Powerful Prayer to Get Your Ex Back

powerful prayer to get your ex back image
powerful prayer to get your ex back image

Looking for powerful prayer to get your ex back? They work in a simple, fast and very effective way. Just pray with faith and believe that you will run well.

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

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That he returns Due to the powers of SAN CIPRIANO and the three SOULS who watch over SAN CIPRIANO, CJCG is now coming after me.

MVBO. will come crawling And, in love, full of love, longing to come back and apologize for lying and asking me as soon as possible in the court and later in marriage.

SAN CIPRIANO, I will have that power that he forgets and abandons for every woman who might be in his head again and returns to accept me and explain himself to everyone.

SAN CIPRIANO away from CJCG every woman he is looking for me at all times, TODAY and NOW, who wishes to stand by my side, that he has the certainty that I am the perfect woman for him, that CJCG is not without me can live and that CJCG always Keep my image always in your mind.


And before you go to sleep you dream of me and when you wake up you think of me and you want me, when you eat, think of me, when you step on me, think of me, THINK IN ALL THE MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE TO ME.

That wants to see me, feel my scent, touch me with LOVE, that CJCG wants to hug me, kiss me, care for me, protect me, love me 24 hours a day, that he loves me more every day and that he feels fun just to hear my voice

SAN CIPRIANO makes CJCG feel an unusual desire for me, because he never felt and will never feel another

That there is only pleasure with me, that there is only desire for me and that his body is only mine, that he only has peace if he is good with me.

I thank you SAN CIPRIANO for working in my favor and I will announce YOUR NAME as payment for the tame CJCG and bring it into my arms in love, affectionate, devoted, devoted, faithful and full of desire.

To give back our love, our love and to marry me as short as possible.

I ask the forces of the three black SOULS who look at CIPRIANO. Amen.

Powerful Prayer to Get Your Ex Back

This prayer for my ex to return with me is very powerful.

At times when we have a problem with our partner, we never think that this will be the last fight that will change our lives after that moment because the other person decides to leave us as if there is nothing.

The point is that in those moments of extreme annoyance, we often don’t think about what we say and we make many mistakes that can break the relationship.

However, this process can help us realize what we have done wrong and as we ask for that ex-partner to return to the relationship, the most important thing is to do it by making everything clear and that this prayer can also help us.


“Saint Helena, my dear Queen, you have undergone a trial in which you suffered with three nails, three nails that you brought, one for your son Constantine, another you brought him out of the waters of the sea, for health and offer protection to the navigators, now that you ask me that this third party give it to me to nail it in the heart and mind of (the person you want) so that he has no peace in his heart.

I give you my body and soul, (name of the person) Come to me without anything that separates us, without barriers, that you want me in body, in soul, that I will return humiliated, that I will fall at my feet, that I will ask for an opportunity to be with me, Saint Elena helps me.

Saint Elena, may your light be the one who leads me into this terrible darkness that I feel, so that every day you are the one who accompanies me, who falls in love like the first time he saw me, I confess you Saint Elena This love, like a dog.

With this powerful prayer I must get the love of that person, love me, come back to me, mighty saint, I ask you to see the image of your love in us, place this love for me again in our way.

Now, dear Christmas, I promise that if I bring it to my side, I will stop (something you really like) for a week, so you can see that the love I feel is stronger, that vice, trusted your best Santa Elena, you truly trusted and with my heart, you trusted queen of love, trusted your darling, trusted in our love. “

Pray the prayer to restore your partner with confidence.

Restoring your ex-partner is much more than asking you to come home, it’s about restoring in every sense of the word. May the fallen love be reborn even more strongly than before.

We cannot make this prayer out of selfishness, out of our own desire to impose ourselves on the other person to do what we want at any cost.

This is a prayer that must be done with the heart in our hands, first recognizing what we have done wrong ourselves and with the total willingness to apologize and rebuild the relationship, certainly, the other person also feels or willing to do the same.


Oh saint Elena of the cross, do not forget me, my saint, powerful in love, I come to you to tell you, ask you and beg you, because you should know that (name of the person) left the house because of another woman, bring it to me again.

Saint Elena, let me think of the damage that caused me to go with another woman, I think it is a whim, who has it out of desire, I love him from my heart, let him come back soon, pull him to me, never Forget me, whatever I do, never stop thinking about me.

Saint Elena of the cross, the love I feel for that man is very great, I gave him my childhood, the best years of my life, I am the mother of his children, the pain and sorrow I have is very great , he just goes away to illuminate when I arrive as a meek lamb and ask for my love.


I hope the prayer for my ex and my husband returns.

Marriage is a commitment that is made between two people until death separates them, but the latter is often not met because the relationship can deteriorate at any time, causing the relationship to break and then the divorce.

This is a problem that is becoming ever greater in society and even among couples who are religious.

In these cases, this prayer can be very useful because it allows us to restore that woman or you do not want to continue the relationship.

In a society that teaches that what is not useful is thrown away, it is powerful to have a tool so that we can maintain a marriage in a healthy way and in total physical and spiritual well-being.


This prayer can be prayed whenever you want.

It has no time of the day or time of the week.

The most important thing is to pray the prayer so that my ex returns with great confidence and believes that everything is going well.

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

Watch Video Here

Powerful Prayer to Get Your Ex Back by Theresa Alice


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Powerful Prayer to Get Your Ex Back by Theresa Alice

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