4 Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back

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Your relationship is over. Whatever the situation, this is almost always a particularly emotional and annoying event. You once loved someone, and now you lost that person. A meaningful chapter in your life has come to an end. It is very normal if you have a strong emotional reaction to this, but in the end, you will get over it again.

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You may regret that the relationship has ended. Maybe you feel that your relationship could still be saved. Or maybe you think it was mainly due to circumstances that you parted. Either way, you want your ex to be your friend again. You want to reclaim your ex. That is possible with these 4 psychological tricks!

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Pre-warning: are you sure you want your ex back?

Before I teach you some tricks to win back your ex, I want you to ask yourself one question. It is quite possible that you really want your ex back, and this can actually work, but first ask yourself: do I really want my ex back? I understand that this may sound like a very strange question right now, but think about it really carefully.

When a relationship goes out, this is accompanied by a lot of negative feelings. You can misinterpret these feelings very easily. Feelings of anger, depression, sadness, and confusion are all very normal when leaving a relationship, but they certainly do not always mean that it is really a good idea to get back to your ex.

If you separate again after a month, you will only have stretched the pain longer.

If you return to your ex for the wrong reasons, you may regret it later. Or you will notice that all your problems still exist so that the relationship still ends up. If you find it difficult to determine whether you want your ex back, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I missing my ex, or am I especially missing a relationship?

Can I see a future with my ex?

Were there problems in our relationship, and can they reasonably be solved?

Based on this, you can decide for yourself whether you think it is a good idea to try and win back your ex. In any case, wait for a little before you actually start doing this, so that you look a little less emotionally at things. Only get started with the tricks in this article if you are really sure.

Psychological trick 1: Let your ex miss you first

If you are convinced that you want your ex back, you may have a tendency to start your attempt right away. You don’t like life without him or her, and you can’t go fast enough to get back to your ex. Although I certainly understand this, it is better for your chance of success to wait a little longer.

If you want to win your ex back, you, of course, have to let him or her fall in love with you again. In that regard, little is as effective as missing someone. If you leave your ex alone for a while, he or she will think about you all the more, and probably miss you a bit. He or she thinks back to your relationship and starts romanticizing you in his or her head.

Maybe your ex will even regret the fact that you broke up. This can cause him or her to be much more open to the idea of ​​reuniting. Because of this, you will have to do a lot less work to win your ex for you again. Time and his or her thoughts have already done a great deal of the work.

It is better to come across as distant than desperate.

Although it may seem like a good idea to throw yourself back on your ex right away and try to get your old life back as soon as possible, this is not the smartest thing you can do in practice. If you are patient now, you will see that the rest of the process will be much easier and faster. Moreover, your chance of success is considerably higher.

An exception to this is when you know from your ex that he or she will never be without a relationship for a long time. Some people throw themselves back into the dating world immediately after a relationship breakdown, and in such a case there is some haste behind it. As soon as your ex is seriously involved with someone else, your chances of reclaiming him or her will decrease considerably.

Psychological trick 2: subtly remind your ex of fun moments in your relationship

If you broke up, chances are that a lot of trouble has preceded this. Perhaps you were very cold towards each other at the end, or you had continuously heated arguments. No matter how bad it was with you, there is a good chance that the relationship did not end without a struggle. This ensures that your ex probably has a more negative view of your relationship.

This is of course not what you want. You want to convince your ex to start a new relationship with you. You better than ensure that he or she gets a positive image of your relationship again. Your ex will not want to relive a bad relationship, but he or she may want to resume a nice relationship.

A good way to adjust his or her image of your relationship is to subtly remind your ex of nice moments in your relationship. By this I, of course, do not mean that you have to say something like: “John, what kind of relationship did we have?” This is very transparent, and your ex will probably poke through it immediately.

What I do mean, for example, is that you start talking about something funny that you experienced when you were on holiday together. This does not have to be specific about your relationship, because your ex will surely be reminded of how much fun you were then. Because of this he or she will subconsciously get a more positive picture of your relationship.

Nobody wants to experience the same bad experience twice, so convince your ex that it wasn’t that bad.

This trick will also cause your ex to unconsciously think of coming back to you. As explained earlier, this makes it a lot easier for you to win back your ex. You let the thoughts of your ex do part of the work. Moreover, with this psychological trick, your ex will be more open to you.

Psychological trick 3: Imitate the verbal and physical behavior of your ex

If you want to make sure that someone likes you, it can help enormously to imitate his or her behavior. He or she will experience this on a deep, subconscious level as a sign of kinship. Because of this, your ex will attract to you more, without him or her noticing this.

By this, I obviously do not mean that you have to imitate all his or her movements as a kind of mime player, or that you have to go after your ex. The whole idea is that you influence the subconscious of your ex. So if your ex consciously understands what you are doing, then it no longer works. Moreover, it seems as if you are ridiculing him or her.

What I do mean is that you have to imitate his or her subtle physical behaviors. If he or she is sitting with their arms crossed, then also cross your arms. And if your ex is cross-legged, do this too. This may seem strange as if it doesn’t work but remember: these are unconscious processes.

If all psychological tricks were logical, you would not have needed this article!

By imitating verbal behavior, I mean above all that you have to adjust to the tone and voice of your ex. If he or she speaks softly, then speak softly. And if he or she speaks louder, do that too. You can also use small sentences that your ex often uses (but only at times when it really makes sense, of course).

This trick is a perfect example of how your subconscious can influence your behavior. Through small, subtle behaviors you can make your ex feel more connected to you. As a result, he or she will be more open to a new relationship later.

Psychological trick 4: Act as you did at the start of your relationship

If you want to win back your ex, then you will have to make him or her fall in love with you again. This is of course not easy, but with your ex, you have a big advantage. You have already succeeded before. The knowledge you have gained during this process will come in handy if you have to go through this process again.

A good way to make this easier is to act as if you were at the beginning of your relationship. This way you look more like the person your ex has ever fallen in love with. As a result, he or she can see very clearly why he or she liked you so much. This increases the chance that your ex will fall in love with you again.

Moreover, you also help yourself to gain insight into what your ex liked about you, and where things went wrong later in your relationship. This allows you to better adjust your behavior to your ex, without becoming someone else entirely. That is why your relationship will have a much greater chance of success in the future than before.

Of course, there are now elements that make it harder to win back your ex. Because you have parted once, it means that there is probably less confidence. It will take a while before you regain this. However, this is all the more reason to behave like someone who likes your ex. You will find that this greatly increases the chance of getting your ex back.

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4 Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back by Theresa Alice

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