly turning around the woman in question.

You lose your independence, a characteristic that is very attractive to women.

She is not at all waiting for a man who sits on the couch at home and gives paws — even though she is really doing your best to change you in that.

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Make sure you have your own social circle. Preferably a group of men with whom you can chill.

Also, make sure that you have ambitions, and that you have goals that you want to achieve.

If you do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV with your girl, as she undoubtedly tries to arrange, she will sooner or later conclude that you have become a boring fool.

You will have to teach her that you are not going to change, purely because you love her.

Take a look in the mirror.

  • Have things changed in your appearance?
  • Have you started taking care of yourself less because you are in a relationship?
  • What are things you can do today to get a better look?
  • Is it time to go to the gym and get rid of that big tripe?

Although falling in love can be easy, it doesn’t just fall from the sky.

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A woman does not fall in love with every man.

There were indeed things that she found attractive to you.

It is important to find out what these are and to ensure that this is reflected in your life.

For example, if you were a very ambitious man but this has diminished in the course of your marriage, do everything to find a new ambition again.

Make sure you learn what it is like to be the man they (and other women) fell for.

And talking about that:

Tip 4: Don’t be too sweet

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If you are in love, it is easy to fall into a pattern in which your hair gives everything your heart desires.

Unfortunately, pop culture does not serve men in setting the standard.

You hear constantly torturing metrosexuals panting about how they constantly pamper the lady they like.

The part they don’t include in the song is the moment the woman tells him she thinks he’s a wimp and that she’d rather be fucked by a real guy instead of a man who gives her everything she wants.

Therefore, don’t be too nice to women.

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You can give her everything you want, but this is not the way to her heart.

Women know that insecure men do this, and eagerly use it.

It would not surprise me that if you have been married to a woman for a long time, you are doing all sorts of things for her purely to keep her happy.

I have heard stories of men who “ don’t get sex ” from their wives if they don’t do the dishes for two weeks.

Such a situation is the last thing you want.

If your wife is no longer in love with you, the problem may be that you have behaved like a very desperate snuffer.

It is very difficult to come back from this when the time comes.

The only thing I can recommend is not to go beyond your own limits.

And to have your own opinion. What you do not deviate from, purely to make her happy.

And that’s what my next tip is about.

Tip 5: Have standards

Without standards, a woman does not know what she has for you.

If you do everything she wants and have no further opinion, the leadership of the relationship lies with her. That is a responsibility that she does not want to bear.

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Every woman wants a man who can carry her.

Who takes the lead. So she can just be a woman.

But if she knows she can wrap him around her finger like that, and that he does everything she wants, then that is not worth a whistle.

She doesn’t have a husband, but a puppet.

This is the last thing she’s waiting for.

Take the lead. Take her on a date. Do the same in bed.

You are the man, so you make the choices.

If you have not done this for years, you can start this bit by bit.

You don’t have to go from 0 to 100 in one go, but start building this up today won’t hurt.

Most men app their bedtime with their women every day. Or ask her unnecessary questions such as “ Hey, how was your day?

If you do this, I hope you will be robbed tomorrow and your phone will be taken. He’s in better hands with a crook than with you.

There is no reason to constantly respond to your wife.


I would suggest that you now only respond if she has something nice to offer you.

And just don’t respond for a few days. This prevents them from getting the idea that your time is not that valuable.

Only when I started applying this rule did I notice that it was only improving.

No more annoying women who constantly ask for your attention while they have nothing to say.

No confusion about having something better to do than to pull on and do things for her, whether you feel like it or not.

But if you want the relationship to be continued on your terms from now on, there must be something to it.

And what is that?

You can read that in the coming tips.

Tip 6: Do your best for her

Scientific research shows that being nice to a woman does not work.

But of course, it goes without saying that if you only ask her for things and give nothing in return, you won’t get that far either.

Some men who have just learned that they can learn how to become better at women make enormous progress.

Some women fall in love with them. But after a while, when the infatuation begins to weaken, they begin to see what a real upper-class he is.

He takes her on dates and fun activities, keeps it full in bed for more than 2 minutes and makes sure his balls are shaved.

But as soon as he “ has ” her, he stops doing his best. He turns into a lazy thunder. And is no longer doing its best to please her.

This is the same as when you date a woman who falls madly in love with you after about three weeks and from then on only wants to watch The Voice of Holland and wants to feed you chips on the couch.

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Whether you are together for 10, 100, 1000 or a million days …

Make sure you give her what she likes.

Learn what she needs and give her that. And be a little efficient at this.

If you bring her breakfast in bed every day and she doesn’t like it, then you’re just a fool.

It is not the intention to dig you out. Everything you do has a function.

And that function is that she looks at you with a hodgepodge of joy and disbelief. And that same evening you try to please so hard that your balls almost collapse.

If you want to stay with her when the first butterflies are gone, you want to be the best man who can get them.

Part of that is being attentive.

The other is to remain attractive, both physically and mentally. And above all, you can never take it easy.

So many men that I coach or just meet in daily life have become lazy thunders.

They allow themselves to put chips in their mouths and rub them over their chubby belly with their girlfriend, with The Voice in the background.

Tip 7: Give her new experiences.

Dude, I don’t care what you do.

But do something.

Every time you are with her, you turn it into a faking event.

Instead of your name, your number should be under the name “ amusement park ” in her phone.

So she knows that when she meets you, she is always confronted with new events and new emotions.

If a woman sees you alone in your bed, or occasionally with your friends, then it quickly becomes boring. But when she can see you from a different side every time …

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… and every time you can see how you behave differently …

… then she will never get enough.

As soon as she “has” you, you will have lost.

It is therefore important to always be one step ahead of her.

And ensuring that things remain a bit exciting.

Women watch cry movies. Together, on the couch. With tissues and white wine.

Why is a complete mystery to me?

At least, I have a scientific explanation for it. But the “ understanding “? Nah.

What you do with these new experiences is that women experience tension in the relationship.

They need that.

Without that tension, she starts to get bored. And she is unable to occupy herself.

She needs you for that.

And talking about keeping busy… ..

Tip 8: Get better in bed


If you think you are good in bed, then you are wrong.

Most men are very bad in bed.

But then really terribly bad.

If you think men love sex, you’re right.

But if you claim that women don’t find it that interesting, then you know nothing at all.

I don’t blame you.

Nobody tells you what a woman is waiting for or not.

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They also do not explain that you may be allowed to do something not to suck so hard in bed.

If you think a woman tells you when you are doing something wrong, you are wrong.

But apparently you are not terribly bad, because otherwise, she would disappear from your life before you had a relationship.

Let’s just keep it “ lousy to very mediocre “.

During sex, a number of things are added especially to women that make me very happy:

  • Oxytocin and other neurotransmitters
  • Violent emotions that give her the stimulation she is looking for
  • Hormones that cause a euphoric feeling

Every time you have good sex with her, she will learn that you can provide her with feelings that she can’t find anywhere else.

Because most men are bad in bed, it is very difficult for a woman to find good sex.

Tip 9: Take a break now and then.

If you work on something for a long time, you can get confused about what’s important.

Whether it is with your children, at work or in your relationship. If you don’t run away occasionally, you keep running laps behind your own tail.

While such a temporary break makes you realize that you are missing something or someone and would like to be in your life.

You are supposed to miss the woman in your life. Whether it is because you have not responded to her SMS for three days. Or that you indicate to take two weeks off without her.

The intention is that you take complete freedom to unwind for a moment without her.

The result is that she can feel that she misses you (if it is right), that you can focus your priorities and that you can continue to work together afterward if you wish.

But without such a period it becomes pretty difficult to keep a woman in love with you.

What does she have to lose?

Tip 10: Date other women.

It becomes much easier to say no to a woman if there is another woman who does accept exactly the same behavior (and the same applies to women the other way).

It becomes easier and easier to make decisions and develop your own compass.

If that semi-attractive woman is the only one with whom you go to bed, and that this is also the person with whom you make connections in all sorts of other areas … (emotional, financial, etc.)

While this is one of the features that are attractive to women (see tip 3)

Well, it might not be smart to start talking about an open relationship if your girlfriend is no longer in love. Unless she still wants to stay with you despite that.

But know for the next time.

Or if the opportunity presents itself. That it is smarter to start an open relationship or at least date several women than to follow the facts.

Now you know How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love With You Again Psychology Tricks

It is not easy. But much needed.

Women never do what you expect. And all you can do is learn how to deal with them in general.

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