How to Text Your Ex to Impress Him/Her?

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how to text your ex image

Would you like to know how to text your ex to impress him/her? It all seems so simple, but it certainly isn’t. The chance that you use the wrong words is high. It is therefore important to know what you have to take into account. You will discover all this in this article.

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How to Text Your Ex?

Would you like to impress your ex, but you don’t know how to do that best? Remember that you have a great resource at your disposal during this time. You guessed it: your cell phone! But then you are not there yet.

Because how you impress your ex by text message or WhatsApp, that all seems so simple, but it certainly isn’t. The chance that you use the wrong words is high. It is therefore important to know what you have to take into account. You will discover all this in this article.

Of course texting with your ex is a solution. You can think about the content of your message beforehand. This will considerably reduce the chance of making blunders.

Understanding how to text your ex is a very efficient way to reconnect.

With a little humor in your message, you can break the ice, especially if there is a certain tension. If you are ‘relaxed’ then your ex will certainly notice that. This can be really refreshing for the relationship with your ex. Certainly, if he or she was not used to this new style of communication from you. If you are not, you can run the risk that the relationship with your ex will deteriorate.

Do not worry! If you follow the instructions in this article carefully, texting with your ex will be much easier for you. Not only with your ex, but even with any other person, you would like to get to know better.

There are a number of rules that you must respect if you want to impress your ex with a text message. On the one hand, you will have to prevent yourself from falling into the friend zone by taking a little more distance. On the other hand, you also make sure that you do not take too much distance again.

However, let us first consider these 2 questions: when and why impressing your ex by text message is a good idea.

When to approach your ex by text message

As mentioned earlier on this website, it is important that you first take a good distance from your ex after the break.

If you immediately bomb your ex after the break with hundreds of text messages, you will considerably reduce your chances of reuniting. The emotions have risen so high after the break that your ex is not open to flattering remarks.

If you try to go straight on the embellishment, your ex will rather see it as ‘slime’. You also make yourself very unattractive. So make sure that you first relax. You will see that after a few weeks you can think much more creatively and you are better able to formulate the right message.

Why approach your ex by SMS?

Maybe your environment tells you that you have all the qualities to suit someone’s taste. After all, you are a nice woman or a nice guy. You look good. Your smile is heavenly, in short nothing to complain about.

Yet. Now it’s about making an impression on your ex, and that’s pretty hard. What do you do when there are tensions? You may ask yourself: “what does my ex actually think of me? does he / she still find me attractive enough? intelligent enough? do I still like the character? and is it just those stupid quarrels or minor blunders that were the drop and the reason to break up?

In short, you feel so insecure about all these types of questions that you can hardly send out a ‘non-threatening, but’ cool ‘message.

One of which your ex will think “so hey, how different this sounds than I’m used to. Hmm, what should I answer? “

Actually sending text messages or WhatsApp messages back and forth is a psychological game.

How you mentally do everything determines your success in seducing your ex.

There are actually 4 reasons or ‘benefits’ mentioned earlier why it is interesting to approach your ex per text message:

1. The temptation per text message is indirect

The world’s top seducers know better than anyone that to achieve results it is necessary to stay under the radar. In other words: you remain discreet about your plans. In any case, this applies to the initial phase.

Once a text message has been properly formulated, it can even upset your ex. Your ex will wonder if your goal is to ‘seduce’ him/her or if you are just after a pleasant chat.

Thanks to this form of communication you can, therefore, raise doubts. Your ex will not immediately understand what you are actually planning. You will, therefore, have to be less direct and less predictable with regard to your goal.

Imagine walking on the street and you see a beautiful woman passing by. She sees you, she sees how you look at her and she immediately thinks you want her number. She will never wonder “does he like me?”, because she knows that you already like her. After all, you take action.

But if you send a message according to the Push and Pull strategy, you can make her a bit insecure. You thus ensure that she starts asking herself all sorts of things, not only about you but also about herself. Because she’s busy with all these questions in her head, she unconsciously attaches herself more and more to you.

The advantage of impressing remotely through a text message is that it is not about your non-verbal behavior at that time. Great if you are a shy person yourself or find that you are not that charismatic. On the other hand, you might be very good at writing!

You can take the first step via a text message. After all, it is a low-threshold means of communication. Whether you are male or female, it is easier for both to take the initiative.

2. A text message is less intrusive

Using text messages has another advantage, and it is less intrusive. Of course, you prevent that you constantly ask the same question again. Patience is a must here.

To ensure that you build up good communication, you can think about various topics that you can contribute beforehand. Think of what your ex finds interesting, what he or she is sensitive to or that makes him happy. Take a pen and paper and write down some ideas. Proceed tactically and think of the right timing! More about this in the following point:

3. The correct timing for sending out your SMS

On the one hand, you can say that you can send a message via WhatsApp or SMS when it suits you, but sometimes it is important that you ensure correct timing. Here’s a good tip:

Do not send messages to your ex if you know that he or she is at a party or is attending a special occasion.

You thereby reduce the chance that your ex will reply to your message.

It is, therefore, better that your message arrives if you are sure that your ex has a moment off at that moment or if you have found out through it that he/she has just experienced something nice. Your ex will also be in a better mood.

If you inquire interested in what it was like (and you know in advance that your ex will appreciate it) then choose such a moment.

Of course, you do not panic once you notice that your ex does not respond immediately. Don’t immediately think that your ex is aloof. Show that you have patience and that you ‘don’t like it’ if you don’t get an immediate answer.

And what if your ex sends you a message in the middle of the night?

I’m sure you will see what your ex is sending out of curiosity. If you received this message via Whatsapp and you look, your ex will see that you are online. Our advice: do not respond immediately. It is then a good time to put your ex in uncertainty. Your ex will wonder ‘why does he/she not respond to such a weird moment?’, And that is exactly what you want to achieve!

If you do not respond immediately, your ex will expect you to do so the next day. So make sure you don’t respond until the following day in the afternoon. Do that preferably with a funny sentence that creates a lot of positivity. For example, that can be a funny statement that immediately breaks the ice.

Don’t forget to add that you also had a very nice night 😉

The 5 pitfalls when sending a text to your ex

When coming to how to text your ex, it’s always nice to seduce someone through a text message, especially when it comes to your ex!

However, it is important that you pay attention to pitfalls because these can cause the effect of your text messages or other decorative tours to be dealt with immediately.

1. Strive for the perfect text message

Not only will you notice that you will get better at inventing an opening. You will also become increasingly skilled at keeping good communication going. That is because you learn to observe well.

You will increasingly be able to focus on the details. It is of course fantastic if you are good at sending text messages or text messages. However, you are not there yet. You will have to map the needs of your ex well and be flexible.

There is something positive or negative in every situation. You will need to know which actions to deploy at what time. Keep observing how your ex reacts to the different things you say. Of course, it is not intended that you become overworked so to speak if you keep thinking that your messages could be better.

Perfectionism can get in your way considerably, so be careful not to be restrained if you suddenly have a brilliant idea. Taking risks is part of winning back your ex.

2. You present yourself better than you are

If you really want to impress your ex, stay close to yourself.

Your ex will know you if you are no longer authentic. So do not exaggerate, and do not hesitate to be vulnerable at times. if you do that the right way, then your ex will start to appreciate you, which then encourages a closer bond.

3. Misjudge your ex

Speaking of risks: you cannot be sure about everything, and certainly not about how your ex will react. Your job is to ensure that you always remain respectful and understanding towards your ex. You also ensure that your ex likes to be in contact with you. Keep the threshold for your ex as low as possible.

There will undoubtedly be a moment where you think “oops, I shouldn’t have said that.” You may have misjudged your ex. Apologizing is certainly something to remember, but don’t overdo it. Instead of saying “sorry, that’s not what I meant”, you’d better say “I don’t like knowing that I just said something that hurt you.” I meant well, but I misjudged you. I now understand better what you mean ”. This shows that you can empathize well with your ex. Such a message is better than if you just say “sorry”. So explain what you feel.

4. Panic too quickly

As discussed earlier in this article: it is possible that when you try to win back your ex via text messages, you can quickly panic. Certainly, if your ex does not immediately respond back while you see that he or she is online.

Don’t send question marks anyway! Do not push because you will not get along. On the contrary: you risk that your ex starts to get quite irritated by your behavior. On the other hand, you may also be quite sensitive to written words. We are not all sensitive to the same things. For example, one may be sensitive to written language and the other to hear it.

Find out for yourself which message comes in the most and be aware of it! Your ex can also experience it differently than you experience it.

5. Stay in the friend zone

Communicating with your ex via text messages can, of course, result in an incredibly pleasant affair. The danger, however, is that at some point you will get stuck in the friend zone.

As soon as you notice that your ex does not want more than just communicating via WhatsApp or SMS, it is time to take a step back. It is then the perfect moment for that. Your ex expects you to just keep talking, but if you suddenly react less quickly, or suddenly change the tone, that will make your ex think, and that is of course exactly the goal!

Finally, we tell you which 3 general rules apply when communicating with your ex by text message.

We have so far dealt with a number of important points about how to best impress your ex by text message. We have paid attention to:

  • The 2 W questions: Why and When
  • The pros and cons
  • The importance of timing
  • The pitfalls

How to text your ex: the 3 main rules

What we also want to give you are three points that you can keep in mind. consider it as 3 tips that you can use as soon as you plan to impress your ex by text message. Incidentally, in any form of a text message.

Here they come:

the 3 most important main rules when texting your ex

1. Keep the goal in mind

The purpose of communicating with your ex by text or Whatsapp remains: to restore the bond of trust and not, in the first place, to impress.

In fact, by this, we mean that it is important that you focus on creating intimacy, togetherness. Your ex will have to feel “yes, we are a really good team together”

So focus on that first step: maintaining a good, positive contact that is easily accessible for both parties. Remember that your ex needs intimacy, positive energy, a carefree partner. So put yourself in the shoes of your ex and ask yourself how you would respond to the message that you intend to send.

2. Think of it as a game

As soon as you start to see communication with your ex via text messages as a game, then you are on the right track. It should certainly not give you any stress, because then you better decide not to.

Forget the traditional questions (the questions you were used to sending) and show what makes you unique. Ask questions that are surprising and motivating that you know your ex will enjoy answering. Showing that you are different from others really makes an impression!

3. Know what you have to offer

Realize that we are on the globe with 7 billion people. So ask yourself why your ex would be interested in you in particular.

Before you close the communication you think about the question “have I provided added value? have I managed to inspire my ex? he or she will want to keep in touch with me ”. Don’t ask intimidating questions or embarrass your ex.

If you keep this in mind, you will be less worried about what I text to my ex

Are you following these rules? You will see that communication with your ex keeps getting better!

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