Ignoring an Aquarius Man Back — Is It Workable?

ignoring an aquarius man back image
ignoring an aquarius man back image

Ignoring an Aquarius man back? Perhaps you have tried various things to get your Aquarius man’s attention but it is not working and you want to try something different. But if you ignore him, will it do any good?

How to tell if an Aquarius man actually likes you or not — and what to do if you didn’t seem to catch his eye yet (this will get him to finally notice you and make the first move)…

Ignoring an Aquarius Man Back — The Right Ways

1. The Ignoring Technique

Sometimes, the man discovers that he really screwed up and will begin chasing you to get your affection back into his world.

When you ignore him, it is a huge turn-on for him because he sees you as a strong and independent woman who won’t take any guff, and he will come back to you for more.

If he has been ignoring you, breaking plans, blowing you off, it is time to leave him alone. He has to discover what he actually did and that you will not stand for it. All over again, maybe it’s a test to find out what you are made of and if you are prepared to defend yourself or if perhaps you are more like a doormat.

2. Deal with Your Fears

He desires an independent lady who does not need anybody but instead selects her lover sensibly. So, you can ignore him if you find he isn’t treating you the way you know you should deserve. By ignoring him, he’ll either want to find out what actually happened that you aren’t contacting him, OR he will discover what he had done and want to make up with you.

You can’t be scared to face him nor afraid to tell him what is what. By doing so, he’ll get to know who you are and what you will not put up with.

Aquarius man is aroused and impressed by a lady who shows him no fear. At times ignoring him is the best way to acquire his attention.

3. Be ready for the Risk

You need to know that there is a slim chance that he will not like it or feel that you are not interested anymore therefore he eventually ends up moving forward.

On the other hand, there’s a likelihood that he’ll be curious about why you behave in this way and want to find out directly from you why you’re treating him like this.

The logical part of him will activate and he’ll be very curious. He’ll want to learn more about you and wish to understand what he did that made you want to ignore him.

By using this method, there exists a chance that the Aquarius guy will be turned off and leave. If he does leave, he wasn’t that into you in the beginning.

However, he is not someone will move on simply because you are ignoring him for a bit. The fact is; he’ll do the contrary in attempting to discover what went wrong. He’ll probably want to understand and fix it.

Just understand that if you choose to take this path; it’s a risk but wouldn’t you rather see the truth instead of keeping attempting to chase somebody who just isn’t into you?

4. Stay Strong

It is like a wake-up call for this man. He is good at neglecting other’s needs however if he is confronted with a possible ending when he is not prepared; he will react.

You should determine if this Aquarius man makes it worthwhile to you or otherwise not. In case he is, you are able to find out more about him, therefore, permitting you to have the upper hand while ignoring him.

You may like to know…

How to learn to understand his unusual ways of expressing his needs, desires, and feelings so you speak his language and talk directly to his heart.

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