How To Win a Capricorn Man Back?

how to win a capricorn man back picture
how to win a capricorn man back picture

Wondering how to win a Capricorn man back? Were you with a man of the sign of Capricorn? You broke up and now you want to figure out how to win back a Capricorn man?

He is a tenacious and reliable person. He has some flaws, like everyone else, and he never lets you know what he feels … He always puts on some kind of armor, but basically he’s a special type. I understand why you can’t forget it. Therefore, I am going to tell you how to win back a Capricorn man.

How To Win a Capricorn Man Back?

Are you ready?

Know that it won’t be easy, but it won’t be too complicated… and, even though it may seem like an impossible feat, if you have managed to conquer it once, you can succeed again! And thanks to the advice I am about to give you, you will really break into his heart and, this time, it will be much easier to keep him tied to you.


Of course, whenever we want to succeed in something, the first step is to be positive. However, in this case, it takes a lot more. In fact, as we said earlier, the man of Capricorn builds an armor and does not allow others to understand what he feels. Therefore, you will need to arm yourself with some patience and really work hard if you want to win him back.

In this regard, you must also know that starting with the right awareness is always essential. Therefore, you must even consider that, like all other earth signs (the Taurus and the Virgo ), Capricorn hates those who are not down to earth, but also melodramatic people and those who have a “prima donna” attitude.

So, if you want to win him back, you have to understand why you are no longer together, analyze the causes and understand what to do to improve things and to prevent the usual mistakes from being made.

Plus, you need to avoid acting like a queen who deserves his return or an opportunity he can’t miss, and you need to do everything to not appear desperate and in need of getting back together.

Of course, these things may also be true and you may even really think so.

However, it is important not to show him and instead appear as a sunny, happy person who does not need to be with him.


Well, this attitude will have a powerful effect on him and will draw him back to you like a magnet. Unfortunately, he won’t show it to you — he’ll keep his armor on and continue to be as cold as an icicle. In any case, you must not forget that with this coldness you are only protecting yourself and you, by continuing to follow the suggestions I have just given you and showing yourself friendly towards him, will be able to make that ice melt slowly and spontaneously.

By holding on, the guy will understand that he can still trust you and will gradually begin to reconnect until he gives you all of himself.

At this point, all you have to do is show yourself as the woman he desires and who fascinates him most.


What does the Capricorn man want

This will help you win back a Capricorn man and tie him to you. However, it won’t happen overnight and, therefore, you will have to use that patience and give it time… But you can do it!

If he was the one who left you, he most likely doesn’t feel like you or didn’t feel right for the relationship you had created together. It sounds paradoxical, but most of the time it is.

When he doesn’t feel adequate for something, he doesn’t fight but tends to pull back. Therefore, you will have to try to understand exactly what the problem is, also because before coming back with you, he will want to talk about it to understand if you can really overcome it and if there are finally the conditions that can make him feel good and happy by your side.

When the man of this sign has strong feelings, he tends not only to wear a breastplate but also to put stakes, always to protect himself from disappointment. Therefore, it will be important to reassure him, show the best of you and your good intentions, as well as give him time to understand that he can let go, trust and put away armor and stakes.

Even if you left him, you will find yourself in the same situation. You probably left him because you couldn’t stand his way of criticizing and his rather gruff character … But you must understand that this too was a sign of self-protection: he behaved like this because he cared about you and was afraid of suffering.


To win back a Capricorn man this is the way it is.

So, again, you’ll need to help him trust and melt away … until these defensive weapons are finally set aside.

Basically, if you want to understand how to win back a Capricorn man in the right way, you must understand that the trick to use is always to show him patience, understanding, and immense tenderness …

You will have to put away the aggression, which causes him to run away (this is why he doesn’t get along well with the fire signs!) And which causes him to rise and harden his armor even more. Don’t compete with him and be the one who seeks physical contact.


It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either! Try and see it! If you want a stable, honest, and loyal relationship with a man of this sign … all you have to do is respond to his defenses not with attacks … but with sweetness!

If you have patience, it will be yours and you will be even more united than before. You will finally be able to breach his heart and finally destroy that armor … Don’t give up!

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How To Win a Capricorn Man Back? by Theresa Alice

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