Reaching Out to an Ex After Months— How To Do it?

reaching out to an ex after months image
reaching out to an ex after months image

Reaching out to an ex after months to get him/her back is possible! Today I would like to discuss a problem within the strategy of conquest attempts to get your ex back.

This problem concerns whether or not you should contact your ex. It mainly occurs after people have been out of contact for a long time and they are uncertain or afraid of making a mistake in the decision to be taken. I’m going to explain what to look out for if you’re not sure whether or not to contact your ex.

Reaching Out to an Ex After Months

You have probably already noticed that there is a basic rule after a break-up and that is no contact. It’s a really good rule because not only does it allow you to regain yourself, and your ex as well, but there’s also an interesting phenomenon and that over time, the brain tends to experience negative experiences, while positive experiences are emphasized. So we make good use of this effect. We take advantage of the fact that your ex no longer wants to see you and the psychological effect that when you see each other again you can be a bit more positive.

But the absence of contact is not an end in itself. I see people saying things to each other and motivating each other with something like ‘I have not been in contact for 3 months’ and the other person then says ‘keep it up well, your ex will come back again’ but at some point, the period of absence is of little use anymore. If you want to forget your ex, it is, of course, fine to no longer have contact, keep it up for 20 years and then you are sure that you manage to forget your ex.

But if you want to get back your ex, then such a period should eventually lead to an end. Somehow you will have to have contact with your ex again. So my question to you: do you feel that the period of absence of contact lasts too long and that you now have to be in contact again? or do you think you should continue because it is not the right time?

Or maybe you don’t know, are you unsure whether it has lasted long enough and want to know what your ex is thinking right now.

I’m going to give you an example of a person I coached who told me that her ex had put an end to the relationship because he said things that really couldn’t be done, so they broke up, and he sat home and she was at home. And she thought ‘he blames me for this and that’ and he thought ‘she doesn’t want any more contact because she is angry’ well they were both thinking about each other and unfortunately that period lasted a bit too long almost 6 months!

You understand that there was a miscommunication between these two people and in this case, having no contact is harmful in getting back a partner. Misunderstandings arise and can often steer the relationship in the wrong direction. Then it is of no use because everyone interprets it in different ways.

Actually, a period of no contact is to ensure that the other person clearly understands why the relationship is over. If such a period starts with a misunderstanding, it is of course very bad. The goal is to see each other over time, once the positive thoughts have arisen.

So this article is actually for people who have been out of contact with their ex for too long, to whom I would say that it may be time to get in touch with their ex. And you could do that in the form of a text message, which looks innocent. I advise you not to send an email because that can also end up in the spam folder while you expect an answer. Also do not make a call because you may be calling at an inappropriate time.

So it is best to send a text with a text like ‘hi how are you? Hopefully, everything is fine, love…. ” In any case, it’s about not talking about yourself but about your ex. In general, people enjoy talking about themselves, but that is absolutely not the intention here.

Some people are afraid that they will give the impression that they are only too happy to return to the life of their ex.

My answer is no, after all, you have not been in contact for quite some time so it is quite normal to ask such things.

Just asking how are they will not hurt your ex. And then it is all about figuring out how your ex answers.

You can get a lot of information from your ex’s reactions. You take, as it were, the temperature.

And that reminds me of a cake you bake.

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If you want to know whether it is cooked on the inside you have to insert a knife and it must come out dry. So you are going to measure if your ex is already ‘cooked’, well I do not want to compare your ex with a cake or I am not saying it is a cake, but what I mean is whether he or she is ready to communicate with you again.

So you could look at the following:

- Is your ex’s message short or long?

- Is the answer sympathetic or aggressive?

All this kind of information will give you clarity on how your ex is doing

For example, if you get an answer like:

- I’m fine (period)

(ah, your ex answered, that’s a good sign already! That means the way for more communication is open), and if your ex answers with:

I’m fine, how about you?

Your ex has now answered your open question and is doing the same! This means that your ex makes the decision to expand the communication

If your ex only answers with ‘good’ and nothing else, it might mean that something is bothering them.

To summarize the message again: maybe you are not in contact with your ex when you should be, I am not saying that it applies to everyone, for some people it is good not to have contact but is now up to you to measure the temperature and see if the cake is done, so see if your ex is ready to communicate with you.

You can get a lot of information from everything your ex answers when reaching out to an Ex after months through text messages. Incidentally, when texting between 2 people who are apart, you should always pay close attention to every comma, period, or whatever sign because the situation is delicate and your ex can interpret everything you send out.

So send that text message if everything is made clear in advance and if the period of no contact lasts too long. Sending an innocent text costs you nothing and it shows that you are positive!

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Sometimes you still struggle with questions, even if the relationship is no longer intact. Or are there still matters that need to be handled. Bills to be paid or assets that have not yet been completely disassembled. All of these are offshoots of a relationship that has ended.

Sometimes that also means that you wonder whether you can contact them. How will people respond to this? When it is the right time to contact ex, a question that cannot be answered with two or three questions.

Of course when there are still financial matters, such as selling a house or ending a mortgage, or to see the cat or dog again?

When contacting ex becomes a completely different question the moment you find out that you miss your ex very much. How to act? How will your ex react and how will you? It is very sensible in this situation to seek professional support. To put together what your expectations are, what your hope looks like, how you will react if it does not work.

Suppose it works, but there will be no follow-up. Then you may be in some sort of depression for a while. This can have major consequences for your health, your work, your friends and family, and so on.

So, to be able to answer the question when to contact ex, it is wise to start the adventure well prepared and in a positive way. Realize it is an adventure. That it is no different than trying to start a new relationship. Make sure you can let go of the old so that it doesn’t get in the way of meeting your ex.

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Reaching Out to An Ex After Months — How To Do it? by Theresa Alice

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