Pisces Man Not Interested — What To Do Now?

Pisces man not interested image
Pisces man not interested image

How to tell if a Pisces man not interested in you? It usually is so difficult to tell if a guy is actually interested in you or not. At times, you have such a great time hanging out around him, things are all going well, and every time you text your friends telling them how amazing he is.

And when you ultimately gather all the courage to ask him how he feels about you, he never felt exactly the same, and he is very confused, and he was clueless that you liked him more than just a friend.

In contrast, at times you probably experience the opposite situation. You consider a guy being just a friend, you love speaking to him and being with him, however, he is simply not your type. And after that at some point he drops a bomb on you suddenly, he was just too shy to say anything and he’s secretly had a crush on you this whole time.

Pisces, the dual-fish, the yang and yin. A Water sign of creativity and spirituality combined into one fantastic vessel. He is difficult to catch, he’s different, and that he is aware of it. And I do not indicate differences in the wrong way; they are born to steer things most of the people don’t. They are creative thinkers, actors, inventors, musicians. When a Pisces guy isn’t interested, it will hurt very badly. But try not to get worried, I will create a simple little guide you can stick to.

Pisces Man Not Interested, But He Will Tell You

Scorpio men are completely open books, and Cancer men are more inclined to lead you on, so ow about Pisces men? Well, they’ll be somewhere in between. Pisces men wouldn’t like to lead you on, they are quite easily hurt since they’re probably the most romantic men in the zodiac.

For that reason, they already know how terrible that feels, therefore they don’t want to do it to you! However, at the same time, they at times are reluctant to speak their minds and confess they're true feelings. Therefore, if a Pisces guy has to admit that he is not interested in you, he’ll inevitably just be truthful and be honest, however, it might take him some time.

In case you are in this situation with a Pisces man, the greatest thing to do is to have patience with him. He’ll come around and open up, however you’ll just need to wait until he is prepared. Meanwhile, it does no harm to put a little distance between both of you, not simply because you have to forget about the friendship, but because it’ll make things a lot easier for the two of you.

Maybe it’s a possibility that he is not interested in the prospect of both of you being a thing. He could have some other plans. As mentioned, Pisces males are emotional to a fault. When they aren’t seeing a point in the friendship or relationship, they will start to ignore you slowly because they do not wish to hurt you by saying it in front of you.

Pisces man is concerned about feelings and emotions; they are thankful when somebody is paying them any attention, and they remember the smallest of efforts people make for them all the time.

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Pisces Man Not Interested — What To Do Now?

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