Is He Thinking About Me During No Contact — Techniques to Know

is he thinking about me during no contact image
is he thinking about me during no contact image

Is he thinking about me during no contact? It’s perfectly okay when you’ve been kicked out to want to know if your ex is still thinking of you.

However, since certainties are always better than guesses, here are a few clues that may help you read your Ex’s mind.

Is it really over? Or is there still a glimmer of hope?

First of all, know that, yes, whatever happens, your ex is still thinking of you! Could you forget someone who was important in your life overnight?

The thing to know now is how your ex thinks of you but also how to know if his ex is sorry?

You say to yourself “ I think too much about him “ and you want to know if it is reciprocal?

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Do you really have a chance to win your ex back?

He just remembers the memories.

We will not dwell on this point, because it seems obvious that he still thinks about it, certainly more than once a day.

Even if you left on bad terms, the human brain cannot disconnect from the past like this.

That way, when your ex hears music that reminds you of your couple, eats your favorite food, or goes back to a favorite place, he thinks of you, be convinced!

“He has been thinking of me since our breakup, he told me but does not go back on his decision …”

Your ex may continue to tell his friends or even mutual friends about you.

Do not hesitate to tell your friends (especially common ones!) In the confidence.

They will come by themselves to tell you what your ex said, especially when it comes to positive things.

If you haven’t had any contact with your ex for a long time, he is sure that he is still thinking of you in some way or another, otherwise.

That said, just because your ex isn’t talking about you doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking of you.

Do not mix everything up. Sometimes exes keep it in their heads for the quiet times at home and, in fact, it’s even better.

This means that your ex has a moment of intimacy in his life for you.

So don’t mope if he doesn’t talk about you, it’s just a sign, but not THE sign.

Is He Thinking About Me During No Contact — Techniques to Know

THE techniques!

- SMS: you often receive an SMS from your ex asking for your news. It is obvious that he is still thinking of you.

Do you ever text people you don’t think of ?! So, if he writes to you, it means “here, I am thinking of you and I want to know what becomes of you”.

He may deny it, say that it is “just like that”, it is still a very premeditated act.

- Facebook: you still have your ex in your contacts and can therefore kindly spy on his little life, at least see what he is doing.

And there you realize that he posts a link to YouTube with YOUR song, the one you had your hottest moments.

He does not hesitate to add your friends to his friend list and to comment on something related to you.

Your ex may also be adding the latest photos from their camera… and those photos are photos of you!

What is the point, if not to show that you are still part of his life, of his thoughts, if not? Do you still dare to ask yourself: “ Is he thinking of me “? Reassure me, you are not blind !?

- He wants to know more about your love life. There, it is a sign which does not deceive. An ex who says to one of your friends: “Hey, by the way, don’t you know if Juliette has already found someone? “.

The best thing would be for him to say, “Ah, uh, HIM? But she deserves better than that ”. Poor ex, jealous?

The best thing is that he asks you for it himself! And it happens more often than you think.

“Last weekend, he asked a mutual friend if I had a guy… He left me a bit hastily, how do I know if my ex regrets?” “

How do I know if my ex is sorry?

If your ex regrets, he should come back to you fairly quickly, unless he has a pride that goes beyond the bounds of decency.

In principle, the ex who regrets ruminates for a while then sends back a message or returns directly to the charge to seduce.

To find out if your ex regrets, you must do nothing!

If you return to him, he will not have the opportunity to regret you, to feel the lack.

If, on the other hand, you activate yourself and he sees that he can really lose you, then he will come back by himself at a gallop!

I also hear very often in coaching “ my ex is contacting me after radio silence “!

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I think of my ex … but does my ex still think of me?

This question, everyone has asked themselves at least once after a separation.

As I said at the beginning of the article, it’s obvious that your ex thinks of you from time to time.

Often, the question that EVERYONE asks themselves goes slightly further, often you ask us “ how do I know if my ex is in pain “ or “ how do I know if my ex misses me ?” “.

To get the answers to these questions, the best thing you can do is observe your ex from a distance and ask mutual friends.

Keep in mind, however, that your ex might prefer to pretend he’s okay and not in pain at all, in which case the feedback from your friends won’t be of much help.

You know your ex, you certainly know how he reacts when he is well, or when he is bad!

These elements will allow you to interpret his moods!

The attitude to adopt

My ex is thinking of me, I’m sure!

Now that you’re pretty sure your ex is still thinking about you, what to do? Well, nothing!

You continue your momentum ( SR and company ), with more confidence in you for the reconquest.

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Want to know if your ex is still thinking of you?

He behaves more than ambiguously and you start to tell yourself that he is perhaps chasing you? Here are 10 signs your ex is still thinking about you!

1 — My ex “like” all my actions on social networks

Whether you share the photo of a crushed cat, of you in a swimsuit, or of your dad having a barbecue, your ex “like”!

He sometimes adds “lol” or smileys to show that he is in a good mood.

It’s very cute and you tell yourself that your ex probably still cares about you, but if your ex reacts like this to everything, you need to have a real chat with him.

2 — My ex calls me for nothing

Your phone rings, you pick up the phone and your ex says, “Hello? Yes ? “

You: “Well, you called me !? “

Him: “Ah? Ah yes, let’s take advantage of it! Are you okay ?! “

Not very discreet as an approach! In fact, he was hoping to fall on your voicemail to hear the sweetness of your voice.

3 — My ex has changed his look

Goodbye large black t-shirts with “ACDC” written on it or with a bird caught in barbed wire! Your ex puts on clothes that suit him wonderfully, it makes you wonder if he would not have seen a coach!

Steel pecs (for guys), plump buttocks, and shapely thighs (for girls), your ex is unrecognizable and you would do well your 4h!

4 — My ex tells me about his jealousy

“No no, I don’t mind seeing you with him… but who is this motherfucker? “

With varying degrees of spontaneity, your ex tells you how annoyed he is when you see someone else or if you approach someone of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you are gay).

In short, if your ex is jealous, unless he is sickly possessive, chances are he still has feelings for you.

5 — My ex’s next LOVER is like me

He could have chosen a completely different girl but you find a lot in common …

Isn’t your ex trying to reproduce your story with someone else?

6 — My ex is going over the past

When you see your ex, he can’t help but refer to good times spent together “you remember when you spilled the bowl of …”, “oh yeah and when I helped you … “…

And he / she doesn’t hesitate to add some nostalgic comments “Rah anyway… we got along well both…”.

7 — My ex keeps in touch with my relatives

Your ex does not hesitate to call your mom or your sister to check on them, he appreciated them so much …

Your ex wants to stay in touch and know about your life, and yes because there is no greater open book than a mom proud of her child!

By chatting with your mom and licking her boots, your ex puts it in his pocket while learning some crunchy information about you!

8 — My ex is having trouble in his love life

Your ex has tried to find love several times, but his love life is a failure.

When you ask him what happened, he is unable to answer, he tells you that the flame was not burning.

Your ex seems insensitive to love, he is not at all attentive to new meetings.

It seems that he really doesn’t care about being in a relationship with anyone else!

9 — My ex finds excuses not to return my things to me

The first time, your ex had “forgotten” your things, it happens.

The second time, he preferred to wash them before returning them to you.

The third time, your ex couldn’t find them anymore. The fourth time he had found them but had forgotten them again.

In short, your ex is clinging to your things because he does not want to return them to you!

He keeps them as relics… Get them back quickly before your ex becomes a fetishist!

10 — My ex thinks about my birthday and important dates

Your ex is the first to wish you your birthday, he sends you a nice gift, a bouquet, or a nice card.

It is also him who does not hesitate to remind you of the anniversary of your first kiss or whatever … Come to think of it, it would become almost creepy all this!

My ex still thinks of me, that’s for sure! What do I do?

If so, you should know what you have to do. Either you feel compassion but no longer love your ex, or you too are totally addicted to your ex, and now seems like a good time to get him back.

What about your feelings?

You still love him.

Great! This love is most certainly shared if your ex meets one or more of the criteria listed above.

Your ex regrets your breakup, even if he doesn’t admit it, he still loves you, that’s obvious.

You can invite him for a drink and a chat about your relationship, your reasons for breaking up, and the perspective you both took on things.

It is very likely that the flame will be rekindled and that you will start a great story all over again!

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