I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back — 6 Powerful Tips

i want my ex girlfriend back image
i want my ex girlfriend back image

Getting an ex back is best achieved by taking distance. Are you stating:”I want my ex-girlfriend back”. Or if she already has another guy? The most powerful weapon you can use is to walk away and give her the opportunity to think about you and have her come back to you.

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In this article you will learn:

  • Why not walk after her when she dumps you
  • How to respond if a woman no longer wants a relationship, but friendship
  • Why releasing a woman is the quickest way to get her back

Tip 1: Get your ex-back tip: stay calm

A man is always ‘in control’ but when he is dumped or rejected out of nowhere he seems to have completely lost control. He becomes emotional, anxious and insecure and is afraid of losing her forever. He tries to bring the situation back with her as it was and blows her phone up with bubbles or messages via WhatsApp.

This is his nature. He wants to solve the problem. The outcome of his actions is just the opposite of what he wants to achieve: the woman takes even more distance from him until she no longer wants anything to do with him.

Tip 2: Do not show weakness

There are no quick tricks to get your ex back, but when you are suddenly dumped by your girlfriend or rejected by a nice lady, immediately take a step back and breathe gently. When the message arrives, the first thing you want to do is call her, send a message or send an emotional mail for an explanation.

Do not! If you contact her in a very anxious, angry and emotional state and this will further reinforce and confirm her decision to dump or reject you. After all, you show your weakness and show no strength.

Tip 3: She has rejected you: you tell her this

A man who values ​​and respects himself only wants a woman who also chooses him. You can’t force her to choose you, so if a woman dumps or rejects you, stay calm and keep both feet on the ground. Imagine your girlfriend dumps you but still wants to stay friends. Then say:

“I am not interested in friendship. That doesn’t work for me. I only have a romantic interest in you. I will hear if you have changed your mind ”

Then walk away and stop contacting her. Is she responding again? Then if she is interested again and you can start the conquest with her again.

Suppose you were rejected by a nice woman with whom you have already had a number of dates. Whereby you thought that everything was fine and that something beautiful seemed to arise. Then say:

“We had a great time together. Then we leave it that way ”

Then walk away and delete her number. Here too, the following applies: if there is still slight interest, she will contact you again. Then restart the conquest. If you are single and dating, it is extra important to date multiple women. Having options prevents scarcity and you are not too fixated on one woman.

A woman responds again: she is still interested

A woman who is interested will always contact you again. By letting her go and walking away, you give her time to think about you and her feelings. This can take days, weeks or even months, you have to be patient If there is anything of slight interest, she will eventually respond again!

Tip 4: Be different

She will wonder why she doesn’t hear from you anymore. After all, most of the men who are rejected or dumped are only following her more. That is what she is used to. Not you. You are different and see yourself as the main prize and only choose someone who also chooses you. So when she releases you, you also release her. No matter how difficult that is.

Tip 5: Get your ex back? Let her go

When you are willing to let go of people who also let you go, you create the right circumstances to eventually get the people who want to be part of your life back into your life. Getting your ex back is also included.

You cannot force people to spend their lives with you. You have to release them and that also applies to women. She feels it or doesn’t feel it with you. It’s that simple. But if she still feels something for you, you will certainly hear from her. If you do not hear from her, then it is also clear and you can continue. So you have nothing to lose by running away, only by winning.

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

Watch Video Here

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