How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back — 4 Golden Tips

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There are many different ways you can try to win your ex back. For some people, one way will work better than others. What works best for you therefore largely depends on how you put together and what you like. In addition, it is important to also take your ex into account. Of course, she must also feel at ease.

Something that comes to the fore almost in all techniques to win back your ex is the patience factor. A broken heart cannot be reassembled with quick adhesive. Love and friendship are based on trust. It is therefore crucial that you and your ex give each other the opportunity to build a relationship of trust again. Love may follow afterward.

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Why is patience so important?

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When your relationship comes to an end, this is often accompanied by many strong feelings on both sides. The difficult thing about these feelings is that they are often not clear. On the one hand, you can perhaps drink the blood of your ex. On the other hand, you still love your ex; after all, you had a relationship until recently. The same situation naturally also applies to your ex.

Those intense feelings will not disappear from today to tomorrow. Only time heals all wounds. It’s time to take a good look in the mirror and take the time to express your feelings. This can lead to a reconsideration of the decision to end the relationship. But perhaps you also see that you were a deciding factor in the breakdown of the relationship.

Because before you start all sorts of other initiatives, it is important to find out for yourself whether you want to go back to your ex. As time goes by, the ratio will win over your feelings more often and you will be able to make better decisions about what you actually want and how it should continue.

Get plenty of rest, but don’t sit still

So it is very important to really be patient after your relationship has ended. The first essential rule for this is that from that moment you have as little contact as possible with your ex. If possible, I would even advise you to avoid any contact. Only if you are not in contact with your ex can you think clearly about what you want and what you don’t want?

This mechanism naturally works both ways. Your ex will also be more difficult to reflect on your broken relationship if you are still in constant contact with each other. You cannot relax if you do not allow each other space.

It may sound appealing ‘just to stay friends’. However, I have never experienced, not myself or anyone else, that this turned out to be positive in the long term.

There are several reasons why you often see exes staying friends:

  • Because they were more friends than they were in love;
  • One cannot do without the other and hopes to be able to save the relationship in this way;
  • While the other is afraid to hurt the ex-partner if he or she says “no” to the proposal to remain friends;
  • Because they walk around with the naive thought that it will all be alright.

It may be clear: if you want to give yourself and your ex another chance in the future, then “staying friends” is not the right option. It is time to see which ways work and what you could do in the meantime!

What to do with all that free time? 4 tips to become a better person and enjoy yourself at the same time

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Relationships generally take a lot of time. The time you would love to spend a fun and exciting moments together, to really enjoy life together. However, now that you no longer have a relationship with your ex, you will have to look for another way to spend your time (meaningfully). Although everyone works differently, there are a number of ‘standard options’ .

Some of these options will be more obvious than others. I call these options ‘standard options’ because they actually work very well for everyone. These options are also highly recommended because they not only provide a distraction but also make you a better person: mentally, spiritually, socially, or physically.

Taking some free time for yourself is a different thing than totally ignoring your ex.

Dealing with patience tip # 1: Exercise to feel better about yourself

The first tip I would like to give to everyone who should give his break-up a place and be patient in the communication towards his or her ex is to go for a workout. There are a number of major advantages to sports, which I have briefly listed below.

Exercising ensures that you keep moving. It ensures that you can set your mind and set goals. Sports are also very healthy and good for your fitness. It ensures that you have more energy, but also that you look better.

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Exercise also offers you the chance to meet new people. This is not only fun, but also essential. How often have you heard that people enthusiastically embark on a training program or gym subscription, but then drop out after a few weeks? If you work out together you can be a stick for each other.

Thirdly, exercising can be a very good relief of stress. Probably there is still the necessary stress in your body that was caused by the break-up. Sport works extremely well to get your body back under control and to divert your attention from daily worries.

Finally, so-called endorphins are released during exercise. Endorphine is a substance that ensures that you feel very well and that you feel comfortable. It is also a substance that is very addictive, but this is a nice addiction. After all, it will ensure that you continue to exercise!

Dealing with patience tip # 2: Go on a trip

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Traveling is one of the nicest things there are. But at the same time, it can also be a very good way to leave everything behind you and not to think about your ex. If you stay at home and just resume your daily routine, you will find that you are often reminded of your ex in daily life.

Look for experiences that make you realize that you are alive, that you can also experience great joy without your ex. It can be incredibly liberating to go into the wide world and have a backpack full of experiences, memories, and contact details of new friends.

Dealing with patience tip # 3: Keep a diary

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A break-up is accompanied by a lot of negative emotions and feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. It can sometimes be very difficult not to be engulfed by this. That is why I would like to give you a somewhat unexpected or unusual tip. It is a tip that actually works very well: keep a diary and write off your feelings and problems.

If you write things down, this has a number of major advantages. I have listed those benefits below:

  • Keeping a diary is a means to reflect on your own actions. You reflect on your own thoughts, but also the thoughts and actions of the other;
  • If you write something down, you can literally write it off ‘ physically’. It is an action with which you get negative emotions from your system and no longer offers the space in your head, but in the diary or notebook in which you write;

Dealing with patience tip # 4: Invest time in the people close to you

If you don’t have to invest time in your ex, you have a lot of time left. Many people tend to invest almost all the free time they have in a relationship during a relationship. Family and friends can sometimes feel distant because of this. It is therefore good to invest a little more time in your friends and family right now.

Try to make clear to your friends and family what kind of process you are currently going through. It should not be that your family and friends talk non-stop about your ex, while you are just trying to get rid of them. Therefore, just ask for help and if you need it, for feedback or their opinion about the relationship.

When if I had enough patience?

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If you no longer constantly think of your ex, but you only sporadically return to your thoughts, this may be an indication that you have had enough patience. But just being patient is not enough to get your ex back. Hopefully, while taking enough rest, you have had time to reflect on your relationship and what your role was in that.

Try to avoid all ‘mistakes’ due to either of you. Most likely mistakes were made on both sides. You both have done things that they are not proud of. Now you need an objective analysis: ask someone who knows both of you well how he or she viewed the relationship.

To actually get your ex back, it is important that you first contact your ex again. Although it is tempting to build this up quietly via Facebook or Whatsapp, it is much clearer and more direct if you just make an appointment to have a drink. Depending on the conversation you will notice whether there are (again) positive feelings at play with your ex.

If this is the case, you can try to make another appointment and continue to see each other often. The most important thing if you want your ex back is to build trust; you will also have to be patient for this. Because remember: trust comes on foot and goes on horseback.

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