Leave Him Alone He'll Come Back

leave him alone he ll come back image
leave him alone he ll come back image

If you leave him alone he’ll come back, is it true? Men are rubber bands and naturally seek freedom.

Today I want to talk about the man’s natural instinctive need for freedom within a relationship and how you can deal with this as a woman.

What I often experience in practice is that relationships become stifling and therefore the fire in the relationship goes out: there is no longer any attraction between the two partners.

One of the reasons may be that the man does not dare to claim his own freedom enough or that his partner does not grant him enough freedom or a combination of both.

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Leave Him Alone He’ll Come Back

Men are rubber bands and naturally seek freedom.

The man always searches for freedom through his muscular energy, while the woman always searches for connectedness through her feminine energy. This is a natural contradiction.

Men can only give love if they feel that their wife or girlfriend gives him all the freedom of the world. This means that he can make maximum use of his freedom in ease.

At that moment the elastic is quite tense and means that the attraction to his wife or his girlfriend is at its peak. It is therefore important that the elastic can be stretched to make an attraction between the two partners possible.

In the event that the elastic is tensioned, the man can release the tension of the elastic in one go and return to the woman. The man can be so distant one time and then become very intimate again. This has everything to do with the natural male process of the elastic and is not strange in itself.

You as a woman may find this strange because by nature you can tolerate a long-lasting dose of connectedness and emotional closeness. Your feminine energy always seeks solidarity, so that you as a woman can give your child long-term love.

Do not be afraid that your husband wants to leave you and so do not see this as a rejection if your husband wants more room. It is important that the man learns to communicate with you about this and indicates when he needs space. Good communication about the degree of freedom that everyone wants also strengthens the relationship.

It can happen that the man feels guilty looking for space because he thinks he is offending his wife or girlfriend. This is not a good sign since then he cannot completely free himself from his wife.

It is important for you as a woman to give him as much space as he needs and to reassure him that that is possible. So take a step back, because with that you provide him with his natural need!

A killer for the relationship is not to give him this space and to pursue and claim him. Love will never be able to bloom because there has never been maximum tension in the rubber band.

When your husband or friend asks for space, give yourself full attention and try to be, and stay emotionally stable. I understand that you have rotated your energy around him and that your life largely revolves around him — but dare to let it go anyway. Focus on yourself and try to love yourself in this period and also enjoy your own freedom!

The call for a man for more ‘space’ can also mean that the relationship for him is actually very serious and that he needs time to evaluate it.

So don’t forget that it is very healthy to take some distance from each other. The more intimate it becomes between the two of you, the more distance a man needs.

So it’s a good sign if he asks for space!

It is therefore wise for you as a woman not to immediately worry that he wants to leave the relationship. Give him his room with all due respect and never let him feel guilty about the situation (if he asks for a room).

I want to give you some tips below to give him space!

Tip 1: Give him space by not whatsapping him every time

Women generally have the tendency to WhatsApp their boyfriend or husband because of the “socializing”, to get confirmation that her husband or boyfriend still loves her and if he still thinks about you. Make it clear to yourself that your husband or friend always loves you — no matter what (otherwise he wouldn’t be with you)! It is very uncertain if you always send apps to get a confirmation in this way.

As a woman, try to send a maximum of one sweet app per day so that there can be space on the day between you. As humans, we have lived 49,990 years without apps, so you will survive this as well. You will be amazed at how more love can arise in real life!

Tip 2: Give him space by not always viewing his social media

Your boyfriend or husband can also have fun with other people and that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. So don’t always check his social media. This can make you crazy inside. The control drift will create even more tension within the relationship. Also mentioning that something has happened on Facebook or telling your friend that he has liked a beautiful lady somewhere can have a stifling effect on him. Just give him space there. The more you give your friend space, the more and more confidence you come across and the more attractive you become for him!

Tip 3: Give space by also meeting friends and create your own hobbies

Plan a nice ladies' night or a standard evening a week with friends or that wonderful monthly sauna day with that nice girlfriend. In this way, you kill two birds with one stone!

You create distance with your friend or husband, which increases the attraction and secondly: you have a nice day with your girlfriends and that will do you good!

Tip 4: Go on a retreat!

You can go on a retreat for a week or a weekend! In this way, you come to yourself wonderfully and you are able to reflect your relationship in a healthy way. It is also healthy not to e-mail or app with him. In this way, there is real space between you. Try to resist the temptation!

Also, tell your partner that this will ultimately only do the relationship a good job — you will really miss each other. Try to get used to each other again when you return.

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