How to Win Someone Back? Powerful Tips

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Are you looking for ways on how to win someone back? I give you 17 tips. With a lot of things you have to do, but also a number of things that you want to avoid at all costs. They would kill the few chances you have.

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How to Win Someone Back?

I received an email from Janine.

(No, that is not her real name. Although it is a very nice name.)

Janine had a nice relationship with a very good man for three years. Unfortunately, a month ago he had come to the conclusion that he no longer liked her.

The consequence?

He dumped her. The day before Valentine.

And Janine didn’t like that very much.

Her heart was broken. In a thousand pieces. She didn’t know if she could ever glue it back together.

It had come like a thunder — not just one during a strong thunderstorm. She couldn’t understand it. How could her ex-boyfriend do this?

She loves him very much and would do anything to get him back.

Well, Janine, it is true that I am a dating coach. I help both men and women to a nice relationship. I’ve been doing that for quite a few years now, and I’ve pretty much-seen everything.

But do you know the spirit of Aladdin? Remember when Aladdin was allowed to make three wishes, but there was one thing the ghost couldn’t? Namely, make the princess fall in love with him?

I’m kind of like that ghost. I can do almost anything, but I can’t. So much for the bad news.

But don’t worry, because the good news is:

You can do it

You made him fall in love with you before, Janine. That means you can do it again.

I firmly believe that if you do the right things, you have a chance to get back together with him.

Will it always work, no matter what? No. If a woman with five different men cheated on the Ferris wheel at the fair while the ticket seller reported it with a megaphone, then the chance is not very high.

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Of course, it is not easy

But in home-garden-and-kitchen situations where partners in a relationship want two different things, and one of them decides to quit, there is hope.

That does not mean it is easy.

But if you want something easy, just grab your phone to play CandyCrush. It’s easy, entertaining and won’t get your ex back.

No Janine, if you want something in life you will have to work for it.

It is a traumatic experience

And I may joke about it, but of course, I understand that it is a very nasty situation that you are in.

Being let down by someone you love is one of the most traumatic experiences that can happen to you as a woman.


Scientific research has shown that although women experience more emotional pain from a breakup, they do recover more fully than men.

Women ultimately come out stronger. Men never fully recover — they just get on with their lives.

He is being ripped out of your life and it hurts a lot. You feel powerless, and you don’t know how to solve it. Because of your desperation, you can try anything to get it back.

One even more desperate than the other.

Ho. Stop!

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Before you go to a viaduct with a paint sprayer to paint very large “ Janine loves His Name” on it, you need to know something:

There are actions that increase your chances. And actions that reduce your chances.

Spoiler alert: Typing his name on a viaduct doesn’t help.

How do I know this?

Because of my years of experience as a dating coach.

I learned exactly what makes men happy and not happy. So I can save you a lot of “trial and error” by advising you on what works.

Because I want you to come together if he is the one. Not that you try in vain and don’t get stuck.

Therefore pay close attention to:

Below I give you 17 tips. With a lot of things you have to do, but also a number of things that you want to avoid at all costs. They would kill the few chances you have.

Do you want to get over him? Then read this article.

Tips on how to win someone back

A breakup is one of the most rotten things you can experience.

I broke a leg and had several holes in my head. But when I think back to the pain of a broken heart …

Then it is a lot more annoying.

With a broken leg, you go for six weeks in a cast and that’s about it. But a broken heart just takes a little longer.

The pain you feel is real

Researchers have put people with a broken heart in a brain scanner. And the results of this compared to people who had broken bones.

What seems?

In people with heartbreak, exactly the same part of the brain becomes active, which is responsible for sending out a pain signal.

So the pain you feel is real, and your brain cannot be distinguished from that of breaking a limb.

Understand that you are in pain and keep it in mind

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Now am I saying to strike your leg with a hammer to distract you from the pain of your heartbreak?

No of course not.

What I do think is that you have to take into account that you are in pain. That you have to understand that you are hungry and that you are really looking forward to a painkiller.

Even if it is not the most sensible move at the moment, this is what your heart needs.

Before you put on your best lingerie set and throw yourself in front of your ex while crying, you want to ask one important question:

Do I want it back purely to ease the pain?

When someone breaks up with us, something funny happens. If you love someone, that person’s judgment is important to you.

And when that person decides to cut off the relationship, your brain thinks:

“Oh, this thoroughly good person doesn’t want to see me anymore. I must be a bad person. ”

In science, this is called cognitive dissonance.

This causes enormous pain. Someone you love, someone you trust decides to stamp on your heart by denying you access to his love. It slaps your self-esteem.

The impulse to reclaim it as quickly as possible can, therefore, become very great. After all, you love him and you don’t want someone you love looking at you.

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You can love someone who doesn’t make you happy

However, there is 1 problem:

You can love someone who doesn’t make you happy at all.

Too often I receive emails from women who are in a relationship with a bad man. Someone who hardly gives her any attention. But if she gets something from him, it is only a negative thing.

Still, these women don’t leave him simply because they love him.

In such a case, the wrong man does not make her happy and is a bad influence on her life. She stays with him anyway because losing his pain — which is great, but lasts relatively short — seems greater than the manageable pain of someone who treats you badly.

In his eyes, being a bad person (even if he’s a jerk himself) has become unbearable for her.

Does he really make you happy?

From the idea that you love him, and the pain that you have lost him, you naturally want him back.

But if you see if he makes you happy, if he treats you with respect, if you get what you need from him …

Do you still want that?

It may seem like no one else will love you

And I want you to remember, it may seem that no one else will love you. And that you’d rather be with someone you love than run the risk of being alone forever.

But I want to reassure you:

Relationships go out every day, and all those people find someone new.

I think it is much better to find someone you love and make you happy. Life is too short to spend it with someone that annoys you daily.

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View your relationship from a new perspective

If you have any doubts about which category your husband falls into, you can always consult with family and friends.

Normally I’m not a fan of asking your loved ones for advice when it comes to relationships. Everyone talks from their own colored experiences. But in this case, it is different. You do not ask for advice, but you ask them a specific question:

“Have I been happier in your eyes since I have a relationship with …?”

They can give you a different perspective, which is not colored by the rose glasses. If you both come to the conclusion that you have not become happier, they can help you get better. That is also one of my tips for dealing with heartbreak.

Do you still want it back?

Now that I’ve given you this big warning, my question is simple:

Did your friend make you happy? And do you love him? And that’s why you still want it back?

Then it is time to think hard. So sit back, fasten your seat belt, and get ready…

Because here’s my second tip about getting your ex back:

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It is not for nothing.

And when that happens, it is quite a shock. You may have difficulty thinking clearly, or may not even believe it. The feelings you have are so intense that understanding yourself and the situation is a lot more difficult.

I see that in reactions and e-mails from women who say that it is out.

I often read there about their tears, their anger and frustration and how much they miss their friend. Everything is because they can hardly believe that they are being pushed aside.

Draw rational conclusions — put the emotion aside for a moment

I understand that very well. It is a difficult and painful situation. But I’m not writing this article just to pat you on the shoulder and say: “Come on, it’ll be all right.”

I am here to give you advice which makes it more likely that you will actually get your ex back. And for that, it is important to do something difficult.


Looking very rationally at why your ex broke up.

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And please note: I consciously write “ rationally ”. If you start looking at it emotionally, it will only make you unhappy. You can draw conclusions about whether you are not good enough or that he does not love you enough. But life is not so black and white.

What was the reason to break up?

If you think carefully about the reason, the specific reason, that he broke up with you …

What do you come up with?

Was it, for example, because you are constantly at work and you couldn’t really spend much time with him? Because you cheated, or he no longer finds you attractive?

Be that as it may, you want to know as specifically as possible why your friend broke up with you. Apart from his emotions, but also from yours.

He will have concluded somewhere that he will not be happy

You want to find out what the reason is.

I know this is a tricky question to answer for yourself. Especially because he is so emotionally charged. Certainly when it is just out, just thinking about it can cause a torrent of emotions.

Then remember that you are relating it to yourself again. Calm down. And remember what exactly he said when he broke up with you.

Do you dare?

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This sounds very logical and sorry if you’ve thought of this yourself, but…

… Before you do anything to get your ex back you want to be 100% sure you don’t run into the same thing.

For example, if he complained that you were too much at work and paid no attention to him …

… then make sure you make time at work (or other things) so that you can give it to him when the time comes.

But before you do that, you have to be honest with yourself:

Do you have a strenuous profession?

For example, are you a lawyer or doctor and are you expected to work overtime a lot at the beginning of your career? Pure to earn your spurs?

Then ask yourself what you find more important.

I can imagine that if you have studied for years, and if you are asked to take a certain amount of effort when you are in a new place, it is very unattractive to work less. Especially when being a doctor makes you very happy.

What if there are ways to solve this problem and you know you actually want to? Are you ready to get it back?

Then do this first. So you don’t run into it if he decides to take you back.

Take the initiative to solve the problem yourself

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Indeed, there is a big difference between a woman who becomes dependent and hopes that a man will take her back and a woman who takes the initiative and solves the problem. It is comparable to 2 small children:

Child 1, let’s call him Pietje, would like candy. He goes to his mother to ask nicely. Who says, “No, you shouldn’t have a candy.”

Disappointed as Pietje is, he will not be dismayed. He decides to ask again five minutes later. Even then his mother says “no”. Instead of giving up, Pietje tries again ten minutes later.

Logically, the mother is now a bit crazy, and she sends Pietje away because she is tired of his nagging. It is the same in relationships.

You don’t want to be like Pietje and look like a whine

No, you better be Child 2, namely Paultje.

Paultje also wants a piece of candy, but he understands that if his mother says “no”, five minutes later it will not change out of the blue into a “yes”. He understands that he will have to do something for that, that his mother has to “give” him a piece of candy.

That is why he suggests that he get a treat as a reward: if he has eaten his entire dinner tonight. Mommy thinks that’s a good deal.

And in the evening, when Paultje keeps his word, Mommy gives him a piece of candy.

Get him a treat for you again

Be like Paultje. If you have a man who broke up because he saw a problem, make sure he gives you his love again. Make sure to fix the problem so he can’t wait to give a treat.

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When you are dealing with a breakup, several things disappear in your life.

First of all, the man you love disappears. But in addition, the things he did for you also disappear.

In a relationship, of course, you’re not just sitting on a chair facing each other, while the only sound is the ticking of the clock. You give things to each other:

  • Party
  • Warmth
  • Concrete things like:
  • Cook
  • A massage
  • Sex

Don’t let need fuel your desire

Let’s say your friend gives you a massage regularly. Then, of course, that stops when it is out.

And that can have its effects:

Because if you love massages, and you suddenly don’t get them anymore, this can make you long for him even more than you already do.

If you don’t get your weekly massage, it can make your heartbreak worse.

Don’t desperately ask him to fulfill your needs

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Needs that are not met, which he normally took on, increase your hunger for him.

And since he broke up because there was a problem, you don’t want to come to him now and ask him things.

But that is exactly the feeling he gets when you visit him in desperation. The despair that can be made worse if you haven’t had a massage for a few weeks — or other things he did for you that made you happy.

The solution is simple:

Make sure you meet your own needs

In the example of the massage it is easy:

Go to a massage parlor and have it done by a professional.

Yes, I know it’s much more fun when your friend does it and you miss him. But the point is that you miss him as a person — not the fact that he gave you massages.

You will see that when you take that massage, you feel a lot better. And can judge him clearly, without you longing for a massage anywhere.

It will hurt for a while at first, but it is like a bandage

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Pull it off quickly. And just think like this:

It is like a small child whose parakeet dies. The baby usually does not want a new one, but when he is there he is very happy with it. After a few weeks, he forgot the old one again.

This principle applies to everything:

Do you miss male attention?

Then go on a date with someone else for fun. The intention is not to marry the other person or anything like that.

In fact:

There is no purpose. But it does give you a little bit of attention.

Another man works for you, which relaxes the part of you that longs for that attention. This makes you less desperate because you don’t confuse your desire with the love you feel for your ex.

Did he cook well for you? Then go to a restaurant. Did he cut your toenails? Go to a pedicure. Okay, the latter is a bit absurd… But you know what I mean. However?

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You are in your pocket because your ex is away from you. Logical, right?

Unfortunately, this makes it less likely that he will come back to you. After all, no one likes someone who is sad all day. We all prefer to deal with people who are comfortable in their own skin.

So if you feel bad, you become less pleasant for the people around you. That is not so useful if you want to reclaim your ex.

But there is also something else:

The more you focus on your bad feelings, the more prominent the place they occupy in your life.

Everything that has your attention is getting bigger

So if you spend a lot of time thinking about how bad it is that your ex is gone, it is constantly on your mind.

The more it is in your mind, the more you get used to it. And the more you get used to thinking about your grief, the more likely it gets to your attention if you’re bored or have nothing to do with it.

So when we add up that no one likes to be around someone who is constantly sad, and every bit of attention you give to sadness makes you sad more often and longer …

… Then you will understand why it is smarter not to pay too much attention to your grief.

Can’t I be sad then?

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Of course. Especially in the beginning, when it’s just out, I understand that you want to get away from it all.

Lock yourself up in your room, grab a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and sniff on the couch in your ugliest sweatpants. Just let those emotions out.

The purpose of this is not to make it worse than it is, but to let the tension in your body come out.

But once your biggest tears have dried, and you start thinking more and more about how bad it all is, then it’s time to correct yourself.

You lower your chances that he will come back to you …

… If you are only concerned with your grief.

Your emotions are very powerful, and your sorrow is like a geyser where the water builds up beneath the surface of the earth. If the pressure gets too high, the water suddenly spouts out.

What you want is to put the energy that builds up below the surface into something else. Something that prevents it from spraying out powerfully in 1 go, but preferably also something that increases the chance that your friend will come back to you.

In the following tips, I will advise you on this.

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Nobody likes a sad horn. But of course, losing your friend makes you emotional.

So what do you do?

Before the grief grows so big that you have an eruption, you throw out the energy. And what better way to do that than by going to the gym? Or enjoy playing football, basketball or korfball with friends or at an association?

The result is very simple:

As you move, the energy that was building up can be released in the run-up to an emotional outburst.

This makes you feel a lot better afterward

You burn all the stress hormones that you were carrying around so that you can think more clearly afterward. And it looks a lot fresher to the outside world.

An additional advantage is that you get a nice tight butt from sports. And not just a tight butt. Sports make you look healthier, stronger and more shapely. It works wonders for your appearance.

And as you will see in later tips, you want your appearance to be tip-top when you do your utmost to reclaim your ex.

I remember a friend of mine …

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… Whose boyfriend broke up. I didn’t see her for the first few days. She had locked herself up with a bottle of white wine and howled at the time, I heard from her afterward.

But after that first phase, she decided to turn the tide. Since then, she could be found in the gym every day.

I thought, “What’s this?” And after four weeks she looked so good I thought:

“Hey, this is the best you’ve ever looked out of. It may be a little crude, but having your boyfriend broke up with you is the best thing you could wish for in your appearance. ”

And of course, another added benefit of exercising is that it distracts you.

You’re among the people, some social contact to pull you out of your shell or at least pretend you’re okay, and at the same time, you’re too busy to think too much about your grief.

As a result, you train yourself not only to run faster or to throw a ball but also to be more positive in life.

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As I said before, after your boyfriend broke up, you may feel like you’re worth nothing. This is because someone who loves you no longer wants to see you.

Your brain does:

“ Oh no. He’s a good person and he doesn’t want to see me again. I must be a depraved person. ”

Which is of course not correct at all — but explain that to your failing brain.

And that is exactly what this tip is about.

My favorite writer is Timothy Ferriss. He writes a lot about fitness and about achieving goals.

In one of his books, he learns that it is very unwise to focus on just one thing, be it a relationship or a career or a sports achievement.

The moment you do that, and it fails, you get a huge blow to deal with. It then seems as if you as a person do not matter, purely because 1 thing does not work.

Divide your attention

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That is why Tim Ferriss always ensures that he divides his attention over several areas.

So he is always exercising, to get better at it. And he also looks at what could be better in his company. Or how he can deal better with his loved ones.

The result is that when he encounters a problem on 1 level, he does not feel that it is insurmountable.

It is not emotionally charged, purely because there are other things in his life that are going well. That prevents him from getting desperate, negatively impacting the goal.

Be like Tim…

If your friend broke up, you want to be like Tim Ferriss. If your self-esteem gets a bite, build it up by focusing on something else.

Bond with your family. Haven’t you seen your grandma for three months? Then find her.

Do you have the chance to take more hay on your fork at work and do you know that it will make you feel better? So do it. It will help you to see more clearly if you miss your friend, or for the confidence bite to push you back into his arms.

In addition, you undoubtedly spent a lot of time with your friends. And that time must be filled with something new.

You can sit on the couch and watch cartoons at the time, but it won’t make you happier. Your heart needs rest, and by focusing on other things you create some breathing space.

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It is paradoxical. I know everything in you is screaming now that you want him back. That you want to do everything to get him this far. At least I know that it works for me when I’m in love.

But realize this doesn’t help because he has decided he doesn’t want you. That you want him will not change his mind.

That means, even if it takes a lot of effort, you shouldn’t let him know how much you want him back. If you do this, you disqualify yourself in his eyes.

He will think:

“Gosh, she really wants me back. I don’t have to do anything for it. I feel like I can walk over her, like I have all the power. ”

This is not a situation you want to be in as a woman. Because he broke up, and giving him more power won’t change that.

Be independent of him

I wish you someone who goes 100% for you. That person, no matter how much power he has, will be there all the way for you.

But if your ex has clearly indicated that he does not want to go for you, then it is time to take a step back.

The last thing you want is that he thinks he can teleport you back into his life with 1 app. As soon as he can make that, he sees you as an extension of himself. He doesn’t care what you think of him.

So be as independent as possible:

Even if you still want him, you realize that if you really want him back, you better be a bit more distant. Before you get a new chance, he has to give it to you first.

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Have you seen The Lord of The Rings? Do you remember Gollum, the creature who is completely in love with the ring, who constantly calls “ my precious ”? If the ring had emotions, it was quite “ creeped out ”.

If your friend broke up with you, you don’t want to contact him for a very good reason. It doesn’t help you any further.

In fact:

It blocks you if he irritates you. Or if he gets the image that you long to come back to him.

You do well to be careful about how often you approach him, and how

Do not send slimy apps. Remember, he broke up, and whatever you call him, this probably won’t eliminate the reason for the break.

If you need more tips on how to deal with the emotions, check back to the previous section.

That doesn’t mean I don’t understand you need his confirmation. After a breakup, it is very difficult to remain calm. It’s bad enough, and of course, you want nothing more than the ring — um… hug your friend in your arms.

But the ring is now with Frodo, and you will have to live for that.

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If you feel the need to pull the hair out of your head in front of your friend’s eyes, roar “ WHOHOHOOM ” and then eat a bowl of chocolate ice cream while crying…

… purely because you feel very hurt …

… Then lock yourself in your own house for a few days with the curtains closed and the doors locked.

But also if you are relatively calm and feel the need to talk about it. Then try to open a few pages in your diary, instead of charting your ex-boyfriend for this.

The reason is simple:

Men don’t like drama

And if he hears from you:

Gosh, can we please meet? I would like to know why. I do not understand. I want clarity to be able to close it properly.

Then he will realize that this will be a very tough conversation.

Something he totally is waiting. It was difficult enough to break up and there is not much to say on his part. He’s done with it and he probably already let you know why. So for him, there is little to gain from such a conversation.

He will expect you to try to convince him to continue together. Which makes him think in his head why he wanted to quit again…

No, if he thinks about it again, he’ll be glad to get rid of you. Maybe better not to spend an afternoon with you to explain that again.

What was his reason? Think of what he said when he broke up

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Realize that if you want him back it won’t help if you let him talk about why he broke up, or try to convince him to start a relationship with you again.

If you want to know what exactly was his reason, think of what he said when he broke up with you.

Are you stuck? Then try to come up with it again.

Does it still not work? Send him a message as casually as possible, in which you clearly state that you are not emotional, but that he can respond in one sentence with what exactly was wrong.

Then you have the best chance of an answer and the least chance of losing your dignity in his eyes — but it is not ideal.

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He makes it quite difficult for you. He breaks up with you while you’re not waiting for this. He breaks your heart. That should hurt. Then I think you can do the same in return.

Not in a warty way …

  • Where you secretly throw cupcakes with rat poison in his backyard to kill his dogs.
  • Or where you post humiliating stories about him on your Facebook, which you share with all his friends.
  • And no, setting his car on fire is not something I recommend.

What you do want to do:

Let him firmly understand the consequences of his actions

He doesn’t want to be a set with you anymore? Okay, got it. Then this also means that you are no longer a friend and therefore he cannot count on you in that capacity.

“He put you in the fridge …”

The moment you continue to behave as if you are in a relationship, or continuously show that you want him back, his actions have had little consequences for him.

He has lost nothing with it by breaking up with you. He put you in the fridge and can take you out when he’s hungry again. He doesn’t have to make a choice again if he wants you back because he actually still has you.

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Nudge his hunter’s instinct

But if you act independently, don’t shower him with declarations of love and all in all you behave cool, you will give his hunter instinct a push. Every man has the instinct to go after a beautiful female.

But if he already has that beautiful female?

Then the instinct remains. However, if you show that you are no longer his — as he has discussed himself — then his hunter instinct can get going again as soon as you get started with the following tips in this article.

Do you feel that the tips below do not work? Return to the base

Do you feel that the following tips do not work well? Make sure you don’t give him the idea that his breakout action has had no effect.

Make sure you act independently. Do not look up too much and organize your time in a fun way … Then you are already a long way.

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Now comes the interesting piece.

You don’t get desperate, keep your emotions in front of you and do what you feel like doing. You don’t pour out your emotions on him, and you seem to accept the breakup.

There is only one thing you need to understand:

Most relationships do not end after 5 minutes of deliberation. No, it usually takes a while for a man to tie the knot.


Because there are undoubtedly things he doesn’t like about you, but he also fell in love with you once.

Respond to his uncertainty

That uncertainty about whether he made the right decision is the key to getting him back.

Because once you have removed the original problem, you can focus on your strengths. The things that are perfect in his eyes. You want him to see it again, and long for it to come back into his life.

Before I give you concrete tips for doing this, you want to keep one thing in mind:

Your goal is to make sure he misses you

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Ideally, you want him to think about you at night. That he gets homesick for your touch. That he can’t wait to decorate you again. That he remembers who that beautiful woman was that he initially wanted to go for 100%.

By not being too much in his life, you give this feeling the chance to show up. After all, you can’t miss something you already have.

The following tips can help you get back on his radar. Which will eventually make him beg you to come back to him?

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Do you remember when you didn’t know each other that long?

You were scanning each other. He didn’t know how much you liked him, and vice versa.

At the same time, it was all exciting and fun. Especially those first few dates.

Maybe he was even a bit clumsy.

And after he recently took the law into his own hands and dumped you, he may well become a bit clumsy. Do not you think so?

On a date, you do your best for him

When you see it you make sure you look tip-top. You are in a good mood. No dramatic hassle. You’re all set.

No matter how emotional you are, you won’t let it ruin your evening, afternoon or morning. You will have the opportunity to see him.

That doesn’t mean you slime it flat as soon as it walks in. No, during a date you also look the cat out of the tree. You show him that you are examining him and assessing him. That’s part of it, right?

But at least you’re fully active and ready to make the most of it. So that he should notice how cozy you are. How good you actually look. How little drama you kick.

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Now he falls back into his role

As a man, he has that hunter’s instinct that I talked about earlier. It drives our occupation urge. His desire to conquer you.

If you play the part of the girl who goes on a date, he will unconsciously be inclined to play the game.

Provided he misses you enough, of course.

So whether you see him pick up things, at a birthday party or at any place where you “ happen to meet ”…

… Make sure you are ready. That you leave nothing to chance. And that you treat every meeting as if it were a date.

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Now that he misses you and treats every encounter, no matter how coincidental, like a first date…

… It is important that you seduce him.

Although he broke up. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you anymore.

He probably did it with mixed feelings and with a heavy heart. There were compelling reasons to put you aside. He saw no other solution.

You want the balance to swing to the other side. That despite those flaws — which you have remedied in the meantime — he makes the positive side outweigh. And that requires flirting with him.

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I have already talked about how to do this in several articles.

But understand 1 thing:

You’ve done it once before.

He fell for you at the beginning of your relationship. That is not without reason.

Even if he’s not in love with someone else, there is always someone he likes better than you right now. Namely, the woman you were in the first three months that you knew each other.

So try to become that woman who managed to seduce him. Who managed to win him over, even if it seemed that this would not work. You want to become that woman again for a while.

You’ve done it before. I’m sure you can do it.

Where you want to go is for him to think, “Well, that was fun.”

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After a meeting, you want him to be happy to have seen you again.

Even if he broke up himself, at such a moment he must find that a pity. Purely because he had a nice afternoon with you.

So no serious stories or heavy topics. But above all have fun!

Why does this work?

When a man takes pleasure in your presence, he associates it with you

If he feels well by how you behave or by the activities that you undertake, this will radiate to you.

Even if you prefer to express your emotions with him, this is not a good idea at this stage.

Keep it superficial, keep it cozy. So that he will remember the good times.

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Treating every meeting as a date means going for the grand prize.

If you find that your ex is not missing you, he is not interested in getting back together and does not discuss your attempts to seduce him …

… And it doesn’t get better after a few months…

… then don’t fall into the trap of becoming “ friends ” with him. When you have heartbreak you make it worse this way. I don’t want you to. Remember that more fish swim in the sea.

Are you unsure whether to leave him behind?

And the other advantage is that this posture also prevents you from spending too much time with him. He’s supposed to miss you, not call you if he wants someone to watch football with.

So. My 17 tips to win back your ex and make you fall in love again.

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How to Win Someone Back? by Theresa Alice

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