Once a Guy Loses Interest Can You Get it Back?

once a guy loses interest can you get it back image
once a guy loses interest can you get it back image

Are you asking:” Once a guy loses interest can you get it back?” In this article you will learn:

13 simple ways to win back a guy’s interest in you.

How to get your relationship back to the way it was.

What you ABSOLUTELY don’t want to do when a guy has lost interest in you, do this and your relationship is in danger.

How to use a man’s ego to regain his interest.

2 things you can do today when a man no longer shows interest during (or after) pregnancy.

A guy shows no interest (anymore), what now?

I recently got a question from a woman who said:

“I’ve been with a man for 5 years, but the last year he hasn’t shown any interest in me. He is only concerned with his own things. How is that possible and what can I do about it? “

If you are in such a situation, where a man shows no interest in you (anymore), it is very annoying.

It is very tempting to think in such a situation that he no longer cares about you, or that he is no longer attracted to you.

But before you make assumptions like this, wait a little longer …

“If a man doesn’t show any interest in you (anymore), it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you”

Why he’s losing interest can be the case that a man has started to take you for granted at some point. It may also be that he is just busy with completely different things at the moment.

If a man shows no interest in you for a short period of time (1 to 2 months), don’t worry too much about it.

It is often the case that when a man has a problem — for example at work — that he does not want to be a burden to you.

So instead of talking to you about it, he will try to fix it himself.

This may make it seem like he doesn’t like you anymore, while that doesn’t have to be the case at all. Because:

When a man is not feeling well, he withdraws

This is a typical male trait, which most women (unfortunately) do not understand.

So if a man doesn’t show any interest in you for a short period of time, that’s no reason to panic.

Often if you give him some time and space, it will dissolve automatically.

… But if a man has lost interest in you for a longer period of time — like the woman who emailed me — then it’s time to take action.

In this article, you will give 13 tips for what to do in such a situation. But before we start, watch the video below first:

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Once a Guy Loses Interest Can You Get it Back?

1. Make him feel like you need him

If a man in a relationship doesn’t feel that his partner needs him, then he will act more detached towards her out of self-protection.

A man cannot feel loved when he lacks this feeling.

And you can imagine that it is not nice when you are in a relationship and you suspect that your partner does not love you (anymore).

That’s why it’s necessary to make him feel like you need him because a man simply wants to be able to take care of you.

So ask him for advice and let him fix things for you, that way he will feel loved and will remain interested in you.

2. Give him enough space

It is often the case that when a man suddenly no longer shows interest in you, he needs a little more time for himself.

The tricky part is that men are never such talkers, so it can be very confusing for you when a man suddenly behaves more distantly.

So don’t panic too quickly and keep giving him space.

Have him have a weekly beer in the pub with his friends and have his fun on the football field every Sunday morning.

In fact, encourage him to do this.

When you do this — and apply the other tips in this article — you’ll see that he naturally starts to take an interest in you again.

3. Have a fun and interesting life

A man wants to have time for his friends and hobbies.

Even so, it is important that you do the same.

The fact is that the people who are happiest in a relationship keep doing fun things without each other.

The idea that you should always do everything together is old and outdated.

A man can never fulfill all your needs

When you are constantly on each other, irritations arise for both you and him.

At a given moment these irritations can become so high that he suddenly loses interest.

This can simply be prevented by giving him space (tip # 2) and ensuring that you continue to have a (fun and interesting) life apart.

So as tempting as it can be to do everything together, make sure you spend enough time without each other too.

For example, go out with your friends again or visit your aunt.

Just make sure you have a fun and interesting one because this will keep a man interested in you.

4. Put your best foot forward

And that is such a shame.

This ensures that many relationships — unnecessarily — fail.

And now I can imagine that when a man shows less interest in you, that you are like:

“Pff, if you no longer show interest in me, then I will no longer show myself to you.”

That is understandable, but it is not convenient …

This will only cause you to grow further apart

Do your best and make an effort for each other and I don’t think you’re waiting for that, do you?

What? Do you say you don’t want to? Beautiful! Good that you feel that way;)

What you really want to make sure is that he likes you so much that he can’t help but be interested in you.

And a woman who makes an effort for us, men like that.

In other words…

Spend extra time on your appearance.

Cook his favorite meal sometime.

Read through this article and indulge him in bed.

It’s these things that make a man like you again.

5. Caress his ego

I could argue with you now about what’s wrong with a man’s ego, but that won’t help us.

I would much rather tell you about how you can use a man’s ego to regain his interest in you.

Because men are actually very simple creatures, if you make a man feel good about himself, he will immediately get (again) interested in you.

Yep, it can be that simple.

So make sure you compliment him now and then, tell him he looks sexy in those jeans, and don’t forget to laugh at his jokes.

6. Avoid the ‘dance’

In this ‘dance’ the woman tries to get more attention from the man.

She does this by asking him all kinds of questions:

“Why you do not talk?”

“What is going on?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Why aren’t you interested?”

And while this is understandable, it only makes things worse …

These kinds of questions put a man under pressure

As a result, he will act even more distant, he thinks:

“Gosh, why is she whinging so much, doesn’t she see that I need some time for myself?”

So you see that there is a kind of dance in which the woman starts to pull more and more at the man, and the man crawls further and further back.

At one point that goes wrong.

You simply cannot “whine” a man’s headlong enough until he starts showing interest in you again.

Asking him these kinds of questions is the worst (and the most dangerous) thing to do in such a case, which is a good solution:

7. Look at where his attention is right now

This could be something very drowsy, for example:

He has a new hobby.


He has bought an old-timer car that he would like to tinker with.

Anyway. Try to find out where his attention is at the moment. And if you know this …

Try to be part of this

So instead of trying to push his field of vision towards you, stand next to him and look with him to see where his interest is at that moment.

So when he’s busy with that oldtimer, don’t say:

“Why are you constantly busy with that stupid old car?”

But instead, say something like:

“Gosh, what have you been up to with the oldtimer today?”

Toon is interested in his interests, try to understand why this means so much to him.

This is the best way to regain a man’s interest

With all relationships, when you give, people want to give back.

That is so deeply ingrained in us that we do it automatically.

So the moment you start showing interest is his thing, then you will see that he automatically becomes interested in you again.

You are happy, he happy.

In short, show interest in what is on his mind and you will see that he will automatically become interested in you again.

8. Avoid over-expecting

This is something that often happens without even realizing it.

Simply because you increasingly feel at home together.

So it is good to become aware of this and to make sure that you give him the space to go his own way.

You have to respect each other, of course, you are not supposed to try to change each other.

So take a minute and try to see for yourself whether you have not come to expect too much from him over the years?

If so, adjust your expectations and see how his interest in you gradually returns.

9. Don’t forget to flirt

Now that seems like an eternity ago and you wouldn’t really like to experience moments like that again with him.


It is true that falling in love between people is decreasing, but that does not mean that your relationship does not have to be exciting and fun after 5 years.

It’s important to keep flirting

Flirting helps him keep his interest in you.

Although everyone knows this, it is often forgotten in practice.

And I understand that when you have had a long day it can be exhausting to flirt with your husband too.

Almost everyone wants to put on their sweatpants at such times and settle down on the couch.

Still, it’s important not to (always) do this, go on a first date instead.

Or turn off the TV, dress sexy and have a glass of wine together on the couch.

… And while doing this, don’t forget to flirt with him;)

This kind of thing not only keeps a man interested in it, but it also makes him more and more interested in you.

10. The hunter principle

It’s not something we like just a little bit. they LIVE FOR IT.

You see this reflected in the history books, the professional field, sports, hobbies, and also in the world of relationships and dating.

When a man no longer has to make an effort for you, the hunting element is missing. This makes him lose interest anyway.

Even if you have been in a relationship for ten years, it is still important to leave it this way and that.

This is the game a man never gets tired of

In fact, a man needs this ‘game’. And not unimportantly: you deserve a man who keeps on making an effort for you.

In order to get this done, it is essential not to always please him, this will keep him appreciating you and keep his interest in you.

Well, I really don’t mean that you have to act like an ice bunny from now on.

But don’t make it too easy for him.

Just make sure there is enough challenge for him, respond to his “hunter urge”, guaranteed that he will find you interesting again.

11. Give your sex life a kick in the butt

Not doing this?

Then he will no doubt lose interest in you.

So ask yourself how is your sex life?

In fact, your sex life should still be as active after two years as after two weeks.

Is this not the case? Then give your sex life a kick in the butt.

Well, I can imagine that after all these years you might find it a bit difficult to make sure that the sex remains fun and exciting, but don’t panic …

There are a number of things you can do with a man that will ALWAYS keep him (sexually) interested in you.

This will make him want you just as much as he did at the beginning of the relationship.

I will no longer keep you in suspense what you do is

Say his name.

Initiate the sex yourself.

Play on his ‘dominate’ fantasy.

These are three simple things you can apply today, and if you are smart (and I assume that;), check out this article with 13 things men want in bed and during sex.

When you apply this, he can’t help but get interested in you again.

12. “My husband shows no interest during pregnancy, now what?”

If this doesn’t apply to you, skip this tip.


The internet is full of them: women who wonder why their husbands no longer show interest during ( and sometimes even after ) pregnancy.

However you get used to it, a lot of change takes place during a pregnancy. So you go …

Now, this may sound a bit crazy, but some men don’t see you as that divine woman anymore.


Now you are suddenly the (expectant) mother of his child.

It often happens that a man loses sexual interest because of this.

A pregnant woman is a turn-off for some men, and the whole idea of ​​becoming a father may be overwhelming for him.

As a result, he acts more distant

And this is quite difficult as you can use his support well at the moment.

Don’t panic though, there are a number of things you can do to regain his interest during pregnancy.

First of all, it’s important to let him know that you’re still the same sexy woman you’ve always been. So let this side of yourself also come to the fore during pregnancy.

Secondly, it is important to give him space, let him get used to the “I’m going to be a daddy idea”.

When you do this, there is a good chance that he will naturally regain (sexual) interest in you.

13. Talk to him about other men who are exhibiting the behavior you would like to see

For example, say:

“Gosh, I like it so much that the neighbor always brings the neighbor to tennis. He is also such a sweet man, I think it is so nice to see that he always tries so hard for her. ”

By doing this you indirectly let him know what kind of behavior you would like to see in him, you are not saying directly to your husband:

“This is what I want from you.”

… But you say there is another man who does something that you like.

And men have the (annoying) tendency that we always want to be the best, the toughest, and the most amazing partner on the planet.

When they hear that there is another man who is doing something that you like, you actually make him a little bit jealous.

(don’t use this trick too often)

How to make this trick work for you as best as possible

The trick to making this trick work as well as possible is to use a different man in your example each time.

Because when you keep talking about the neighbor, at a certain point he is like:

“Phew. If he does it all so well, then you still go to him… ”

But if you keep using a different man, he thinks:

“Gosh, this is useful information.”

He will then show the desired behavior to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Once a Guy Loses Interest Can You Get it Back?

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Once a Guy Loses Interest Can You Get it Back? by Theresa Alice

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