How To Text Your Ex Boyfriend For The First Time?

how to text your ex boyfriend for the first time picture
how to text your ex boyfriend for the first time picture

Thinking about how to text your ex boyfriend for the first time? You have decided to take the initiative, to begin the “direct” phase of your love reconquest.

But doubt persists and prevents you from really moving forward. Indeed, you are simply wondering if the timing is right if it really is the ideal time to reconnect with your ex, and how to proceed to make it go as well as possible. You then have the idea of ​​sending a very simple text message just to renew the dialogue after the breakup.

We must recognize that it is not always easy to start a discussion with the one you want to recover, especially when it is the first message after the tensions or after a clear cut in the contacts. I am thinking in particular of those who have opted for the radio silence.

You ask yourself a lot of questions and this is quite normal, your questions are legitimate, you do not want to make mistakes and find the right words to get your message across.

So you are looking for a way to know the best time to reconnect with your ex, neither too early nor too late. The reconquest of love is sometimes played out in a few hours or a few days rather, and that is the whole difficulty. We must therefore act quickly without rushing. So I suggest you discover when to send a text to your ex to be at the right timing, which otherwise could compromise your return to your former partner.

How To Text Your Ex Boyfriend For The First Time?

What to do before texting your ex?

As you can see, before knowing exactly when to reconnect with your ex, you have to act on yourself. Love stories, and therefore the causes of a breakup, are totally different depending on your history and your ex’s character.

After a big argument, because you didn’t want to go to dinner with his mother or after infidelity, you can imagine that the need for distance is not the same and that therefore, where it will be necessary to wait a week for some, for others a month will be necessary before sending a message to the ex.

Communication has an essential role in regaining love and in love life in general. But that’s not the only important element, self-confidence is just as important! If you want to succeed in your seduction and find happiness in love, you must believe in yourself and no longer doubt your chances of succeeding in being happy again with the man or woman you love.

So the ideal time to text your ex is when you feel able to control your emotions when you have enough perspective to be able to analyze the breakup and understand it and not rush headlong into actions. that you might very quickly regret.

It’s better to waste a few days thinking about your comeback and strategy, questioning yourself, and even weighing the pros and cons to know if getting back with your ex is really what you want, rather than taking action. too quickly and constantly in doubt.

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The best moment: When to text your ex EXACTLY?

Giving a precise moment that would correspond exactly to your relationship and saying when to text your ex is far from easy because it all depends on your history, the duration of it, the circumstances of the breakup, the character of the person who shared your life and how he experienced the separation and multiple other factors.

However, there are certain rules that apply to all situations of sending an SMS to your ex or almost …

Before you want to text your ex, you have to remember never to rush and stay sober in the content of the message. In the love life, whether in a phase of seduction, couple life, or, in our case, regaining love, there are several golden rules when sending a text. One of them is to not act too quickly and give in to your impulses because of your feelings (whether positive and/or negative).

I know what you are telling yourself, you think it is impossible that you cannot control what you are feeling and that you may make mistakes. It is true that controlling your feelings is not an easy task and it is even impossible for many but expressing them is different and therefore you can act on that level. You are still crazy about your ex and you can’t help it, his physique, his attitude, his gestures, all of that is anchored in you.

But it’s completely avoidable to pick up your phone and text your ex that doesn’t make sense and that is sure to make your situation worse. I don’t want to stop you from loving someone, but to prevent you from making mistakes. Stop sending messages from m **** to your ex is imperative to win him back!

Before you know when to text your ex, you need to focus on yourself and your way of expressing your feelings. If you send an “I love you, come back to me!” », Even if it is at the best time, it will not be effective.

The ideal is therefore to send a message not too soon after the breakup in order to show that you have carried out a relevant reflection, but also to prepare a powerful text message that will have an impact on the person you want to find.

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What’s the best text to send to an ex?

I was just referring to the reflection to be carried out a little higher and I wanted to bounce back on this aspect, because many men and many women do not really know what they are looking for, but throw themselves headlong into the reconquest. I have already reminded you that this is not the solution especially if you want to contact your ex by text message.

You need to take the time to think about the best way to get back to him. Should you use humor? Do you have to be serious? Should you stay neutral or call your ex by his nickname? Ask yourself the question! You know your ex and if you acted well beforehand you know what his needs and expectations are.

You must not come back to your ex in any way and that is why it is essential to take your time to think about it calmly, without being overwhelmed by stress or asking yourself thousands. of questions. Take a distance physically and psychologically! Your ex isn’t the only person who needs to getaway. You too have every right to take a step back and come back later because the right time to text your ex is also based on how you feel.

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