Reasons Your Ex Won’t Talk You

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reasons your ex won’t talk you image

Here are 4 Reasons Your Ex won’t talk to you and does not respond to your texts or SMS, plus 5 Tips to deal with it.

You and your ex have split up, and as if the pain of the love break was not bad enough, he is also trying hard to avoid you. Auch!

If you are wondering ‘why does my ex stop responding and what can I do about this?’ are you in the right place here.

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You try to keep in touch with your ex, but you notice that your ex is becoming more and more distant from you. Your ex no longer responds to Whatsapp or your phone calls, and that is precisely what you did not want to achieve. However?

It becomes increasingly difficult to think and analyzes every message that you have sent to your ex. Did I write something wrong?

And often your ex has no idea of ​​all this. He or she does not understand the pain that you are currently experiencing.

The reason why this happens is because you have just made one of the most cliché mistakes when you want your ex back or just want to have contact again.

Fortunately, there are different ways to get in touch with your ex again. In this article you will explain why your ex ignores you and what you can do about it.

Reasons Your Ex Won’t Talk to You

  • What it really means if your ex ignores you (it’s not what you think it is)
  • 5 tips to restore contact with your ex
  • The difference between male and female communication (and why this can cause problems)
  • What mistake you never want to make if your ex stops responding
  • And much, much more …

# 1: Your ex needs time for himself

Your mind is full of questions, doubts and frustrations and sadness. It hurts and you feel rejected. Many people turn to revenge or are guided by their emotions after a relationship break. But this only makes the situation worse.

Keeping your self-control after a break takes you much further in the long run. If your ex feels threatened or irritated by you, it will only get harder to restore your bond.

When you suffer from heartache it is crucial to maintain your dignity so that your ex can see that you seem to be able to handle the situation as an adult. Don’t give in to the urge to blame your ex things.

It is completely normal that you are sad, but you do not have to become hostile towards your ex. Therefore give your ex space and time he/she needs at this moment. An additional advantage is that your ex gives you the opportunity to miss you.

If your ex-partner ignores you, this means that he / she needs the space.

I mean, how would you feel if you get apps day in day out from someone who also takes every opportunity he or she sees to be close to you? And that while you just don’t want to see that person? Let’s face it, that drives you a little crazy of course.

Incidentally, I do not want to say that you are a thoroughbred stalker if you call your ex once. If your ex has reached his or her limit, it does not matter whether you send 1 app in 2 to 3 days or 3 a day. Well, the reaction will certainly be fiercer the more you push, but the point is that you push yourself.

Sometimes it is better not to initiate contact. The only thing you can really influence is yourself. So put that focus on you as a person.

When a relationship is over, we often tend to keep seeing our ex. We can become pushy and desperate. You have to do the exact opposite! If you have ever had a relationship, you will probably remember how annoying it was that your ex did not settle for it. Well, that feeling can be exactly the same for your ex.

If you are trying to get back together, it is important to understand the situation well. I know this seems obvious, but it is sometimes difficult to think clearly when you have a heartache. You have to take a step back and put things in the right perspective so that you can use common sense to get in touch with your ex again.

If you know what has brought you to your current situation, you will make it much easier to get back together.

People often mistakenly think that only the person who is left behind is in pain of a divorce or relationship breakdown, but of course, it also affects the person who has left. Your ex may be just as sad as you.

# 2: Your ex doesn’t want to hurt you

First of all, I want you to understand that your ex probably doesn’t have any bad intentions to ignore you. For you, it seems perfectly normal to send your ex a message every day about something that has happened.

That is from your perspective. Your ex doesn’t know what’s going on in your head, and can sometimes shrink from caution. It may also be that he or she still doesn’t really know how to deal with the new feelings of a split. That can ensure that your ex then just not contacting until it succeeds.

So that may seem like he/she is ignoring you, so keep that in mind. It may be that your ex may also consider a second chance.

# 3: Your ex is just busy

“Why does my ex read my messages but does he/she no longer respond to WhatsApp?”

“What the hell have I done wrong?”

“Why doesn’t my ex block me?”

You involve everything in yourself … But sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with you as a person! Maybe there are several things going on right now that require a lot of energy from your ex.

Maybe your ex is busy studying, working or moving and he / she just doesn’t have the time to respond to your messages. It is also possible that your ex is on vacation and now has no need for WhatsApp that is difficult to answer.

Someone who is upset or stressed wants to forget or hide problems by concentrating on other things. Men in particular can disappear completely from the radar if they are constantly bombarded with messages written in a reproachful tone.

When his actions are questioned, he will not only feel hurt, but will also be more inclined to stop responding. So pay attention to this if you want to contact your ex.

# 4: Your ex does not understand your response

It may be that your ex just does not know how to respond to your message. The way you have approached your ex may be a reason why your ex may not respond to you.

Often people contact their ex in a desperate or needy way. This may be a reason for your ex not to answer your messages or calls.

An angry message full of reproaches does not really motivate anyone to respond. A break in love brings enough stress with it, there is no need for annoying WhatsApp that cost a lot of energy.

There may of course also be a number of other things going on. Maybe your question just wasn’t clear? Men in particular do not like to talk when they are upset.

If a man has a bad day, in most cases he just wants to be left alone. They do not like to discuss their problems.

Women usually do not understand this. If a man is aloof or does not respond at all, a woman assumes it is something she did. The way women and men think is so different that it is not so strange that both sexes misunderstand each other.

In this article I explain which mistakes you never want to make if you want to win back your ex.

Tip # 1: Stay attractive

You may no longer have any influence on your ex, but you do have control over your own life.

The most unattractive feature that a person can communicate to another is to come across desperately.

You can do desperate and uncertain behavior in different ways. You are not even aware of most. Let me therefore give social media as an example:

You follow your ex on social media all day. You liked all the photos of your ex on Instagram or Facebook. You constantly send private messages in the hope that your supplication will be answered. You try to convince your ex that it was not a good decision to leave.

But all these things don’t work. Not only does it seem unattractive, you also try to convince someone to come back to you rationally. If they want you back, they must feel that it was their own decision.

The more you improve your own life, the more your ex-attention gets you.

You can post nice photos on Instagram or Facebook that show how much fun you have. Naturally, don’t overdo it!

And if you do decide to contact your ex, always keep it positive. Don’t blame your ex on the past but focus on the present.

Tip # 2: Focus on yourself

If your broken relationship makes you feel bad about you, it’s time to restore your confidence.

Contrary to what other ‘relationship experts’ claim, it can take a while before you can contact your ex again. So don’t panic if your ex stops responding to WhatsApp. Use this time of radio silence to your advantage. Because remember that a week is not enough to work on yourself.

Working on yourself can really do wonders. Your ex is probably also used to having you in the area and sees your presence as a matter of course. No contact for some time can cause your ex to start missing you. Instead of spending time contacting your ex, it’s much better to do things that bring you pleasure and positivity.

With this you will not only restore and increase your self-confidence, but you also give your ex the chance to see what he or she has lost. Because that’s how the human mind works: when you take something abruptly from someone, this person will do everything to get it back.

By becoming an improved version of yourself, you will remind your ex of the person he or she fell in love with. It is now time to become more selfish and focus more on yourself. This can work incredibly well if things are out of balance.

Tip # 3: Keep doing business

Go to the amusement park or go for a weekend away. What also works well is simply to spend a few days in a row an easy but fun evening at home. Just relax on the couch and watch bad movies.

This way you ensure that you are not busy with your ex as well as having a good time yourself. The other side can seem a bit mean, but it works. It can make your ex a bit jealous.

Certainly, if your ex does not know what he or she should do with you or your own feelings, it can work positively if your ex sees that you really enjoy it on your own. That evokes slight feelings of jealousy, which in the long run brings the two of you closer together.

It also ensures that the time that you have to take to let your mind rest so becomes shorter, and you can get started quickly to win back your ex.

Tip # 4: Accept the situation

I know that accepting a broken relationship is not easy. You constantly reflect on your mistakes, you realize what you should not have done and now you feel guilty.

Many people choose to ignore the painful truth and deny that the relationship is over. They are blinded by emotion and afraid of being alone. Not accepting the break is a big mistake you can make because it keeps you from doing the right things to get your ex back. But it is important to face your problems if you eventually want to continue the relationship with your ex.

Taking a step back and accepting that you are separated from each other at the moment does not mean that you will no longer be together in the future.

Accepting the terminated relationship is not the only step in the process; you will have to go even further and understand why your ex has left you.

By doing this you can bring to light the things you need to work on and also get back your attractive qualities — which your ex in you appreciated so much.

Tip # 5: Stop stalking

This is an important step in your attempt to get back to your ex. What am I talking about? To stalk! So many men and women who do not accept the break and continue to harass their ex. This only works to your disadvantage.

And I know it’s not an easy task. Today everyone has social media which makes it incredibly easy to stay up to date with friends, acquaintances, family, and also your ex….

But by keeping an eye on your ex you will not get the peace you need right now. Maybe you still look at your photos on Facebook every day. This only makes it harder to get over your ex.

If you know that your ex is always hanging around in a certain bar, don’t go there. Try to avoid the places where you can encounter them.

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Reasons Your Ex Won’t Talk You by Theresa Alice

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Reasons Your Ex Won’t Talk You by Theresa Alice

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