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What is the power of silence after break up? There is nothing so paradoxical when it comes to introducing radio silence after the break. Why should you avoid the person you have loved so intensely and who has put you aside as much as possible? See here the worst psychological challenge!

How the act of IGNORING your ex is actually a ridiculously effective way of re-building attraction (sound totally counter-intuitive? Yep, it is.)

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Power of Silence After Break Up — Radio Science

When can I bypass radio silence?

In about 3 to 5% of the cases. So you can say that that is a very small number. You can only omit radio silence if this is not your first break and there has already been a contact break.

In other words, you can also bypass the radio silence if your ex has not officially broken with you. For example, if he or she has already shared the bed with someone else but has not yet made a decision. In all other cases, you cannot ignore the rule of radio silence.

Radio silence is the basis for getting back your ex

Radio silence is actually the key to the work that still needs to be done. That is what will make your ex doubt about his or her choice and will influence his or her final choice. In fact, your ex does not expect anything else than that you will be on the questioning side, that you will ask for an explanation, that you will run after him or her.

The absence of contact will only make your ex doubt the situation. Even though the numerous phone calls, text messages, and all other attempts you make to have contact with your ex testify to little respect versus your ex, in spite of all this, elements still provide certainty for him or her.

Your ex will feel a certain sense of power over you the moment you contact him or her. Your ex won’t like it if you don’t hear from you. It’s as simple as that.

Consistently handling radio silence requires an incredible amount from you

I know. It is very difficult to adhere to the rule of radio silence. As we have said before here on liefdesverdriet.nl: you and your ex are in 2 completely different worlds. In your world, minutes look like years.

I often hear people in my coaching say, “but I haven’t sent an SMS since 4 p.m.”, or “I haven’t called my ex since last Saturday.” They say this in order to justify a new attempt to contact as quickly as possible.

The problem is that the success of radio silence cannot be translated into minutes or hours, not even days. It can only be translated into weeks or even months. See why it is really a challenge for most people. Because it really means nothing if you ‘have’ been in contact with your ex for ‘already’ 4 days. Even a text or WhatsApp a week is too much.

Every time you cross that border again, all the effort will have been for nothing and you will be back. Think of it as a detox cure or a fast diet. If the temptation is too great and you think ‘eight 1 bubble should be possible’ then you can really start again. Your ultimate goal must really be a long-term contract breach, at least if you want to achieve results.

When can I stop radio silence?

I have two different answers to this question that depend on a number of factors

It is you who breaks the rule of radio silence: in this case, at least a few weeks must have passed (a week or 6 to 9 minimum) and you must have been able to distance yourself from your ex.

You must have reached a stage where you can say: I don’t need my ex to survive.

So you have to be happy without your ex. You are then better able to meet your ex without too much drama because you already feel somewhat ‘detached’ from your ex. After all, only then can you show that you are doing well and that you are not constantly stuck in a nightmare.

Your ex breaks the rule of radio silence: that is, of course, the best scenario. This means that the effort delivered is rewarded. If your ex contacts you, this means that his or her curiosity is stimulated.

In that case, still remain completely independent of your ex. Try to be the one who breaks the conversation (at an important moment). After all, you have a busy life, don’t you?

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