How To Start a Conversation With a Guy You Like? 20 Ideas

how to start a conversation with a guy you like image
how to start a conversation with a guy you like image

Thinking about how to start a conversation with a guy you like? Having no subject to talk to is one of the most boring things that can happen in any relationship. Everyone has something to say, so we separated tips to raise the subject, whether with a crush, with a boyfriend, or anyone else.

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How To Start a Conversation With a Guy You Like? 20 Ideas

Subjects to talk to a crush

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Everything that is strange to us, in the beginning, can become a good thing in the future, and there is nothing more gentle than giving people space to talk about you. You can ask:

• What do you like to do when you have nothing to do?

• What makes you admire someone?

• What is your character that you like the most?

Pay close attention! The next subject may be in the answer you will receive 😉

If you are looking for a topic to talk to, it is a sign that you are interested in the person. And if you are interested, you have a reason. What is the reason? Try to go to the more “sentimental” side of the thing, focusing on aspects such as personality, personal tastes, some achievements that the person has made, and so on. For example:

• I love the passionate way you talk about the things you like.

• Your personality is captivating, you don’t want to leave.

• When you did [such a thing], that’s when I found out I might like you.

3. Comment something interesting about where they are

If you are on a date with a crush, research something interesting about the place first. Or make a comment that shows that you are an observer. Intelligence attracts anyone and can generate a good chat!

The expression “Carpe Diem” is a Latin phrase from a work by the Roman poet Horácio. This in itself is already an interesting curiosity to use as a subject for conversation. But another nice thing is to talk about your day: after all, according to this philosophy, every day is unique and extraordinary and has something good to teach us. You can ask, for example:

• Tell me an interesting thing that happened in your day.

• If your day was a movie, would it be drama, comedy, action? (There’s still time to turn into a romance 😏)

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose what we could often win, out of simple fear of taking chances.

William Shakespeare

This Shakespeare’s phrase can be your starting point for chatting with someone: comment on how important it is to take chances and get rid of the doubt of doing or not doing.

After all: it will be difficult not to win that person’s attention using the speech of one of the most romantic names in history!

This phrase can bring a lot of reflection on how beautiful and important it is to listen. Many people start talking, talking, talking, and forget that on the other side there is someone eager to be heard. He arrives at her and says: “Today I just want to hear from you. What do you tell me?”

Just tell the person on the other side something that is funny about you: it will demonstrate that you are able to practice self-criticism and humor! Can be:

• A funny situation that you lived recently

• Some characteristic of yours that everyone finds funny

• Some “secret” that you hide because you fear that people will laugh at you

Nothing like sharing a love for food! You can talk to him or her on Whatsapp asking:

• What is your favorite dish?

• One day I tried [such a thing] and it was one of the most different dishes I’ve ever seen! Have you eaten?

• I know an incredible restaurant that I want to introduce you to, do you agree?

There is no more sincere love than that for food.

One should only drink for taste: drinking for disgust is a stupid thing.

Mario Quintana

This phrase by Mario Quintana is for those who really see the pleasure in trying good drinks. If you, for example, like to enjoy a glass of wine, a different beer, weird drinks, or even those juices that no one has ever heard of: there is a good topic to start a conversation.

Invite the person to “get lost” with you on a different day. It can be:

• A walk somewhere new

• A quiet walk in an open park

• A train ride with a special playlist prepared for you

Anything. It is enough that both are willing to do something different and break the bore of everyday life.

Everyone likes to comment on the current issues, but few people are really interested in delving into issues, checking facts, reading beyond social media, and exposing points that are not “beaten”.

One of the smartest things you can do to impress someone is to say something that you really went into. But never close the door to views other than yours!

One of the parents of modern cinema has already given you the hint that you can use to talk about movies with someone else: what has the most different film you have ever seen brought to your imagination? It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t like to comment on movies with you.

Be it funk, samba, rock, rap, classical music, pop, anything: music is one of the universal subjects capable of having a good chat with everyone.

You can comment on your favorite style, etc., but how about talking about music as something that transcends style, fashion, genre and is the expression of something much bigger, for example, a culture?

It is clear that everyone when discussing something with someone, we have some interest. But try not to focus on the result, but on the enjoyment of the walk.

Leave your range of affairs open and don’t go straight to flirting, or asking for help, or favor, whatever your purpose. Try to create intimacy little by little, always paying attention to the person’s reactions and responding as they give you space.

All love-based on interest ceases with the cause that gave birth to it, but selfless love lasts forever.

What did you learn that you did and still make a difference in your life today? There is a deep and interesting subject to start an intelligent conversation with someone.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other networks will always have hot topics that you can bring to your conversations. Be careful not to ignite the conversation due to divergence of opinion!

We know that sometimes it is very complicated to select good content on Netflix and, instead of using the internet, you can use this question as a way of chatting with that person. Ask:

• Tell me about a movie that you liked a lot on Netflix?

• Tell me about a series that you would like to see again?

• What was the last thing you watched on Netflix?

After you have an indication, ask her what she (he) thinks, why she likes it, and try to make connections with things you have also seen. It’s talk that never ends!

Everyone likes to travel. Consequently, everyone likes to talk about travel. It doesn’t have to be something gigantic and expensive, it can simply be a unique moment that you lived out of the ordinary place where you live.

It is also worth asking about the trips that the person has already taken, and even talking about what it means to travel for you.

Start with the basics:

• What is your sign and ascendant?

• Who would be the ideal partner according to the sign?

• What characteristics say that your sign has to match your way of being?

It sounds silly, but this sign talk usually goes a long way too!

how to make matters with him or her

There are many reasons to doubt and one reason to believe.

Tell him what your dreams are, and how you intend to achieve them. This will demonstrate your side that is dedicated, organized, and thinks ahead. A charm capable of attracting a lot of people 😉

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