Leo Man Testing You-How and Why?

Leo Man Testing You image
Leo Man Testing You image

Is your Leo man testing you? In Short, he will Test you by your Matureness about Life, Your Loyalty, Greediness about any Things related to life, Jelousness about People, Anger Management, Job or Marriage.

A Leo man seeks numerous things in a lady to balance certain parts of his character. This fire sign features a powerful and passionate personality. The ladies who go along with a Leo are usually one who is able to best balance these traits or at least stand up to them.

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you need to be sure you have the strength of character. He may want to have someone who’s passionate and fully obsessed with him, however, that does not imply he wants a complete pushover. Rather, a Leo guy desires a lady who has something about her and isn’t frightened to persist for what she believes in.

You need to be strong enough to make him conscious of things when required, and in the meantime, find the balance to make him the leader. He would like to see your strength somewhere else than simply in her partnership. Which means that you have to be somebody who loves to talk about problem or topics if he thinks that’s right.

He wants you to point out if you see something consider unjust in your community. Was anybody unjust to you at the office? He’ll often be attracted to you if you speak to the relevant individuals concerning your treatment.

A Leo man loves a girl who is self-confident. He does not want you to be insecure and who constantly questions yourself, your look and what you do. You must be happy with your actions and skills.

A Leo man is very confident in his abilities, therefore he also brings this trust into his relationships. He does not understand how to feel different. He often becomes complacent that their certainty in their actions isn’t unusual to all individuals.

If you aren’t an inherently confident person, you need to leave your comfort zone and be far more determined than usual if you want a Leo man to adore you,

To accomplish the trilogy of strength and self-confidence, he wants you to have ambitions. You need to know what you want in life and how you can achieve success. You can use it as an opportunity to redefine a course in your life while trying to attract him.

You could possibly think that that is quite overwhelming in the beginning, however, if you are interested in getting this Leo, now’s a great time as always.

A Leo man needs to understand that his love is always there for him when something really fails in his life.

A lion loves to take a risk more often than not, he will fail at times,, but that does not imply he likes to fail. If he makes mistakes, he needs to know that the other half is always there for them

A Leo man has to feel that you’re as passionate as he is in order for him to fall in love with you. He’ll soon leave a relationship that does not have the passion he requires.

Because he views passion as a natural extension of the love and desire, he likes to spend time in the bedroom with his girlfriend. Although he is not sex-crazy, He’ll never stay with a girl who doesn’t sleep with him very often.

A Leo man sees loyalty as a must. he’ll never love the woman he is with or is trying to date without loyalty. This comes from his need to have a supportive partner. He will think that his support is something that he can never rely on, if he ever feels that his partner may have two faces.

For that reason, make it known that you’re devoted to the relationship, which you will want your Leo man in your life and that he’s the only one falling in love with.

Leo Man Testing You

Why is Leo Man testing you?
1. He wants to understand you more

If he is serious, it is not easy for him to love someone so fast. As soon as he keeps an eye on you, it will need quite a while to ensure that you are the correct person worth his time.

You need to give him some pointers to be sure in order to get this man to chase you.

So if he puts you to the test in this case, he is usually curious about you: from your viewpoint of love and loyalty to the capability to read and understand his feelings.

2. He is curious about how you feel for him
When a Leo man has an interest in you, he’ll instantly desire to immerse himself in your feelings. He will wonder about your feelings for him. By understanding your inner feelings, he will know your needs and leave a great impression for your attention.

3. His low self-esteem
In spite of his great pride naturally, he at times thinks he isn’t good enough for his companion. So he will test you when he’s in a romantic relationship, probably because he isn’t truly confident or doesn’t have emotional security. And this will lead to his jealousy!

He will convince himself that he may hurt him eventually or that you may not appear faithful. This is due to his low self-esteem. In cases like this, all you should do is to win his trust shower him with affection, and state that you love him.

When he’s uncertain, he’ll test you. Get ready because he can come up with something without having an explanation.

Leo man’s ideal type of woman is a supportive friend and always stays with him at the proper time. Absolutely no type of game or test can knock you over.

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Leo Man Testing You-How and Why? by Theresa Alice

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